AxlRose Guns N’ Roses frontman W.Axl Rose, responded to a RadarOnline report the band would be calling it a day after their Las Vegas residency ends in June.

Band supporters posted a photo online with the message “I’m not going anywhere.” The band’s official Twitter account retweeted the picture along with the message: “GN’R fans sure have a radar for BS. Love you all.”

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  • Harry Taint on

    Please quit Axl. You are an asshole and you ruined a great band.

  • Tony on

    He has talent but far from the worlds best singer. He wouldn’t place in the top 30 of singers…

  • Tom on

    Axl is awesome and he and the current band are better then the vast majority of all the bands all the negative commenters follow.

    • Jason on

      No doubt about it!

  • Lee on

    Musta settled with The Hard Rock for the october run.

  • Todd on

    I never understood why guns made it so big. I remember seeing them open for the stones in la. Steel wheels tour. Saw them 4 nights in a row. Pretty average. A few good songs but I can name 100 bands better.

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