Playlist 07-4-14


Aerosmith: Draw the Line
Alice Cooper: Under My Wheels
Alice In Chains: Again
Dio: Holy Diver
Avenged Sevenfold: Hail To The King
Dokken: It’s Not Love
GnR: Sympathy For The Devil
Kiss: God Of Thunder
Metallica: Fight Fire w/Fire
Manowar: Warriors Of The World
Megadeth: Hangar 18
Montrose: Rock Candy
Motley Crue: Too Young To Fall In Love
Overkill: Hello From The Gutter
Pantera: Mouth For War
Queensryche: Eyes Of A Stranger
Ratt: Lack Of Communication
Van Halen: Poundcake
Van Halen: Bottoms Up
Vinnie Vincent: Boyz Gonna Rock
Y&T: Meanstreak
Tesla: Ricochet
Ted Nugent: Stranglehold
Twisted Sister: What You Don’t Know
Stryper: Soldiers Under Command
Zebra: Who’s Behind The Door

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Playlist 07-25-14


Iron Maiden: 2 Minutes To Midnight
Krokus: Screaming In The Night
AC/DC: Touch To Much
Ace Frehley: Gimme A Feelin
Kiss: She
Ozzy: Perry Mason
Queen: Now I’m Here
Rainbow: Power
Accept: Stampede
TT Quick: Metal Of Honor
Tesla: Hang Tough
Scorpions: Sails Of Charon
Rush: Distant Early Warning
Devil City Angels: All My People
LA Guns: Electric Gypsy
Cinderella: Shake Me
Poison: Nothin But A Good Time
Judas Priest: Sword Of Damocles
Megadeth: Skin O My Teeth
Vandenbergs Moonkings: Lust & Lies
Whitesnake: Fool For Your Loving
The Winery Dogs: Elevate
David Lee Roth: Shyboy
Van Halen: You & Your Blues
Farmikos: Am I One
Dio: All The Fools Sailed Away
Doro: Egypt
Billy Squier: Nobody Knows

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Playlist 07-18-14


AC/DC: Shake A Leg
Van Halen: Feel Your Love Tonight
Triumph: Fight The Good Fight
Badlands: Dreams In The Dark
Red Dragon Cartel: War Machine
Rush: The Trees
Sammy Hagar: Fast Times At Ridgemont High
Slash: Rocket Queen
Judas Priest: Halls Of Valhalla
Iron Maiden: Hallowed be Thy Name
WASP: Saturday Nights Alright For Fightin’
Y&T: Lipstick & Leather
John 5: This Is My Rifle
Whitesnake: Slow & Easy
UFO: Lights Out
Thin Lizzy: Emerald
Scorpions: Animal Magnetism
Overkill: In Union We Stand
Overkill: Armorist
Kix: Top Down
Kiss: Makin Love
Marilyn Manson: Sweet Dreams
Alice Cooper: Elected
Black Sabbath: NIB
BLS: In This River

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Playlist 07-11-14


Megadeth: Sweating Bullets
Loudness: Crazy Nights
Motley Crue: Knock Em Dead Kid
Ozzy: I Don’t Know
Metallica: Lords Of Summer
Motorhead: Ace Of Spades
Rainbow: Long Live R&R
Ratt: Wanted Man
Anthrax: Keep On Running
Accept: Stampede
Deep Purple: Space Truckin
Iron Maiden: Wasted Years
Black Sabbath: Evil Woman
Black Sabbath: Neon Knights
Audioslave: Cochise
Overkill: Armorist
Twisted Sister: You Can’t Stop R&R
Y&T: Meanstreak
Testament: Trial By Fire
AC/DC: Finger On You
Mastodon: The Motherload
Pantera: Walk
Savatage: Hall Of The Mountain King
Scorpions: Dynamite
Judas Priest: Dragonaut
Kiss: War Machine
Riot: Swords & Tequilla
Slayer: South Of Heaven
Stryper: Too Hell With The Devil
Triumph: Hold On

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Playlist 06-27-14


Van Halen: Get Up
Van Halen: Dirty Movies
Testament: Dragon Attack
Ted Nugent: Wango Tango
Accept: Stampede
Anthrax: Only
Dio: Sacred Heart
Extreme: Decadence Dance
Overkill: Armorist
Skid Row: Slave To the Grind
Sammy Hagar: Heavy Metal
Rush: Something For Nothing
UFO: Only You Can Rock me
Tesla: Rise & Fall
Tesla: Hang Tough
Slash: World On Fire
Aerosmith: Monkey On My Back
Kiss: Hotter Than Hell
Def Leppard: Too Late For Love
Kix: Love Me With Your Top Down
Faster Pussycat: Babylon
Motley Crue: Piece Of Your Action
Queensryche: Walk In the Shadows
John 5: This Is My Rifle
The Winery Dogs: The Dying

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Playlist – 8-01-14

8/1/14 Eddie Trunk Rocks

Dio: We Rock
Fastway: Say What You Will
Kiss: God Of Thunder
Living Colour: Middle Man
Kyng: Electric Halo
Megadeth: trust
Metallica: Trapped Under Ice
MSG: Ready To Rock
Motorhead: Eat The Rich
Ratt: Your in Love
Queen: Now I’m Here
Queen: Hammer To Fall
Testament:Dragon Attack
Tesla: Ricochet
Thin Lizzy: Angel Of Death
Iron Maiden: The Prisoner
King Diamond: Welcome Home
Overkill: Bitter Pill
Motley Crue: Live Wire
Alice Cooper: Go To Hell
Aerosmith: kings & queens
Judas Priest: Crossfire
Slayer: South Of Heaven
Anthrax: Smokin
Ted Nugent: turn It Up
Gary Moore: Rockin Every Night
Glenn Hughes: Catch the Rainbow

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