Playlist 09-12-14


Judas Priest: Freewheel Burning
Kingdom Come: Get It On
Scorpions: Can’t Live Without You
Ted Nugent: Snakeskin Cowboys
Tom Keifer: It’s Not Enough
Cinderella: Shake Me
Def Leppard: Another Hit & Run
Dream Theater: Pull Me Under
Dokken: Tooth & Nail
Skid Row: We Are The Damned
Tesla: Hang Tough
Thin Lizzy: Thunder & Lightning
Triumph: Fight The Good Fight
Ace Frehley: Change
Kiss: Getaway
Led Zeppelin: Out On The Tiles
Rival Sons: Electric Man
Tool: Sober
Testament: Powerslave
Accept: Wanna Be Free
Iron Maiden: Ace’s High
WASP: Wild Child
Ratt: Nobody Rides For Free
Corey Taylor: Rainbow In The Dark
Rainbow: Man On The Silver Mountain
Adrenaline Mob: Mob Rules
John 5: Portrait Of Sydney Sloan
Savatage: Jesus Saves
DAD: Sleeping My Day Away
Aerosmith: Home Tonight

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Playlist 08-8-14


Pantera: Cowboys From Hell
Queenryche: Take Hold Of The Flame
Saxon: Princess Of The Night
Scorpions: The Zoo
Kix: Can’t Stop The Show
Krokus: Midnight Maniac
Twisted Sister: What You Don’t Know
UFO: Doctor Doctor
Vince Neil: Bitch Is Back
Rival Sons: Electric Man
GnR: Live & Let Die
Halestorm: Straight Thru The Heart
Dio: R&R Children
Dokken: Into The Fire
Mercyful Fate: Curse Of The Pahroes
King Diamond: Abigail
Alter Bridge: Peace Is Broken
Black Sabbath: Children Of The Grave
Mastodon: The Motherload
Megadeth: Symphony Of Destruction
Ozzy: Revelation
Tesla: Edisons Medicine
Judas Priest: Dragonaut
Deep Purple: Speed King
AC/DC: Night Of The Long Knives
Accept: Balls To the Wall
California Breed: All Falls Down

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Playlist 08-29-14


AC/DC: Touch Too Much
AC/DC: Shake A Leg
Anthrax: Cowboy Song
Anthrax: Keep On Running
Black Sabbath: Black Sabbath:
Ozzy: Steal Away The Night
Black Sabbath: Children Of The Sea
Megadeth: Sweating Bullets
Megadeth: Super Collider
Ace Frehley: Space Invader
Ace Frehley: Rock Soldiers
Judas Priest: March Of the Damned
Judas Priest: Victim Of Changes
Accept: Dying Breed
Accept: fast As A Shark
Metallica: Lords Of Summer
Metallica: Hit The Lights (Live/movie)
Van Halen: I’m The One
Van Halen: Good Enough
Tesla: Ricochet
Tesla: Modern Day Cowboy
Alter Bridge: Cry Of Achilles
Slash: World On Fire
Motley Crue: Live Wire
Motley Crue: Holligans Holiday
Sixx AM: Gotta Get It Right
Scorpions: Arizona
Scorpions: We’ll Burn The Sky

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Playlist 08-22-14


Dio: We Rock
Corey Taylor: Rainbow In The Dark
Anthrax: Neon Knights
Halestorm: Straight Thru The Heart
Judas Priest: Dragonaut
Motley Crue: Starry Eyes
Rush: Anthem
UFO: Too Hot To Handle
Ace Frehley: Past The Milky Way
Badlands: Winters Call
Savatage: Hall Of The Mountain King
Saxon: Dallas 1PM
Tom Keifer: Solid Ground
Tom Keifer: It’s Not Enough
Cinderella: Gypsy Road
Accept: Dying Breed
Aerosmith: Draw The Line
Billy Squier: Whadda Ya Want From Me
Fozzy: Lights Go Out
Helix: Heavy Metal Love
Skid Row: We Are the Damned
Slayer: Seasons In The Abyss
Metallica: Battery
Motorhead: Orgasmatron
Tesla: What You Give

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Playlist 08-2-14


Dio: We Rock
Fastway: Say What You Will
Kiss: God Of Thunder
Living Colour: Middle Man
Kyng: Electric Halo
Megadeth: trust
Metallica: Trapped Under Ice
MSG: Ready To Rock
Motorhead: Eat The Rich
Ratt: Your in Love
Queen: Now I’m Here
Queen: Hammer To Fall
Testament:Dragon Attack
Tesla: Ricochet
Thin Lizzy: Angel Of Death
Iron Maiden: The Prisoner
King Diamond: Welcome Home
Overkill: Bitter Pill
Motley Crue: Live Wire
Alice Cooper: Go To Hell
Aerosmith: kings & queens
Judas Priest: Crossfire
Slayer: South Of Heaven
Anthrax: Smokin
Ted Nugent: turn It Up
Gary Moore: Rockin Every Night
Glenn Hughes: Catch the Rainbow

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Playlist 08-15-14


Black Sabbath: The Wizard
Dio: Stand Up & Shout
Iron Maiden: Killers
Metallica: Broken Beat & Scarred
Hellyeah: Sangre for Sangre
Krokus: Headhunter
Queensryche: Walk In The Shadows
Ratt: Back For More
Skid Row: The Threat
Sixx AM: Gotta Get It Right
Motley Crue: Helter Skelter
Aerosmith: Let the Music Do the Talking
Anthrax: Madhouse
Deep Purple: Black Knight
Def Leppard: Lady Strange
Fozzy: Lights Go Out
Loudness: Crazy Nights
Manowar: Fighting The World
Megadeth: In My Darkest Hour
Devil City Angels: All My People
LA Guns: Rip & Tear
Poison: Look What the Cat Dragged In
Cinderella: Shake Me
Dream Theater: The Enemy Inside
Judas Priest: Halls Of Valhalla
Ozzy: Suicide Solution
Stryper: Soldiers Under Command
Overkill: Armorist
Mr. Big: Stranger In My Life

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