Playlist 07-4-14


Aerosmith: Draw the Line
Alice Cooper: Under My Wheels
Alice In Chains: Again
Dio: Holy Diver
Avenged Sevenfold: Hail To The King
Dokken: It’s Not Love
GnR: Sympathy For The Devil
Kiss: God Of Thunder
Metallica: Fight Fire w/Fire
Manowar: Warriors Of The World
Megadeth: Hangar 18
Montrose: Rock Candy
Motley Crue: Too Young To Fall In Love
Overkill: Hello From The Gutter
Pantera: Mouth For War
Queensryche: Eyes Of A Stranger
Ratt: Lack Of Communication
Van Halen: Poundcake
Van Halen: Bottoms Up
Vinnie Vincent: Boyz Gonna Rock
Y&T: Meanstreak
Tesla: Ricochet
Ted Nugent: Stranglehold
Twisted Sister: What You Don’t Know
Stryper: Soldiers Under Command
Zebra: Who’s Behind The Door