acefrehleytributeposter640 In 2013, Izzy Presley started ACK! A Tribute To Ace Frehley in Minneapolis along with Pentagram drummer Minnesota Pete Campbell, and since Izzy has relocated to Los Angeles he has taken his show with him.

He is debuting the band in Hollywood on Thursday November 12th with an all star cast. The band itself features Mike Dupke (Formerly of W.A.S.P.), Barry Pointer from Lucky Strike Live, and Dylan Wilson from Richie Kotzen’s band. Johnny Martin of Adler and Chad Stewart from Faster Pussycat were unavailable to do the show due to scheduling reasons but will be playing with the band in the future.

The show will also feature an all star jam that will not only feature the aforementioned performers, but also Chris Wyse of Ace Frehley’s band, Rafael Moreira from Paul Stanley’s Solo Band, dUg Pinnick of King’s X, Alex Kane of the legendary Life Sex & Death, former Faster Pussycat bassist Eric Stacey, Tempest Crane from the Minneapolis icons All The Pretty Horses, Courtney Cox from Femme Fatale and The Iron Maidens, Robbie Rist – yes Cousin Oliver of the Brady Bunch – Emily Dickinson, Tiny Biuso, Howie Simon, Stephen Chesney, Patrick Stone, Zach Throne, Jim Wilson, and more with some other surprises in store.

The show will be opened by Los Angeles based Los Lizzy, a tribute to Thin Lizzy and starts at 10pm. Best part….NO COVER!

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  • Coredrum on

    Really?? Why? Other than Dug from Kings X, who the hell are these guys and why would anyone want to see this? Ace isn’t dead and still performs so I don’t get it…Why is this even news? This is no different than a local Kiss cover band playing at my local watering hole so who cares?

    • RTunes68 on

      What disrespect you show! Don’t you realize that “Alex Kane of the legendary Life Sex & Death” will be present?

      …..who is Alex Kane?

  • Doug R. on

    So cool to see the Spaceman get the recognition he deserves, congratulations Ace!

    I wonder if Ace’s protégé Tommy Thayer will be there?

    • DR Is Live on

      Unfortunately Doug, Thayer might be playing a larger venue that night.

    • Doug R. on

      Well DR, Kiss isn’t touring right now, and the cruise is over, so… who knows.

    • Doug R. on

      And if he was playing a larger venue that night, he would have Ace to thank for that.

  • elliot goldberg on

    tommy Thayer could have just as good a tribute, if not better than ace’s.

    • Doug R. on


  • Doug on

    Hmmm….has there ever been All Star Tribute concerts for Gene or Paul, just saying? 🙂

    • elliot goldberg on

      there was a tribute concert for gene’s raccoon wig. it was called “i want to know what rug is”.

    • Dana on


    • Doug R. on

      Gene’s raccoon wig, LOL!!! 😉

    • genesraccoonwig on

      Yes, the concert was sponsored by the Hair Club for Men 🙂

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