steventyler Page Six of The New York Post reports:

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has hired manager Larry Rudolph to reinvigorate his career, sources tell Page Six.

We’re told Tyler and Rudolph, who already manages Britney Spears, were spotted out together last week leading up to the Grammys in Los Angeles, sparking speculation they’re working together.

On Wednesday, the two were seen huddling at Soho House; the next day, Tyler and Rudolph turned up at the opening of 1Oak in LA.

Partygoers told us Tyler “got on the mic and sang Walk This Way” in front of guests including Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Phillippe, Paris Hilton, Ne-Yo, Rachel Hunter, Brian Austin Green, Russell Simmons, Tiësto and Julianne Hough.

Tyler parted ways with former manager Simon Fuller in April after several disagreements over his failed deal to return to American Idol, and signed with Bruce Flohr at Red Light Management, which reps the Dave Matthews Band, Switchfoot and Parachute. A rep for Tyler didn’t get back to Page Six.


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  • Roland on

    So rather than concentrate on writing old school rockin’ songs for Aerosmith without the assistance of outside writers, you instead hire Britney F’N Spears’ manager to continue your mediocre collaborations of ballad songs, only this time for Brand Tyler! No thanks!

    • Dave Balzano on

      The last album had its moments, but was overlong and didn’t produce any enduring radio songs, though I like it overall and agree with Eddie’s favorable review. Then again, which old school rock band has done well on radio or sales lately? Even the mighty U2 didn’t produce a significant hit off their last album and Van Halen suffered the same fate. They do go out and clean up on tour however. That said, hooking up with Britney’s management doesn’t sound like the direction old school Aerosmith fans want the band to go in.

  • Timothy Murdoch on

    This guy goes through managers like socks.

  • phillip on

    he should get the fuck away from Hollywood and write new music with Joe Perry

  • abe on

    Aerosmith hasn’t made a SOLID album of original rock and roll since PUMP, so who gives a crap. He should do what he wants to do in his senior years and we can enjoy the band live, playing mostly the classics anyway. None of us would want him telling us how to live OUR lives.

  • DR on

    Great. More worthless crap from a once-heralded greatest front man of all time (by some). Dude must be back on the blow and doing more than we realize and must need the $$$. Why else would you absolutely shred your legacy with Aerosmith and persue this avenue of garbage? Get back with Joe and write songs.

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