Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend. I’m headed to Wauconda IL this weekend to co-host the 3rd annual Farm Rock concert on Saturday and Sunday. I did this event year one but missed it last year. Look forward to going back and seeing all the bands and fans. Follow on Twitter and Periscope for updates from the show. If going my merch will be for sale at the band merch booth.

My FM show this weekend features a “Double Play Labor Day”  special with at least two in a row from your favorite hard rock and metal artists. Debuts tomorrow night 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston and all affiliates and online outlets over the weekend.

My SiriusXM show is pre recorded for the holiday. Next live show is 9/21.

Tons of travel the next few months. Please see the home page for all dates and come out if in the area. Follow on Twitter and now Periscope for video as well.

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  1. Im putting this out to vent…saw the Crüe last night after swearing I would never again since they were just here for the farewell and then booked again, BUT Alice Cooper opened…I’ve seen him so many times and he still kicks ass and his band…they killed the Crüe! Niki berated the crowd for sitting on their hands, and the song selection for a farewell tour was pathetic…the drum solo was all show and no playing…all samples… Vince’s voice was so backed up by tracks it was ridiculous and the only one who still blows me away is Mick Mars…the guy is flat out amazing and the fact that he can even stand, much less play is unbelievable …but they killed a ton of time with the drum “solo” and stupid bantering, where a 90 minute set was really less than an hour of music…I’m asking anyone for an honest opinion of what the Crüe does at this point live, because we all know some have stayed too long because of loss of talent, but to me the Crüe just don’t seem to give a s**t by the set list and entire way they were just getting thru the songs. At multiple points during the show they “lost it” completely with Tommy and Niki not playing the same speed, Vince came out first song and blew the words…and to follow Alice Cooper who played as many songs as they did, had a better stage show and the band was into it made the Crüe just seem to being pulling a money grab. I’m a huge Crüe fan, but come on I can’t be the only one who thinks this, because I’ve seen them close to 15 times live and the last 3-4 have been the same tired vibe… I’ve seen 2 farewell shows in 9 months and both were just awful.

    1. I don’t know how old you are, but I just want to thank you for what you said. I have been an Alice Cooper fan since 1973. I was 12 years old. It IS amazing what he still does. I have, I guess, essentially seen Motley Crüe come and go in the interm. ….and I like them. I think Mick is an incredible guitarist….but…as an Alice fan, it warms my jaded heart when I see people such as yourself give him a little kudos.

    2. I saw Motley a couple of weeks ago, wasn’t perfect, but the Crue were never about perfection. All in all still had a great time, and I agree with you 100%, Mick Mars is the man! While Vince, Nikki and Tommy are all over the place, Mick is as solid & steady as they come. I can’t wait to hear Mick’s solo album whenever it comes out next year, should be awesome!

    3. I saw the Crue on Sept.5th and had the same thoughts as you. I’m a huge Crue fan and I have seen them 10 times. This show was low energy and it seemed the band was going through the paces. The song selection was terrible and played in a rush. This was also my second final show and the first was much better. I was really disappointed with this show and I’m kinda glad there going to go way. There are much better bands out that I rather spend my money on. Too bad though, the Crue could have gone out much better than this!

  2. Yeah, these guys just seem ready to fulfill their tour contracts and then move on to their other projects. Real shame, they had a great opportunity to close out on good terms with fans and create a tremendous legacy.

  3. Hhhmm, saw the Crue a month ago in Milwaukee and they put on a great show. MILES better than the horrendous show they put on at Summerfest a few years back. I do believe though that Tommy Lee is just mailing it in at this point. He seems to have a huge disdain you can cut with a knife towards hard rock and hard rock fans. As for Vince’s voice, by no means am I defending the man if he’s just going through the motions live and being lazy. No excuse for that. As for the quality of his singing, I have a bootleg from the Crue’s show in Milwaukee on the “Theater Of Pain” tour and the guy sang 1/3 of the verse back then too and held out the mic for the last part of every verse. Not sure what people my age (I’m 47) THOUGHT they heard back in the day with Vince but I think they might be remembering now through rose colored earpieces.

    1. Tony,

      That is disappointing to hear as Lee was always my favorite band member. Also, I have always thought he was/is an amazing rock drummer. Oh, well. 🙁

      D 🙂

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