Huge thanks to everyone who came out last night to my Staten Island signing and the great staff at B&N. Huge surprise to see my old friend Vito Bratta who actually was at the Q&A and waited in line for a book. Had no idea he was there until he was called to my signing table! Great to see him and check my twitter or FB for a photo I posted. White Lion and Vito are in VOL 2 so it was a great moment. Been telling you guys he is alive and well, just not active in music. Should that change or if he ever wants to do my shows again the door is open. Appreciate my old friend coming down, we go way back! Great turnout and thanks to all who were there!


Hitting the road today. About to fly to Cincinnati for a signing tonight 7-9 at Joseph Beth Booksellers, then drive after that to Cleveland for an afternoon signing tomorrow 2-4 at Loganberry. Hope to see many in Ohio! Then fly to Chicago for a big signing at House Of Blues on Sunday night that will also feature a Q&A. There is NO admission or ticket needed of any kind to attend any signing. All details and dates on the home page. Hope to see you all on the tour and thanks for buying VOL 2.


Just added a Boston appearance 10/25 in Lowell at Tsongas Arena. Look forward to joining my great radio affiliate there WAAF for their Thrilogy concert with Sammy Hagar, Buckcherry and Sick Puppies. I will be signing and selling both of my books starting at 6:30 (concert starts at 7:30) inside the venue. More details soon. May also have another Boston signing to announce soon for that weekend.


Tonight’s Q104 show in NYC is all new and the entire middle hour features a new interview with Ted Nugent.


Follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk and come see me on the road the next couple weeks. Hope to add more dates soon. And don’t forget for my friends in Brazil, see you soon at Monsters Of Rock!

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  1. I know people were saying Vito was making Calzones or something, but I don’t fault him, KK Downing, or anyone else who gets fed up with the music Biz. When you see them on stage, that’s 1% of the business, dealing with never ending nonsense and very little returns is the other 99%. Most bands that had a huge MTV video back in the day are playing sports bars or package tours, if they can even do that. Thank god for TMS or this whole genre of music would likely disappear from the publics conscience.

  2. Heavy metal and hard rock will never disappear. In the 60s you had Grand Funk Railroad, Deep Purple, Sabbath, Scorpions, and the first Zep album to name a few. In the 70s you had Blue Oyster Cult, Aerosmith, Nugent, Kiss, Cheap trick, Priest, and many other great bands. In the 80s you had Maiden, Metallica, Slayer, Metal Church, Venom, M Fate, etc. This music will never die. The 90s and 2000s have plenty of good metal and hard rock bands keeping this genre of music alive. Long live hard rock and heavy metal!

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