Thanks to Rex Brown for hanging out last night on the Q104.3 show. Good to see him and we played some new Kill Devil Hill for the first time anywhere that sounded great. Album out end of October. Hear this show free next weekend on all my affiliate stations listed on this site. Also thanks to Joe Satriani for calling in live from the road.


Some news coming on TMS I think you guys will all be happy about. Details still being worked out but the show continues to grow and will share more news when I can. Looking at the Fall hopefully to tape more.


Thanks to all those who have visited the just opened merch store here on the site. T Shirts, hats and more available with my logo. All high quality stuff done by a pro company so hope you like it and thanks for the support.


Live SiriusXM show Monday 6-10P ET with Phil Collen of Def Leppard checking in and more. Last live Trunk Nation for a couple weeks as I am leaving for my new book tour Tuesday. Join me live on channel 39 (Hair Nation). Also for the SiriusXM audience finally my interviews from this show will be available on the SiriusXM app shortly after they air On Demand going forward.


So excited that the new book is days away from release. Thanks to all who purchased or will. Can’t wait to see you all at the signings listed on the home page. Hope to add more as my schedule permits. But please buy the book in the first week or pre order it now! Would help me out greatly and of course I will sign it anytime I am in your city for anything. Appreciate the support. VOLUME 2 OUT EVERYWHERE BOOKS ARE SOLD THIS TUESDAY! It all launches at The Hard Rock Cafe in Times Sq this Tuesday 9/24 6:30-8:30!
For a limited time you can buy either of my books, have them signed and personalized by me, and shipped ANYWHERE in the world! You must order by 10/2 so I can sign when in AZ for the in st


Have a nice weekend, my Giants need a win bad… Seeing Metallica tonight for the private SiriusXM concert at The Apollo in NYC and will also be on the pre show for a few. Should be a blast!

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  1. TMS is the absolute best hard rock and heavy metal show on any medium. As always Eddie, I joke with you about being an east coast bias guy but in all reality you are the best. Thanks for keeping the flame burning. I’m sure the news will be good about the show…my hope is that there are more of them and that finally VH-1 Classic will go HD. Looking forward to MOR cruise 2014. I’ll be seeing Y&T in NorCal in December as well.

    1. I hope HD and LIVE performances every week too even if it just acoustic stuff.
      Some of the older singers will struggle but some will shine.

  2. Eddie, this will come off as snobbish, but the seasons (fall, winter, spring, summer) are not capitalized. As a former English teacher (note the former), I still care when people put themselves out there publicly like you do and don’t look the best doing so through no fault of their own.

  3. So….if I understand this correctly….Eddie, you are FINALLY on demand?!?!? Thank heavens, my prayers were answered!! Now, everybody pray that a certain Sharon contracts long term chronic (redundant…I know) laryngitis!!

    Eddue trunk rules!!!!!!!!!!

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