Off to Hollywood FL tomorrow for another quick trip to the Seminole Hard Rock. I’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to host several rock shows and this great venue and it’s always a blast. I’ll be hosting Experience Hendrix this Friday night at 8PM at the venue. Never saw this tour before but really looking forward to hearing great players like Eric Gales, Kenny Wayne Sheppard, Johnny Lang, Zakk Wylde and many more play Hendrix classics. Tickets available right up until showtime. If in the area hope to see you there. After the show this Friday I’ll be at the Hard Rock merch store inside the casino selling and signing both of my books and more. So come by after the show ends and say hello and grab a book if you’d like. Please note the location for the post show has moved and it is NOT at the Hard Rock Cafe but now the main merch store just down the walkway from the cafe.

Broke the new last night about Ace Frehley’s touring band. Dates will be announced next week. Great to see Scot Coogan and Richie Scarlet back in the band. Scot is not only a great drummer but sings extremely well and can sing lead. Really happy to see Richie back. He was an original member of Ace’s band and always liked his voice, playing and attitude. I don’t know Chris but his resume is solid and he also sings. So it’s a band with four lead singers which should allow them to play almost anything. More news on dates when I get it. Hope to see you out at a bunch of them if my schedule permits.

All new Eddie Trunk Podcast up Thursday. This week two guests in the show at the same time! Mark Tornillo of Accept and TT Quick and Doro sit in on the podcast together. Mark’s story is amazing and he now has sung on three Accept albums to date. And Doro has been a long time pioneer of female metal. I think you guys will really like hearing from both of them and what they have to say. As usual all of my podcasts are available free and worldwide via Itunes or www.podcastone.com

Have a nice weekend, more soon and on Twitter and FB.

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  • Ben Owen on

    Looking forward to seeing Richie for the first time.

  • BAM BAM on

    Hey Eddie, really enjoying the podcasts! Even those which I’m not familiar with the artist. Good stories, good laughs, interesting insights. I’m an Amazon regular and made a purchase tonight for something I needed through your site to help support. Hope you can continue for many moons, thanks!

  • James K. on

    dUg (I don’t know why he spells it like that now) Pinnick has been in a ton of side bands, but did you listen to the one he was in with Eric Gales called Pinnick, Gales, Pridgen?

  • Charlie C on

    Doro podcast was great didn’t know dodo lives in America and totally forgot about tt quick gonna check see I can get their first album

  • Brad on

    Doro Pesch should have been huge in the United States. All four Warlock albums are classics and she has put out some really good material as a solo artist as well. She is the true queen of metal and seems like a really nice person as well. Some hard rock/metal band should take her as the opener and let her expose her music to a wider audience here in the United States.

    I loved Accept’s music with UDO but I like the band even better with Mark. The three albums they have done with him have been incredible. Blood of the Nations would probably crack my Top 10 metal albums made in the last decade, it was that good.

    • JAMEϟ on

      I agree…it always used to annoy me how Lita Ford always got called the Queen of Metal or whatever when in truth she was much more rock than metal. Doro wears that crown and should’ve been the one to get that recognition back then, Warlock were awesome. There were a few other bands from that era with female singers who were underrated as well – the band Hellion comes to mind.

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