So Friday night I left a massive amazing festival in San Diego called  Kaaboo , where I was backstage hanging in the headliners Red Hot Chili Peppers compound with Chad Smith. I left that before RHCP even went on because I had to fly overnight to Vermont (no direct, so add a stop in Chicago in the middle of the night) to host a small 80s festival Saturday called Shrinedom. Land in VT 9:30A Sat morning local time, get a rental, then drive 2 hours to Irasburg where the event is. Check into a hotel at noon, sleep till 3, wake up to go to the event and… Jeff Blando, Dana Strum and Erik Turner call me to tell me it’s cancelled! I had concerns about this one since it was announced. Hard rock festival in the farm land of VT? Lineup changes? Sadly it folded after me and some of the bands arrived in town. Apparently money problems. In my 35 years doing this I’ve seen it all. For every amazing huge well run festival, there are as many run, promoted, organized and booked by people with no clue, either in front of the scenes, or behind. I see it every day.. So sorry to the fans that may have ventured out for this. I have no idea what went on in detail, but seems everyone took a hit. I just wish people who want to do rock festivals defer to qualified knowledgeable people about the viability of doing these events in their area, and what lineups to book, etc.. crazy exhausting weekend.

Back live on radio tomorrow 2-4P ET (replay 9-11P ET) for Trunk Nation on SiriusXM 106 Volume. Derek Sherinan and Mike Portnoy will be in studio. Then live 5-8P ET on channel 39.

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