Hope everyone had a great 4th. I’ve been enjoying a week off from my daily SiriusXM show on vacation at the Jersey shore. Back live Monday 2-4P ET on Volume and 5-8P on Hair Nation. New podcast now up with Sammy Hagar and Rick Springfield (they share a connection if you didn’t know). The Sammy interview is the recent one from my Volume show that made all the news about VH and DLR. Check it out free now at www.podcastone.com and iTunes.

HUGE thanks to all who watched the debut of TrunkFest on AXS TV last Sunday! I appreciate it! New episodes every Sunday night 9:30P ET. This Sunday I am from Voodoo Fest in NOLA with Prophets Of Rage and Taylor Hawkins! Set those DVRs and please keep watching and spreading the word. A few things on TrunkFest:

*I have NOTHING to do with where AXS does and does not air or stream. It is on most systems so check with your provider. Often it may be on a higher tier of channels. Streaming is on Sling TV. Go to www.AXS.tv for more.

*TrunkFest has NOTHING to do with That Metal Show. It is a completely different show for a different network. As usual if TMS finds a new home I can do it again tomorrow!

* I do not pick the festivals we cover, the network does.

*I also wish the show was 60 minutes vs 30, again, not my call, the networks.

Thanks for watching and please continue to!

Next appearance 7/13 hosting Dokken in Tulsa at IDL Ballroom. See you soon OK!

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  1. I haven’t had a chance to listen to the new podcast yet, but I’m sure obviously the connection between Hagar and Springfield is “I’ve Done Everything For You.” And in my opinion Springfield’s version is even better! And that’s coming from me, a big fat Redhead! 😉 Cheers! 🙂

  2. A huge Red Rocker fan here too!
    I have to agree, Sammy’s version is a little weak.
    It was a long time ago, maybe time for a rock-ed up reboot?

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