Back from a week off from radio and ready to kick into Metallica mania! The next Trunk Nation Top 20 debuts on my SiriusXM radio show on 106 tomorrow 2-4 and 10-Mid ET featuring the 20 all time greatest Metallica songs. Then Wed 2P ET you call in your 20 live on air. And I suspect this will go for much of the week. Tune in and get involved if you have SiriusXM!

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  1. All live songs are from “Live Sh-t: Binge & Purge”

    20. Motorbreath (live)
    19. Fade To Black
    18. Sad But True (live)
    17. The Four Horsemen (live)
    16. Fuel
    15. Enter Sandman (live)
    14. The Thing That Should Not Be
    13. Blackened (live)
    12. Through The Never
    11. Whiplash (live)
    10. One (live)
    9. Creeping Death
    8. Ride The Lightning
    7. For Whom The Bell Tolls
    6. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
    5. Battery
    4. Wherever I May Roam
    3. Seek & Destroy (live)
    2. …And Justice For All (live)
    1. Master Of Puppets

  2. My Metallica top 20 has as much to do with words (In some cases maybe more so) as it does with sounds.
    When I first got into Metallica long ago, Hetfield’s often times grim imagery quickly found a spot in the old gray, mush matter. He became one of my favorite lyricists and yeah, yeah he’s a good guitarist as well. In a few spots he even comes off as a decent singer, at least for the genre.

    20- Frayed Ends of Sanity
    19- Four Horsemen
    18- Fade to Black
    17- Spit Out the Bone
    16- Wherever I May Roam
    15- One
    14- The Thing That Should Not Be
    12- Mama Said
    11- Damage Inc.
    10- My Friend of Misery
    9- Creeping Death
    8- Sad But True
    7- Ride the Lightning
    6-Disposable Heroes
    5- Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
    4-The Outlaw Torn
    3- Seek and Destroy
    2- The Unforgiven
    1- For Whom the Bell Tolls
    I hated not including Master of Puppets, Orion, and a few others so I’ll just mention them as an afterthought honorable mention. I do like those tracks.

    1. Rob,

      Once again, we are simpatico, For Whom The Bell Tolls is my all time favorite Metallica song as well, followed by Battery. After that, who knows? LOL!


  3. One
    Seek and Destroy
    Memory Remains
    Fight Fire
    Sad.But True
    Enter Sandman
    King Nothing
    Damage Inc
    I Disappear
    Hit the Lights
    Creeping Death #1!!

  4. Just finished listening to the Metallica top 20. I get out of work too late to hear it live. So I download the episodes on demand. My List is partially based on lyrics and sound.A few songs that show their influence of HP Lovecraft stories which i am a fan of.

    20 Broken Beat and Scarred
    19 The God That Failed
    18 Now That We’re Dead
    17 Here Comes Revenge
    16 Dream No More
    15 All Nightmare Long
    14 Orion
    13 One
    12 Disposable Heroes
    11 Battery
    10 Sanitarium
    09 Call Of Ktulu
    08 For Whom the Bell Tolls
    07 Ride The Lightning
    06 Fight Fire With Fire
    05 The Thing That Should Not Be
    04 Fade to Black
    03 Master of Puppets
    02 Creeping Death (great Passover song)
    01 Four Horseman
    I listen to all the studio albums and I could not put anything from the controversial albums. I cant stand the drumming in Saint Anger.

  5. Eddie,
    Here is your definitive list! LOL! You definitely shocked me with some of your list, I can tell you have no use for mid 90’s to mid 2000’s Metallica. Nothing from Load, Reload, or of course St. Anger. Glad to see you gave definite love to Hardwired! Love all your top 20’s, this one for my favorite band, I was introduced to Metallica in Summer of ’89 hearing Blackened for the first time. Definite life changer, this list is full of those life changing moments by way of their music!

    20 – Fight Fire with Fire
    19 – Spit out the Bone
    18 – The Memory Remains
    17 – Outlaw Torn
    16 – Until it Sleeps
    15 – Enter Sandman
    14 – The Day that Never Comes
    13 – Blackened
    12 – The Four Horsemen
    11 – Unforgiven
    10 – To Live is to Die
    9 – Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
    8 – Harvester of Sorrow
    7 – For Whom the Bell Tolls
    6 – Fade to Black
    5 – Seek and Destroy
    4 – Battery
    3 – Creeping Death
    2 – One
    1 – Master of Puppets

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