Thanks to Glenn Hughes and Andrew Watt of California Breed for hanging out in studio with me last night for my Q104.3 NYC radio show. Hear this show on all affiliate stations listed on this site next weekend usual time and day. Glenn is truly remarkable. The guy partied harder than anyone in the 70’s and 80’s and came through it looking and sounding better in 2014 than people half his age. Interesting revelations in last nights interview including his recent open heart surgery, the fact that he recorded and was close to announcing a band with the DiLeo brothers of STP, and how he started California Breed and found his new young guitarist. Was also cool to hear that things are fine now with Joe Bonamossa after the demise of BCC. Love the Cal Breed album and look forward to hosting their second ever show tonight in NYC at The Gramercy. The history of Glenn Hughes is truly amazing and this new band is already one of my favorite chapters yet.

I’ll also be swinging by Brian Tichy’s Bonzo Bash at Bergen PAC early tonight before hitting Cal Breed. Brian is also doing a Randy Rhoads tribute Tuesday at The Stone Pony and Wed at Bergen PAC in NJ. Congrats to all the ticket winners on my radio shows.

R&R HOF ceremony finally premieres tonight on HBO more than 6 weeks after it happened. As many of you know I was lucky enough to be there at the table with Ace and as a guest of him and Peter that night. I sent out many photos, posted video, and we discussed it at great length before, during and since it happened. Tonight you will see what HBO has decided to air from the night. But as I said all along, the Kiss part of the evening was very very minimal compared to all the others inducted. They were the only band to have no musical performance of any kind (although Ace was going to jam at the end but it was cut because it went so late, I think Springsteen band is STILL talking..). Will also be interesting to see what they include of Paul’s speech. My video uncut from the night shows what was said completely. Paul took some well deserved shots at the HOF. Be interesting to see what they leave in. It’s nice Kiss is finally in after 15 years. In many circles the fighting between them, the HOF, etc still goes on. But at least they are in and you will see some version of the induction tonight. You will also see that Tom Morello did a great job inducting them, at least in my opinion.

Mostly positive comments here on the new Ace song. I played it last night and will again on the SiriusXM show Monday. I think it sounds like classic Ace and is exactly what you’d expect from Ace’s style and vibe. I really like his voice. Of course he was never Paul Rodgers or Robert Plant, Dio, etc, but he has that same youthful sound in his voice from the ’78 record again which is cool. The album is out July 8th.

Have a good weekend all!

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  1. I think Pauls attitude came off as childish and a waste of time. Nobody wants to be brought down by complainers at these type of events. have a good time, enjoy the moment.

    1. Its his moment…You only get inducted once so he took the opportunity to stick it to them albeit very professionally and had great points…completely disagree with you…

  2. I know Ace is an Old dog and may not be open to new tricks but i would like to hear him do something a little more raw and nasty.

  3. I’m not getting my hopes up about Ace’s new record, I’d rather be pleasantly surprised than have overly high expectations. I do hope it’s a good one though because his is the only new KISS-related music I have to look forward to these days.

    As for the HOF I don’t get HBO so I won’t be able to check it out, that’s alright with me though. I kind of get depressed when I watch the induction because the finality of knowing that that’s the last time they’ll stand together as a team is just really grim to me.

  4. The new Ace song almost sounds like as if he were back w/ Kiss again. Anyway, I got my ticket for the “Hair Metal Heavyweights” show and I really can’t wait to see you for the 2nd time in person! Still, had a blast seein’ you at the House of Blues this past fall.

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