Returned Sunday from my first ever visit to Rock On The Range in Ohio. This festival is 10 years old and it was my first time attending. I had heard much about it over the years, and along with Rocklahoma which started as an all 80’s event, it lead the charge for the massive amount of US rock festivals we now see all over. ROTR has become legend after 10 years and it was an advance sell out with headliners Rob Zombie, Disturbed and Red Hot Chili Peppers, plus countless other bands. I did an appearance in the comedy tent with Don & Jim, a bit of a TMS reunion, and it was PACKED. They had ti turn people away due to fire code, the first time that has ever happened in that location. Just amazing and thanks to all for the TMS love! Huge thanks to Rob Zombie, John 5 and Jacoby from Papa Roach for being our guests. I had this all recorded and will post as a podcast soon!

As for the festival itself I was only there Saturday. But it really was amazing to see a stadium packed with mostly younger rock and metal fans! ROTR has also become an industry destination. Just about everyone in the business was hanging backstage in the “artists lounge”, even bands not playing this year. It’s a great environment on and off stage for music fans and industry as well. Because I was performing with Don & Jim I didn’t see much of the bands. Many will also be at Rocklahoma this weekend, so maybe there. But I did see some of Ghost (still trying to figure them out, but I do like that they sing vs scream) and also watched all of Zombie who closed Saturday. It’s pretty amazing what Zombie has done with his music career. He really hasn’t had a “hit” (if there is such a thing in rock now” record in a while, but has become a massive festival attraction. The music and the show and a GREAT band led by John 5 all play into that. The crowd was the most amazing thing about this festival. It was Euro like in it’s passion and how into it they were. I watched from above the stage and was amazed at how into EVERY moment and how engaged they were during Zombie. I haven’t seen a reaction and response like that in a really long time at any level show. Really good to see!

As I mentioned there are many of these festivals these days all over, many with similar lineups. It will be interesting to see where this all goes. But it is great for rock and anyone who ever tries to utter “rock is dead” should just pay a visit to Columbus and see what goes on at ROTR..” Thanks to Joe Litvag and all at AEG as well as the team at Danny Wimmer Presents for having me. On to Rocklahoma year 10 this weekend!

HUGE exclusive if you were ever a fan of the 70’s band Angel this Thursday for my podcast! All 5 members in their first interview together inĀ  over 35 years! Free worldwide via Itunes or www.podcastone.com !

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    1. You’re messing with the wrong ego here….read my books, my interview in Playboy…I like talking to women on beaches, the sunset from my office windah….I just bought a brand new Porsh…

      The clown

  1. Eddie, I took me a while to figure out Ghost, too. I was first turned off by the satanic image, but after realizing it was just a gimmick, I thought I would give their music a chance. And now they are probably my favorite new band. They have melodic songs that are catchy and would be very radio friendly if not for the lyrical content. Also, I love their old school approach, where their cds are released as if they were in vinyl format, with “Side 1” and “Side 2” and just enough music to keep you satisfied….no 15 song albums that lose your attention. They cite a lot of varied bands as influences, from Abba to Sabbath. I’ve seen them live twice, and I think they put on one of the most entertaining shows out there. They don’t take themselves too seriously, and they have fun with their audiences.

    1. yeah, you have to realize the Ghost image is just some fun they have, like Kiss. None of them are Satanists, they just like the creepy imagery of old school films like the Exorcist and The Omen.

      Meloria is easily one of the best hard rock album of the last 5 years, maybe more. At this point, for me, it’s one of my favorite all time albums.

      Their cover of “If you have Ghosts” off of their older CD is great as well.

  2. The new Punky record is awesome, a master who knows how rock records should work, it sounds so fresh and it was recorded properly: all of the dynamics that should be there, are there. I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality, it’s truly an inspired record.

    Ghost sucks pretty much.

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one trying to figure out Ghost. I like them, but they also sort of piss me off. By that I mean, many of their songs could CRUSH if they were just a little heavier. It’s like I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for the songs to take off and I’m left hanging every time. If you check out their live shows on Youtube, they DO put on a great show. And they pack every place they play, too. But, again, just not enough for me to spend money on them.

    1. It takes awhile to figure Ghost out. But I have to say I’m getting into them. They have some incredible songs and a writing style that you don’t hear everyday. I was expecting Cookie Monster vocals as Eddie likes to say, so I was pleasantly surprised when I first hear them.

      And I’ll give them an A+ for creativity. In a day and age where everything looks and sounds the same, I give these guys credit for trying to shake things up. There is some authenticity to these guys.

    2. Yeah, those upside down crosses and skulls are so original! Just like how they copy Slayer’s and Tool’s music. Technical ability has replaced creativity.

    3. You clearly haven’t listened to a single minute of their music. Creativity isn’t just visual Clown. Tool sucks and Slayer’s not far behind. Try listening with your ears for a change.

    4. Clearly? lol…you always in your posts convey that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    5. Contrived is how I would describe their music, they are very competent, and proficient, even when they do recycle many of Slayer’s riffs, I would point to the “South Of Heaven” token riff in their single as an example; they riff like Slayer all over the place, and mix that up with Tool’s melancholy melodic style..I was not inspired by any of it, though somewhat impressed at their ability.

      Moreover, I am just not into bands who peddle Satanism to kids, even if they say it’s a big joke. There are better ways to make money, I’m just sayin’.

      The clown.

    6. Yeah you’re always ‘just sayin’ . Makes me wonder what it’s like when your not just sayin. I long for another hot Ram It Down take. If you’re not into bands that peddle Satan to kids then you’ve got quite the laundry list of bands you must not listen to. And you sure seem to know a lot of Ghost. And then claim you’re not into them…..funny. You might be interesting if you weren’t so annoying.

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