Thanks to Josh and Keith from Buckcherry for dropping by the studio last night for my satellite show. Old friends and always great to see them. Truly one of the hardest working bands out there on the road today and always a kick ass show. Go see them if coming your way. Also thanks to Doug Aldrich of Whitesnake who called in from the UK where the band is touring with Journey. Said the gigs were going well and US shows are coming in July. Doug’s other band, Burning Rain, has their new album released today.


I’m headed to Oklahoma for this years Rocklahoma so this Friday and Monday radio shows are recorded and not live. The Q104 show this Friday will be all new and feature 2 songs from every artist or related songs in some way.


Love how many people are floored by the Winery Dogs stuff. When I suggested these guys get together I could not have dreamed of a better result. I am really excited that after decades in virtual obscurity here in the US, the amazing voice and playing of Richie Kotzen are finally being recognized. The US release is July 23rd and will have a different track than the Japanese import. Live shows to come later this year. Not being a musician myself the whole reason I got into music 30 years ago was to turn others on to great bands, songs, talents. Great to see so many loving this.


Really also loving the debut from Black Star Riders. It’s out in a couple weeks.


Exclusive video posted very soon here with me, Rob Halford and Richie Faulkner from the Epitaph screening.


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  1. Nice to see you invited Buck Dharhma of Blue Oyster Cult on this new season of that metal show. I always felt Blue Oyster Cult were a decent hard rock band and deserve more respect in the world of hard rock and heavy metal. I saw them in concert numerous times over the years, and they always put on a good show. I saw BOC with Black Sabbath, Foghat, Rainbow, and Rush. I know they also shared the stage with Kiss a few times. Metallica cites BOC as an influence and many stoner rock bands do also. Fu Man Chu cover Godzilla on one of there early e.p.s and cite BOC as a big influence on there music.

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