Back from a great couple of days in S Florida at The Hard Rock in Hollywood. Hosted Adrenaline Mob, Hellyeah, and Avenged Sevenfold Wednesday night. Amob sounded great. Russell Allen’s vocals were unreal, one of the best live vocal performances I have heard in a while. Their short opening set featured stuff from the new album and ended with amazing covers of High Wire and Mob Rules. AJ Pero seems to have fit in well for Portnoy and is playing a kit as big as one of his. Hellyeah barely made the show since their bus broke down. But they did a solid 45 minutes of high energy metal including new music from the upcoming Blood On Blood. Love the energy in this band but my own personal taste prefers when Chad sings a little vs screams.They went down great. Never saw A7X live and was curious to see why this band has had back to back #1 albums. They are a newer band that is old school in many ways. Guitar solos, big stage show, and rabid younger fans all wearing their shirts and hanging on every note. As an older rock fan it was very inspiring to see a younger fan base totally consumed with a heavy metal/hard rock band. Gave me some confidence for the future generations of the music we love. I suspect many of the fans at an A7X show never saw Maiden, Priest, or Sabbath in their larger than life days. So for them they have this band. Avenged themselves told me they went back and listened to old UFO, Scorpions, Priest and more and took that spirit into what they are now doing. Which explains why it really finally connected with me. The guys play extremely well and put on a great production. I left feeling good to know there is a younger band making such a great connection with a younger audience totally into metal! Thanks to all the bands and fan and thanks to the Hard Rock for having me host!

Some great new music coming. Listening to new Accept and Tesla now. As soon as I can play it I will.

Rob, Richie and Glenn from Judas Priest live in studio this Monday for Eddie Trunk Live on TRUNKNation channel 39 on SiriusXM. Show starts 6P ET, Priest should be in around 8. Look forward to seeing my old friends and finding out what the next phase of Priest will bring!

For my friends in my area of NJ a few shows to check out tomorrow. King’s X and TT Quick at Starland, The Winery Dogs at State Theater. If in the Philly area come see me, Don & Jim live on stage at The Troc. I’ll be selling and signing both books there as well. Haven’t done a Philly event in a while so hope to see you in that area!

Rocklahoma just 3 weeks away!

Live show tonight 11P-2A ET on Q104.3 NYC. Listen to the free stream using iHeartradio app or via www.q1043.com Chris Jericho will be the guest.

Have a great weekend all!

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  1. Guys, Rob Halford may not be able to split heads anymore with raw vocal power (or maybe he can…) but he’s still a better singer than those guys that just scream and growl. He’s got to be what, 65 give or take a little? He can’t sound like he did in 1982 forever!

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