Hope everyone had a great weekend. Headed to NYC shortly for a live SiriusXM show. Trunk Nation is from 6-10P ET on channel 39. Show has been jammed with guests lately so tonight will have plenty of one on one time for music and talk that rocks. Dio guitarist Craig Goldy only scheduled guest as of now. Hope you can join me later.

Leaving for Oklahoma this week to once again host Rocklahoma this weekend. An honor to do this every year! See you soon if going.

To get  the all new Eddie Trunk Rocks bumper sticker sponsored by Goody’s Headache Relief Shot send a self addressed stamped regular sized envelope to: Trunk Sticker, PO Box 41, Cedar Knolls NJ 07927. Stickers will not be sent if stamp is not on return envelope. Return address on the envelope should be your own. Thanks for representing! Will also have them free at all appearances.

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  1. Really liking new Goldy Dio tribute songs. Incredible, Ronnie like vocals. Could tell Craig was a student of Dio from the lyrics. Sounds classic! Please play both Eddie!

  2. CABO WABO! sorry, my head’s still in Mexico, I’m still wearing my sombrero! sunburned & jet lagged, that was a long trip, and worth every mile!! happy hour 24/7! every time I go there I can see why Sammy Hagar moved there, I’ve thought about it myself, but me leave Brooklyn? fuhgeddaboudit! I won’t be going to rocklahoma this wkend, I’m going to INDY! Sammy & the wabos on Friday, indy 500 on sunday & a whole lot of partying in between! beer for breakfast, tequila for lunch, and wine for dinner! hey, you only live once, so live it up! so many great songs from the red rocker & the wabos, red, rock candy, bad motor scooter, rock ‘n’ roll weekend, turn up the music, trans am, three lock box, 55, one way to rock, heavy metal, eagles fly, marching to mars, mas tequila, shaka doobie, cabo wabo (of course!) Sam I am, just to name a few. I missed the party animal in Mexico, but I won’t miss him in Indy! if the red rocker was going to be at rocklahoma this weekend, I’d be there, what can I say, I’m a REDHEAD!

    1. Lol, basement trips on your computer don’t count. If you actually went all of these places you say, your mom would miss you.

    2. listen you little son of a bitch, my mom passed away in 1995, anything else you want to add you low life creep? are you really that jealous of people who travel a lot & have a life? then why don’t you man-up and get one yourself.

    3. Lol, calm down doug r. BTW, nobody who is actually from Brooklyn would ever say “fuhgeddaboudit” even joking, so methinks you may be jesting us all.

    4. Wow, pretty sensitive there. Have fun in “INDY” lol. Funny, I didn’t see you on the MOR cruise…thought you would have been there being you are quite the traveler and all!

      Maybe next year…

    5. o.k., so I may have overreacted, but when you’re exhausted, sunburned, and read a comment like yours, it happens. I don’t know why you’re so interested in my whereabouts, I know it’s a small world but I don’t think we know each other. no, unfortunately I missed the last cruise, can’t be everywhere, but yes, maybe next year! doesn’t everybody like to share their traveling experiences? especially when it was a good one? I’ll tell you what, make it to INDY on Friday and have a drink on me! I’ll be wearing a TMS or a CABO WABO t-shirt, sombrero & sunglasses, somewhere in the middle of a couple of thousand redheads, CHEERS!

  3. Hey Eddie,
    Mark in Toronto here. This is new to me sending my request by email. It is a holiday here in Canada . Similar to your Memorial Day . I would really like to hear Rush, what you’re doing live from all the worlds a stage.
    Thanks bro. Have a great show.

  4. Hi Eddie,

    Don’t tell Paul I asked but could you please play track from the Monster album called Outta This World on your show tonight?

    Also a quick Kiss trivia question for you! How many times do Paul, Gene, Eric & I collectively say the word “yeah” in songs throughout the Monster album? Hint it’s at least 60!

    1. best post ever! I think tommy deserves a party celebrating his 30th anniversary in the music business.

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