Had a really cool day in NYC yesterday that began with a private listening reception for the first in a series of Led Zeppelin reissues. It took place in a small theater in a hotel in NYC in SoHo and Jimmy Page was there to answer questions! To be able to sit in a small room with maybe 40 people total and listen to Zep with Jimmy Page is surreal to say the least. The tracks played were live and alternate versions from the new deluxe remasters. The first three albums come out next month. All feature extra material including different takes of classic songs. We heard nine tracks in total, including a version of Immigrant Song that had some different sounds and voices in it that was really cool. Also different takes on Heartbreaker, Whole Lotta Love, and live versions from ’69 of Communication Breakdown and You Shook Me. No photos were allowed but Page did take a good amount of time after answering questions about the music we heard. I asked him how the remastered original recordings will differ from the last time he did it twenty years ago. He explained that as technology advances he is better able to meet the needs of the various ways we hear music. He also alluded to now having all the albums in a super high quality version and the technology to listen in this way is still to come. Pretty cool event to say the least and I was honored to be among a very small group invited to listen and discuss with a legend in the truest sense. And yes I am working him for TMS next time we tape!

Last night caught Fozzy and Buckcherry at The Gramercy in NYC. Really impressed with how far Fozzy has come as a band and Jericho as a singer. Crowd was into it the entire time. Buckcherry as maybe the hardest touring band I have ever seen. But they still turned in a great energetic set and have a new EP coming in August. I caught a good amount of their show between running to the bar next door to see the end of the Ranger game!

New “Eddie Trunk Rocks” bumper stickers now available thanks to Goody’s Headache Shot. They are free. If you’d like one send a legal size self addressed stamped envelope to: Sticker, PO Box 41, Cedar Knolls NJ 07927. US addresses only please. Thanks for representing! Also so cool to see son many wearing my T shirts out there at the shows. Some new designs in the online merch store on this site so have a look. Appreciate all the support! I will have shirts for sale at the merch stand at Rocklahoma as well Memorial weekend.

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  1. This is why Jimmy Page has tons of unreleased material yet to record and release. He keeps remastering the Led Zeppelin albums over and over again. Enough already! Leave well enough alone and get busy on putting out new stuff. Oh, and enough with the Zep reunion talk too. Robert Plant doesn’t want to do it, and that’s fine with me. The O2 show was a fitting end to a legendary band.

  2. I heard page doesn’t like metal or doesn’t want to be associated with metal.

    I think that’s his right to believe he isn’t metal or whatever, but he did show people that you don’t always have to be hard to be heavy. And that a hard rock band can do acoustic songs if they want. That, I feel, is the biggest thing LZ gave to metal more than the great songs/riffs/lyrics.

  3. LET’S GO RANGERS! if the rangers make it to the finals I’m going to have the biggest Stanley cup party ever! 8 more wins & the cup is ours! hey eddie, I’m gonna throw a curveball at ya. even though I grew up in the city, I’ve always been a big fan of southern rock, especially 38 special & molly hatchet. I saw 38 special back in ’83 and i’ll tell ya, there’s something about 2 drummers playing together, the power & the thunder was unbelievable, a lot of bands have 2 guitarist’s but you rarely get to see & hear 2 drummers pounding away at the same time! and molly hatchet, wow, just beatin’ the odds & bloody reunion blow the roof off, and then throw in whiskey man & gator country and you got one hell of a party! I always refer to molly hatchet as “southern metal”! anybody who listens to them knows why, there fuckin’ awesome! anyway just curious on your thoughts.

  4. If you get Jimmy Page on TMS, you will have achieved what almost no other TV show has been able to achieve. Jimmy Page does fewer TV interviews than Mick Jagger. With all due respect to TMS and its many guests, compared to Jimmy Page, everyone you’ve had on so far is strictly B-listers. That Metal Show would graduate to That Music Show because it would no longer be “specialty programming”!

    (Good luck, Ed – I hope you get Mr. Zoso on your show! I’ll be watching!)

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