Hope everyone had a good weekend. Usual family Easter activities for me. Been traveling so much was good to get some time at home in. But today it’s back on the road! I fly to LA today with Don & Jim to host the Golden Gods Awards this Wednesday at Nokia. We have attended this in the past and once hosted the red carpet, but this is our first time being the hosts of the actual show. For those not familiar it is a metal and hard rock awards show sponsored by Revolver Magazine. This year it will air (not live) on VH1 Classic and Palladia. GnR is the feature band and Axl is scheduled to get an award as well as many others. I do believe there will be a live stream as the show happens though. More details and info as it happens via Twitter @EddieTrunk Tonight’s SiriusXM show is recorded since I will be flying to LA tonight.

Thursday I fly from LA to Baltimore to once again host this years M3 Festival in Columbia MD. Congrats to all my ticket winners on the Q104 show. This is always a fun couple of days. Most excited about seeing Extreme for the first time in a long time. Nuno is back and look forward to seeing him wail! It’s been a while since these guys have played and they will also be at Rocklahoma now which I am also hosting. Hope to see you at M3 and don’t forget my book signings will be this Saturday at aprox 3 and 6P at the Chuck Levins Washington Music Center booth in the venue. Please note for this signing you must have either of my books or buy one or both. They will be for sale on site at the Chuck Levins booth this Saturday all day. I don’t usually institute that rule but it is the only way to limit my time at the booth since I have other places to be on site during M3 at other times.

Don’t forget the Eddie/Don/Jim live shows are continue. We will be at The Trocodero in Philly May 3rd and Token Lounge in Detroit May 10th. All confirmed appearances for me and more info on the home page. Books sold and signed at these events as well.

More when I can update here and via Twitter. Have a great week and hope to see you out and about in the coming weeks.

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  • doug r. on

    hey eddie, I just wanted to apologize if it seemed I was being insensitive last week about the whole health insurance issue, your friend karl of course has every right to go with what works for and is best for him, I really hope he’s doing well & continues to get better. I know I overreacted with my opinions regarding obamacare, it’s just that my family has gone through hell the last couple of years healthwise dealing with all kinds of issues, and ever since this whole obamacare came around we’ve been screwed left & right, still, I know I overreacted and once again for that I apologize. like I said before one minute we’re all talking about music & then the next thing you know you’re caught in the middle of a political debate, which I hate! I do have a question about music, van halen, what’s the latest? do you think there’s any chance of michael anthony ever getting back in? I mean I love chickenfoot, but he belongs in VH! and did anybody ever find out exactly why he was kicked out in the first place? I know it’s been years already but I’m still curious as to what happened.

    • Beth Milligan on

      Doug, I read what you said and you should not beat up on yourself. This whole thing was never about helping anyone unfortunately. Good luck to you and Karl. Eddie has been such a great teacher on areas of music I did not know as much about before. He has three fans down here in Houston.

    • doug r. on

      thanks beth.

  • Ryan B. on

    Safe travels, Eddie. The trip down to Florida this past week for vacation allowed me to pick up my signed copy of Vol. 1 with birthday wishes included. Much thanks, Ed!

  • Beth Milligan on

    Thanks for all you do. Have a great time! We all know where to go for information on all things in the rock universe!

  • luke on

    Ed, you’re always so positive about alot of bands… Even bands I hate lol. Can you mention some albums or bands that you are NOT a fan of? I’m just curious. I think I’ve even heard you say ‘Elder’ was a decent album IIRC.

    • David C on

      Why would somebody address bands and albums they are not a fan of? Just to be negative?? Kind of an odd and rather strange request.

  • tom on

    eddie probably cant say who he doesn’t like for work reasons. but i’ll mention bands that I have no fucking idea why they became big at all. someone explain to me why these bands/soloists hit it big.. DAVE MATTHEWS BAND , R.E.M. , SPARKS , BECK , im sure I am forgetting a cpl of names but before you blast me. I will be 46 next week and I listen to metal and Motown. I will say that im not a nickelback fan but they have songs that are pretty good ( something in your mouth is a good topless bar song ) , (burn it to the ground is a good anthem too)

    • flashrockinman on

      Us metal heads will never understand bands like DMB. People listen to them for the lyrics. I mean c’mon, you don’t listen to Manowar for the words, it’s all about the insane riffs. R.E.M. has a catalog going back to the 80s with some excellent guitar work and melodies but their stuff is just way too depressing most of the time.

    • tom on

      not to mention they are ugly as fuck.

    • Mark Ellis on

      “We the sons of Odin, await thy command.” Hey, I listen to Manowar for the music and the words.

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