Live SiriusXM show tonight 6-10PM ET on channel 39 TRUNKNation (Hair Nation). Tonight we go international! Joe Elliott calls in from Ireland to discuss Def Leppard and the Down N Outz at 6:15. Then Krokus founding member Chris Von Rohr calls in at 7P to discuss the bands new live album from Switzerland. Also plenty of time for your calls and to discuss the Hall Of Fame and much more. Catch you for live interactive music and talk that rocks tonight!

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  • Dave Z on

    Eddie, man I hope Malcolm is all well, and its just some stupid rumors. On the topic of Krokus…I was a Freshman in High School when Headhunter came out. Awesome album!! Eat the Rich, Headhunter, Nightwolf, etc. man I loved it. My issue is I want to get that album on CD, but I have had no luck finding it anywhere. Any idea where I can have some luck? I happened upon Change of Address about a year ago in a Used Record Store in Indy. By the way I saw them open up for Sammy Hagar off of the Change of Address/VOA tour!! Great Show!!

  • Paul from Portland on

    Hi Eddie – thanks for taking my call on your show last night. I talked about seeing Rush and Heart at the 2013 Hall of Fame event. A couple of other thoughts I didn’t have time to express:

    1) Regarding the lack of a time limit on speeches, I experienced the same thing in 2013. Quincy Jones spoke for what seemed to be 30 minutes, and his intro, which was by Oprah Winfrey of all people, was equally long winded. There were a couple of other long speeches but that was the worst. Everyone went to the restroom. Interesting that KISS, who always break the rules, followed the rules for the time limit! But really, what more was there to say? I thought their speeches were good. Agreed that the shout out to Ace by Gene came at Tommy’s expense! D’oh!

    2) Regarding another band playing since KISS decided not to, it would have been really cool to see some kind of super group get together to do some old classics. Hell, I’d even have settled for Garth Brooks doing Hard Luck Woman! I was thinking about when Metallica played for Sabbath and Phish played for Genesis. That could have been a great way to celebrate KISS’ music but sadly another opportunity lost.

    I am glad you attended so we could get an on-the-scene report. I was thinking about flying there but decided against it when it was clear there would be no performance. I have to agree with many (including Stevie Nicks) who said in the long run they will regret not doing something musically. Like you pointed out, it really made KISS a footnote, where they should have been a big, big deal.

    Thanks for all you do.

  • Tom on

    Hey Eddie, just wanted to say thanks for taking my call here in Louisville last night. It was a good time and a pleasure to speak with you. My apologies if my question about the boos directed at Tommy and Eric in any way put you in a tough spot with some KISS fans. I think you really called it straight and I happen to believe you do those guys in the band a GREATER service than what Paul and Gene do. Thanks for keeping it real and hopefully some day other KISS fans will learn to accept and appreciate that kind of frank honesty. I know I do. Stay cool!

  • Brad on

    Hope the rumors are not true about AC/DC. I would miss them not only as a band, but I hope Malcolm is in good help. I think a lot of people overlook how important Malcolm always was to the AC/DC sound. I tell you a fun, hard rocking band I really have gotten into lately is the Headpins out of Canada.

  • jeff engler on

    we already have Motorhead / Megadeth / Anthrax / Danko Jones / Zack Wylde / Jim Breuer / Fireball Ministry and Wilson confirmed for the MOTORBOAT – who else do you think would be good bands to compliment the lineup?

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