Selected my R&R HOF votes for this year. Did my ballot on the air with my TrunkNation audience last week. My votes are in for Iron Maiden, NY Dolls, Rage Against The Machine, Foo Fighters and Devo. We will see how many of my picks make it in soon. Thanks to those who called in. The show where I arrived at these picks aired last Thurs on Volume and is now On Demand on the SiriusXM app.

Congrats to Cheap Trick on their #1 rock album for In Another World. You can hear their recent interview with audio and video on the app as well. Also my recent Top 20 with the band.

Thanks to Biff Byford who was my guest today on Trunknation. Gilby Clarke joins me tomorrow. Live as usual daily 2-4P ET on Volume 106, replays 10-Mid ET.

Latest podcast is Richie Kotzen and Adrian Smith. New one this Thurs will be Jeff Pilson and Reb Beach.

Tons of appearances starting to come in. Please keep an eye on the home page for the full list and updates!

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  1. Rage Against The Machine SUCKS!!!!! They shouldn’t even be on the ballot! Can’t believe anybody would vote for them. Especially over The Go-Go’s, Carole King, and Todd Rundgren. Absolutely disgusting and disgraceful!

  2. dana, remember a few times i told you that its a sham that barry manilow isnt in the h.o.f. even though he fits the criteria.. heres another guy you might find interesting..
    at least 40 yrs in the business.
    big songs and videos
    fans all over the world
    there will probably never be another one like him in our lifetime

  3. There is a few people I`d like to see get on the ballot but no one more than Ozzy for his solo career . Should be a first year inductee as well .
    Hopefully this happens and happens soon.

    1. I agree, Ray, Ozzy should absolutely DEFINITELY be in! But NOT RATM! They shouldn’t even be in the ballot! Enough with the f–king rappers already! You know who else should be in? And should’ve been in a LONG TIME AGO? Kool & The Gang! Great band who sing, and actually play real instruments! And, their music makes you happy, which is what music supposed to do!

    2. I agree Doug . All though I admit that I do like Rage they don`t belong in the hall of fame ,they haven`t accomplished enough musically to be hall of famers . I`d take Peter Frampton over them to get in the hall.

    3. It is a TRAVESTY that Peter Frampton isn’t in, same goes for Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and the biggest snub of all – PAT BENATAR! And of course, Barry Manilow! Look at what he’s done for music over the last 50 years, and they don’t even mention him, ridiculous!

    4. Judas Priest not being inducted is both infuriating, and absurd, they have been around since the late 60s.

    5. Agreed, and they weren’t even on the ballot this year! Talk about a “Raw Deal!”

    6. And actually, Judas Priest really have become a “Victim Of Changes,” as the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame has become the Rap and New Pop Crap Hall Of Fame! Also, if they inducted a hard rock/heavy metal band like JP, then they would have to acknowledge hard Rock and heavy metal, which is something that they really don’t want to do anymore, just like the phony Grammys.

    7. I think JP will get in within the next few years if they get back on the ballot. I can`t believe and didn`t know that Pat Benatar isn`t in there ? Probably the best female rock singer of all time ? Thats some BS right there. Barry Manilow is a interesting candidate . He definately has the awesome credentials to be inducted as a singer , song writer and I believe he did some acting as well. Funny when I think of Barry first thought is always his cool beagles he had in the day,lol.

  4. if you go by what they like to put in, wouldnt poison be in by now? bon jovi type music.. bret michaels is a media darling like bon jovi, c.c. was a wreck like sambora…… even creed for that matter.

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