Hope everyone is hanging in there. Wrapping up another week of TrunkNation with guests that included Sully Erna of Godsmack, Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum, Lou Brutus and more. Also a brutal Top 5 best singers list which took up a couple days. If you missed anything it’s all On Demand on the SiriusXM app. Back to kick off another week of rock talk this Monday 2-4 and 10-Mid ET on SiriusXM 106 Volume with an in depth all new interview with David Coverdale. Remember the SiriusXM app is now offering free streaming to all til 5/15.

Latest podcast is now up with Lzzy Hale and Dave Ellefson. Free as usual www.podcastone.com , Apple Podcasts, Spotify. New podcast this Thursday will be Sammy Hagar & Michael Anthony!

There is a new show on Reelz channel for their series Breaking The Band debuting this Sunday at 8P ET on Kiss. I am a featured commentator in this episode much like I was in the Van Halen one. I have nothing to do with this series (and neither do the bands!) other than being interviewed for it, but check it out debuting this weekend.

If interested I am now on Cameo, which offers personal meet & greet videos for a fee. If you order for someone this weekend donations are being made to Coronavirus charities. Check it out on their app or site and just search for me if interested.

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  1. Cameo? Eddie, what’s the word? Word Up! Nevermind! 😉 – reaction to the headline…
    Here’s my Top 5 Rock singers:
    5. Ian Gillan
    4. Paul Rodgers
    3. Steven Tyler
    2. Rob Halford
    1. Sammy Hagar
    If it was a Top 10 or 20, Stanely, Dio, Mercury, would definitely be on my list! Amongst others of course!

    1. 1. Rob Halford
      2. Ronnie
      3. David Glen Eisley
      4. Ozzy
      5. Gene Simmons (when he’s really singing…)

      I actually would rather get into a nuanced discussion about who is the better hired gun for a classic rock/prog/pog type band where it’s Bruce Kulick v. Pat Thrall…and that one is not an easy call…but I take Pat by a nose.

    1. Well, at least we agree on 3! 😉 Dio and Coverdale would definitely make my Top 20!

  2. I saw the 2 reelz episodes last night , the Kiss and Van Halen ones. Pretty good show, the reenactments are a bit hokey but hell its still entertaining none the less. I`m glad they are calling on Eddie for his insight and knowledge in telling the history of the bands, info you can count on being correct.

    1. Ian Gillan
    2. Glenn Hughes
    3. Rob Halford
    4. Robert Plant
    5. Ray Gillen

    1. Oh, they’re awful. Also, the actors look nothing, even remotely, like the musicians they are supposed to emulating.

      I have seen the Van Halen episode, and I have the Mötley Crüe one my DVR, yet to be watched. But,I did find the show to be informative.

    2. I like the Gillan & Gillen!
      I thought about listing the “combo” to count as one.

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