Woke up this morning to the incredibly sad news that UFO guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist Paul Raymond passed away. I don’t need to tell you what a fan of this band I am. Their music is timeless and has been a part of my listening since I was a kid. There are a handful of bands for me that’s music truly endures and always sounds great, and UFO is that for sure to me and many others. Paul was a member of what is widely considered the classic era of the band (Mogg, Way, Schenker, Raymond, Parker) and joined for the Lights Out album is ’77. He was also a part of what I think is the greatest live album (and maybe album) of all time Strangers In The Night. Paul and UFO used keys better than any hard rock band I know. Always great accents to the songs and great moments, without ever compromising the heavy guitar edge. Paul was the ultimate utility guy, doing a bit of everything on stage and so hugely important to the bands sound. I would love when he and Phil would sing together (check out “Fighting Man”). In addition to various (including the current) lineups of UFO, Paul was also a member of UFO spin off bands MSG and Waysted. His writing, singing and playing was crucial to all of them. “Love to Love” is maybe my favorite song ever, and Paul’s keys are so beautiful on it. Want something more recent? Check out a song called “Kingston Town” on the 2006 UFO album The Monkey Puzzle. Paul wrote that one, incredible melody.

I could go on and on about what Paul and UFO mean to me. Every time I would see UFO he always had a big smile on his face and would always engage me (as do the other guys) in my UFO Obsession and share great stories with me. I was truly holding out hope that on the bands final tour there would be hope to see a song or show with the Strangers lineup one last time. I even considered going to England for the bands recent farewell dates there, but with US shows I decided to wait. Had no idea I wouldn’t get to see Paul again. Now with Paul the first to pass from that classic version the reunion can never happen with all 5. But I will always cherish what Paul and UFO gave me and continues to give me. I spent much of today listening to his music and it’s as great as ever no matter how often I hear it. Whatever is left in the history of UFO, needless to say it will never be the same without Paul Raymond. Condolences to Paul’s family, friends, fans and the entire UFO camp. RIP Paul, and thanks for all the amazing music you were a part of in my life.

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  • brad dawson on

    Huge Loss……My favorite Band loses a legend…..Had a chance to meet him about 6 years ago at the Sunset Station in Las Vegas…..rode up the elevator with him as he just checked in….told him how much I love the band since 1973 and he was gracious as hell….also let him know that Love to Love was my favorite song by UFO, and that Eddie was not alone on that one….also met Eddie that night at the small front bar and we talked UFO….Please check out Reasons Love for his scorching rhythm guitar !!!!
    Tears are forming….I’m out…

    RIP friend

    • Blackhaart on

      Going from memory here Mr. Dawson and only pointing this out for the sake of accuracy. I believe that Reasons Love is on the No Heavy Petting album released in 76 and I believe Mr Raymond first joined UFO for the 1977 release Lights Out. That said – I don’t think he played on prior UFO albums or songs.

    • brad dawson on

      My bad…..I saw them in Oklahoma City in October of 1977 opening for Rush…and they played Reasons Love.

  • Horse Latitudes on

    I met him and Simon Wright who was drumming that night on the Walk on Water reunion tour October 1995 at the Shark Club Las Vegas. Anyone remember this venue on Harmon ave across the street from the Aladdin?
    Paul Raymond leaves us with an incredible Legacy of music to Rock on. Gratitude for the last 43 years Brother.

  • Doug on

    Well said, Eddie. I first saw UFO in the late 70’s at an all day festival. I had not heard of them before, but then they played “Too Hot To Handle” and I was hooked. Been a fan ever since. R.I.P.

  • Randyrock on

    Big loss for the UFO family,friends.My condolences Eddie.✌

  • Blackhaart on

    Huge ufo fan since 1977. Saw them several times including front row with Saxon 2 years ago in Sioux City. I just found out about Paul’s passing. And I feel like I was kicked in the stomach. I echo 100% of what Eddie says. I listen to at least one ufo album every day and the music just never gets old. Condolences to Mr Raymond’s family and friends. RIP.

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