Shocking news from AC/DC about Brian. It was discussed tonight on my radio show at length with callers. One brought up the fact that Brian recently said on Howard Stern he injured his hearing racing, not playing in the band. Wonder if this is related to that vs AC/DC? I know Brian and interviewed him many times. Great guy! But I never knew hearing to be an issue when we talked like it is with others (Pete Townsend, Paul Gilbert, etc). The fact that they will bring in a new singer opens up much discussion. Is this a patch just to do these final dates? Or is it a relaunch of another 10 years of the band? That can have a huge impact on who they pick. New unknown vs star power. I do feel strongly that they should offer all fans a refund if they want to opt out. VERY hard to tell someone who wants to see AC/DC they are getting the same thing without the VOICE! But we have seen so much from so many bands and the AC/DC logo, name, music and Angus have always been the stars. I also know Brian thought he was done 10 years ago and Angus wanted to continue. Is this the opening for Angus to keep on another 10 years? Here’s the sad thing. We have likely seen the last of the band with Rudd, Malcolm and now Brian Johnson. In my view it’s time to end it. But they have the right to do what they want and it will be interesting to watch and see what fans accept.. One thing for sure, Brian is a class act and I wish him a speedy recovery and a get well soon. Hearing is nothing to mess with and can wreck your life if not taken care of.

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  • Greg in H2Otown on

    If they carry on and they don’t/can’t get O’keefe, the guy who I’d like to see them get is Marc Storace from Krokus. The first time I heard Heat Strokes, it was shortly after Back in Black came out I was like “why the the hell didn’t AC/DC get this guy”, he sounds just like Bon. If neither one of those guys are available then I think J J Dupre would jump at the chance to do it if offered the gig, they need an established singer, an unknown probably wouldn’t work, unless the ‘guy’ just blew them away.

    • Tre Billis on

      I agree Greg. Marc would be a great choice.

  • Greg in H2Otown on

    Just caught the tale end of the rock news on the radio and they mentioned something about Dave Evans so don’t know if they’ve reached out to him or vice versa, the guy still has pipes and he ain’t doin’ nothing but AC/DC covers, so………

  • Tre Billis on

    My take. Angus should do what he want, but I can tell you this. I would not pay the ticket prices they are charging with a new singer. Even with Brian they were charging $100 for cheap seats in Detroit. I thought that was steep. I am sure they will give refunds for a rescheduled show just not advertising it yet.

  • Coredrum on

    I don’t want a replacement singer…but, Tom Kiefer could do it and so could Mark Storace from KRokus

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