Pretty much every day I hear from someone that says to me “I hear you on YouTube”. The truth is I have never personally posted anything on YouTube in my life. There is a YouTube channel that my webmaster has access to but we haven’t really developed that out in any real way yet. What people are often referring to is my daily SiriusXM talk show on Volume called TrunkNation on channel 106. This show airs live daily 2-4P ET, replays every night 9-11P ET and is available on demand on the SiriusXM app. There are many ways to hear it through SiriusXM and On Demand, so my assumption is the people that opt to listen to clips or segments others post on YouTube are doing it because they don’t have SiriusXM and refuse to pay the fee to access it over the air and / or online (subs starts at like the price of 2 Starbucks for a month and you can get a free trial for a month).

I’m not hear to tell you how to spend your money, but what you do need to know is if you listen in this way you are NOT hearing the full show and often not hearing things in total context. I honestly don’t care that the audio gets around this way. The more ears on what I do the more ways the better. And for those outside the US and Canada it’s a chance to hear stuff from my show (my podcast every week also runs a SiriusXM interview free to all!) where SiriusXM is not available. But the problem comes when people who listen in this way assume things off of it. Meaning depending on what the person decided to post and or edit things can sound and come off very different than the reality. I also deal with this all the time. We all know positive stuff rarely makes for click bait. Comes with the territory and last thing I am going to try and do is control the internet. Again, I am fine with my show going all the places it can, and I appreciate fans passionate enough to record and post stuff. But if you listen in this way you have to know you are NOT always getting the full picture.. Want an example? I just did a bit on the Stones charging 35K for a meet & greet widely posted and discussed. I also minutes after talking about it learned all the money was for charity and praised them for doing it for a great reason. But only the segment talking about what they charged was posted, not the great things said when I learned minutes later it was for charity. This happens constantly.

So listen how you will, I appreciate it. And like I said, I don’t think any fans who post audio online of my show do it with some malicious intent. But context is SO important and if you listen in this way please consider you can be hearing something edited, incomplete, and not even close to what was truly meant. Thanks!

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  1. I pay over $200 a month for DirecTV, (mostly for hockey and baseball, and AXS!) but I refuse to pay for radio, no matter what, I just won’t do it. Too bad SiriusXM isn’t available on DirecTV anymore, I know it’s been a long time now, but it was nice when you had that option, and the time to listen.

    1. BTW, the 2 best shows on AXS TV are Sammy’s Rock & Roll Road Trip, and TrunkFest of course! 😉

    2. SiriusXM is worth it to hear Eddie’s entire show. Plus Tom Petty Radio and Volume. It is definitely worth it. I couldn’t live without it.

    3. Never have the time to listen to Eddie’s entire show anyway, and as far as Tom Petty goes, I already have every album he ever made. That includes solo, with The Heartbreakers, The Traveling Wilburys, AND Mudcrutch!

  2. I’m amazed how many people use You Tube as their “go to” source for listening to music.
    Now, I’ll admit I check out some things there when my Google search has some links when I’m researching a band or album. Like Eddie says, use the internet & google machine to do your homework.

    Yesterday I’m searching for Def Leppard’s R&RHOF speech and performances, and it links me to You Tube. What I see is a bunch of audience shot cell phone videos. Scroll through the comments and lots of bitching about shitty sound. People, do you realize this is cell phone video recorded in a large auditorium?
    So, I’ve got to question the IQ of You Tube users/posters.

    I will sign up for HBO, again, at the end of the month to see the professionally produced R&RHOF program. I’ll DVR it, edit & copy to a DVD, then dump HBO. It will be interesting if the all-star jam of All The Young Dudes makes the HBO final edit. Kind of a train wreck, too many musicians on stage.

  3. There’s much to listen to on Sirius, and if you like variety it can be worth the fee if you spend alot of time driving, unfortunately where Eddie’s show is there are commercial breaks every 10-15 minutes. I hate the idea of paying a fee and having to hear advertisements , which are everywhere, probably even on Jupiter and under the sea in Atlantis. I still subscribe though and keep saying I am going to drop it. To be fair though, the main content of Sirius is commercial free.

    1. Hi Rob, as I’ve said before, commercial free or not, I won’t pay for radio, no matter who’s on, or what’s on! I guess I’m old fashioned! 😉

  4. I have Sirius XM premium & I listen to a lot of Eddie’s interviews or reports on YouTube because I get to pick & choose what interview’s & reports I listen to.. Eddie has a very wide spectrum of rock music & the genres in it & some of the music & bands or artists I’m not interested in.. Having said that, I’m smart enough to know when I listen to a YouTube clip of him that I might not be getting the complete story & I’m not dumb enough to harass him or anyone else if I thought I was getting the complete story.. People like that are always going to do what they do because they have no life & it’s what they live for…. And that is to try & make everybody else miserable!!!

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