Upcoming stuff on my daily show on SiriusXM 106 Volume (Trunk Nation live 2-4P ET, 9-11P ET). Monday Kittie and Don Jamieson in studio, Tuesday Michael Schenker and Jim Florentine, Wednesday my next Top 20 with my 20 greatest Kiss songs, Thursday the audience reaction to the Kiss show, Friday Free For All with Jim Florentine sitting in. Should be a great week!

This week has been loaded with great calls and guests. This Friday I will be broadcasting live from the Hard Rock Tulsa. Please note this is not a public broadcast. Hope to be able to do some from there soon though. Saturday I host Slaughter in Tulsa at IDL Ballroom. All appearances on the home page.

New podcast this Thursday is with Phil Lewis, Tracii Guns & Michael Grant of LA Guns. Free www.PodcastOne.com or Itunes.

FM radio show this weekend features Zakk Wylde.

I’m giving away tickets to Rocklahoma 2018. 3 day GA and one pair Reserved. Enter now on this site! See you there once again.

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  • Doug R. on

    Just for fun, here’s my top 20 Kiss songs –
    20) Who Wants To Be Lonely
    19) Nothin’ To Lose
    18) I Stole Your Love
    17) Mr. Speed
    16) Charisma
    15) I Love It Loud
    14) Strutter
    13) Calling Dr. Love
    12) Let Me Go, Rock ‘n’ Roll
    11) King Of The Night Time World
    10) Love Gun
    9) Creatures Of The Night
    8) Shock Me
    7) I Want You
    6) Detroit Rock City
    5) Lick It Up
    4) Rocket Ride
    3) Makin’ Love
    2) Rock And Roll All Nite
    1) Shout It Out Loud


  • Rockmonster on

    20) Easy As it Seems
    19) Reason to Live
    18) Baby Driver
    17) I Just Wanna
    16) Master and Slave
    15) Domino
    14) Psycho Circus
    13) Lovegun
    12) Parasite
    11) Shout it Out Loud
    10) Cold Gin
    9) Rocket Ride
    8) I Stole Your Love
    7) You Wanted the Best, You Got the Best
    6) Love Her All I Can
    5) Psycho Circus
    4) Black Diamond
    3) Into the Void
    2) Let Me Go Rock N Roll
    1) Deuce

    • Scott Greenberg on

      Rockmonster: Just fyi, you’ve got Psycho Circus at #5 and #14. You must really like that tune!

  • Doug on

    Can only do Top Ten for now, brain is being lazy…

    1. Detroit Rock City
    2. Cold Gin
    3. Rock Bottom
    4. Calling Doctor Love
    5. Makin’ Love
    6. Let Me Go, Rock ‘n Roll
    7. I Love it Loud
    8. Love ‘Em, Leave “Em
    9. Shout it Out Loud
    10. New York Groove

  • Harold Taint on

    My KISS best songs list…

    20. Sucks
    19. Sucks
    18. Sucks
    17. Sucks
    16. Sucks
    15. Sucks
    14. Sucks
    13. Sucks
    12. Sucks
    11. Sucks
    10. Sucks
    9. Sucks
    8. Sucks
    7. Sucks
    6. Sucks
    5. Sucks
    4. Sucks
    3. Sucks
    2. Sucks
    1. Sucks

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