Another great week of TrunkNation guests on SiriusXM 106. David Coverdale, promoter David Fishof, drummer Tommy Clufetos and Myles Kennedy all joined me live. Great rock talk all around. All On Demand now on the SiriusXM app. Monday drummer Simon Wright joins me, Tuesday Chris Jericho co-hosts to break down the top 3 non original lineup Kiss albums! This Sat & Sun 8-10P ET on 106 best of airs with Myles and Coverdale interviews. Listen daily on Volume!

Current podcast now up with Bryan Adams, and just posted today Queensryche singer Todd LaTorre. Free worldwide.

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  1. Just got caught up. I really liked the interview with Tommy, cool dude . I would have liked to hear how him and Rob get along these days or if there was any bad blood when he left Rob to join Ozzy . I know Rob was pissed off at Ozzy for taking another one of his band members after Tommy left .
    The Artisan News Service asked Zombie backstage at the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival what he thought of Ozzy poaching important members of Rob’s band.

    “I think there’s ways to do things and I think there’s ways to not do things and I think the way they’ve chosen to do things is not how I would do things; I think it’s kind of rude,” Rob replied. “I mean, if my guys that I have wanna go play with other people, that’s fine; I don’t own them. But I think there’s ways to do things in a respectful way and there’s ways to just be shitty, and I feel that the way things have gone down lately has been pretty shitty. But whatever… What comes around goes around. But I’m just happy because every time I’ve lost somebody, I’ve gotten somebody ten times better, so I’m thankful for that. So if somebody’s band wants to be made up of my cast-offs, enjoy.”

    Zombie told the Artisan News Service that it wasn’t the first time he’s said it, but he feels that the band he currently has is the closest one he’s been in.

    “That’s totally true,” Rob said. “I mean, I love these guys. I thought the drummer I had before [Tommy Clufetos] was a good guy, but you find out some people are just phony. But the greatest thing that ever happened was him hitting the road and Joey coming in and replacing him, ’cause it’s always great to replace somebody with a better drummer. But it’s not just that — it’s just the vibe and the person and everything about, really… I don’t know. It’s hard to explain. It was the perfect personality to come in and make the four of us work.”

    1. This isn’t the first time Ozzy has hired one of Rob’s bandmates — in 2006, Ozzy lured Zombie bassist Rob “Blasko” Nicholson away to join Osbourne’s band.

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