Year end special #2 and one I have been doing for decades debuts tonight on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston at 11P ET. The Original Merry KISSmas special in on! 3 hours of all Kiss. ALL eras, ALL lineups, as it has ALWAYS been. This year I did a special set of all Kiss ballads to close the show. Over the years we have had guests on and also done wall to wall music. Always a hard decisions since in specials like these I find people want as many tunes as they can get around the holidays. So it’s wall to wall Kiss songs this year. As I have always said, regardless of whatever real or perceived drama is out there with me and Kiss, I will always be a fan first and foremost. Even if I’m not down with everything they have done (and who truly loves everything any band has done?)  it doesn’t change the fact that this bands music was a huge part of my life and my gateway into hard rock. I’ve said many times if certain members of Kiss refuse to do my shows that is their prerogative and life goes on. But that has never clouded my support of playing ALL eras of their music since I started in radio in 1983, and dedicating complete radio shows to them around Christmas. So tonight it’s KISSmas again with the shows debut in NYC and Boston markets and then heard on all other affiliates over this weekend on the usual stations at the usual dates and times. Please remember most stations also stream so you can tap into the show that way also. Q104.3 streams free via www.q1043.com or with the iHeartradio app. WAAF streams free at www.waaf.com . From the 1974 all the way through Monster, enjoy my KISSmas special this weekend and Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!

Next weekend is the Holiday Rush all Rush special!

If in NJ myself, Don & Jim will be hosting our annual Christmas party at Dingbatz in Clifton tonight. Live music and more. Come celebrate with us! We will be there around 9, music starts at 7. This is always a blast!

Incredible response to the Punky Meadows podcast! Grab it now free on Itunes or www.podcastone.com . Want to thank Frank from Angel for sending some cool Angel swag as well. Both are working on some cool stuff..

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  • David C on

    Enjoy Eddie…I know you are a great fan of the band and it’s great that you keep this tradition up for all of the fans of KISS.

  • David C on

    BTW, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Eddie, Dana, and all of the regulars that post here. Wife and I will be spending our Christmas in San Francisco as is our tradition…we get a hotel in Union Square, hang out at Lefty O’Doul’s, Johnny Foley’s Irish House, maybe Biscuits and Blues depending on who is playing. Dinner one night at Puccini and Pinetti, (don’t let the name fool you…a really casual and fun Italian place on the square) one night, then go across the bay and eat at Trader Vic’s the next night. We always find a bar on the square where a rock band is playing and just make it a great weekend. We’ve already had our Christmas with the kids and grandkids who are spread out!

    Hope all of you have a great holiday!

    • Dana on

      Same to you David.

      All my best,
      D 🙂

  • Steve D on

    I’m an hour into the special and felt compelled to post. I will NEVER regret KISS being my favorite band. I was 13 in ’74 when I bought “Hotter Than Hell” and I have been a fan ever since. When you compile songs from different eras and just sit back and listen to the diversity of the music and let the image of the makeup and stage show fade, you can’t help but respect the history. Of course it’s only my opinion but how many bands can you listen to for one or two hours, let alone three and not be ready to move on? I can only think of a few. Alice Cooper, Led Zeppelin, KISS and the Beatles would be my picks. Thanks Eddie for ALL the great shows that you do, and Merry Christmas.

  • Spencer B on

    A few days ago, I listened to [Jim] Florentine’s program on Sirius, and he said that he was unable to play more than three AC/DC songs (as played by the band) in one hour, due to some arcane FCC rule. How is it that you are able to dedicate three hours to Kiss, while abiding by the FCC regulations?

    • Taskerofpuppets on

      Maybe cause AC/DC has it’s own channel on Sirius? Just a guess…love Jim’s “Metal Midget’s” on Sirius.

  • Ron Lee on

    Does anyone have a list of songs that were played on this years KISSmiss show??

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