Hope everyone had a great happy New Year! I’m back at it resuming another year and can’t wait to see what it brings. I currently have 6 live SiriusXM shows a week, a weekly syndicated FM show, and a weekly podcast. So my plate is pretty full when you consider all of my appearance and hosting work added in, but I do have some exciting new things cooking as well. And of course I truly hope we find a new home for TMS, but as I mentioned that is not up to me. Fingers crossed for 2017. I also am about halfway through my next book which will be my autobiography. With any luck if I get the time I can finish that and maybe even get it out this year. And the pilot I shot with Ace Frehley of my one on one interview show is also still be shopped to TV. I’m extremely grateful to all the continued support you guys have shown me as I enter my 34th year in the rock biz! I’m back live on SiriusXM tomorrow 2-4P ET on 106. My new podcast posting Thursday features Neal Schon and Kirk Hammett. Happy healthy to all!

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