TrunkNation is off to a huge week on SiriusXM Volume 106. Yesterday Tobias Forge of Ghost (as Tobias Forge!) was in studio for a very revealing interview. Interesting guy with a real vision having some real success in rock. Great meeting him and appreciate him coming in. Today I did my official R&R HOF ballot on air with my audience. My final votes for 2019 were Def Leppard, Rage Against The Machine, Todd Rundgren, MC5, and The Cure. Tomorrow Ace Frehley calls in, Thursday the next Trunk Top 20 on Queen. Friday you call in with your top 20 Queen songs. It all happens live 2-4P ET on channel 106, replays 9-11P ET, and past shows On Demand on the SiriusXM app.

New podcast this Thursday is Jake E Lee.

FM/syndicated year end specials are now set and start weekend of 12/14. This year it will be 12/14 all Van Halen, 12/21 Kissmass (all Kiss), 12/28 all Rush, 1/4 all Iron Maiden.

I’ll be in Tulsa this weekend hosting LA Guns & Junkyard at IDL Saturday. See you there if in the area.

If ordering signed copies of my books please note ONLY VOL 2 is currently available.

Thanks to all who joined me last week in LA at The Rainbow for the latest LA Invasion show on Volume. Special thanks to guests Dave Mustaine, Richie Kotzen and Mike Portnoy.

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  • MikeyMan on

    Got my Queen top 20 list:

    1. Keep Yourself Alive
    2. Stone Cold Crazy

    That’s about it, never really cared for Queen. Overrated and over-played.
    If I hear Fat Bottom Girls one more time I’m gonna lose it!

  • RobT on

    Enjoyed the interview with Tobias Forge, liked his analogy of “A devil worshipping Kansas.” He does sound a bit like Steve Walsh on the ending of Pro Memoria from the latest album, but enough of that, without further ado, here’s my Queen top 20.
    20- Seven Seas of Rye
    19- I Want it All
    18- Brighton Rock
    17-Play the Game
    16- The Miracle
    15- Tie Your Mother Down
    14- Death on Two Legs
    13- Those Were the Days of our Lives
    12- I’m Going Slightly Mad
    11- We Will Rock You
    10- Hammer to Fall
    9- Radio Ga-Ga
    8- Stone Cold Crazy
    7-Killer Queen
    6-Fat Bottomed Girls
    5- Bicycle Race
    4-Keep Yourself Alive
    3- The Show Must go On
    2-Somebody To Love
    1- Bohemian Rhapsody

  • Jodie Ryan on

    I saw Queen last year in Dallas and the show was fantastic. I had never really followed their music that much and they were a pleasant surprise.

  • Doug R. on

    20. I’m In Love With My Car
    19. Fat Bottomed Girls
    18. Killer Queen
    17. Hammer To Fall
    16. Play The Game
    15. Save Me
    14. Bicycle Race
    13. Need Your Loving Tonight
    12. We Will Rock You
    11. We Are The Champions
    10. Bohemian Rhapsody
    9. Somebody To Love
    8. Tie Your Mother Down
    7. Stone Cold Crazy
    6. Keep Yourself Alive
    5. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
    4. Dragon Attack
    3. Another One Bites The Dust
    2. Don’t Stop Me Now
    1. You’re My Best Friend

  • RobT on

    Nice list Doug. Admittedly my list was culled from the compilation albums I had, plus songs I heard on the radio and in movies and I did have “A Night at the Opera” at one time. I like Queen but am not as big a fan of say Rush, where I’ve heard almost every song that band recorded. Still, am surprised by the resurgence of interest in all things Queen and the success of the movie. Hopefully it will do something for the rock genre.

    • Doug R. on

      Thanks, Rob. I just noticed 6 songs out of my top 20 are from The Game, probably because that’s my favorite album from Queen! 😉 And I almost included “Rock It (Prime Jive)” and “Coming Soon.” Such a great album.

    • genesraccoonwig on

      Love John Deacon’s bass….especially on “Dragon Attack”

    • Doug R. on

      That’s why it’s #4 on my list!

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