Happy Veterans day and sincere thanks to all our veterans and all branches of our military for your service. True heroes! I hosted a fund raiser last night in NYC put together by an organization called Wall Street Rocks. My second year doing it and it was very well done and successful. They have raised over $350,000 so far for our nations heroes, and that doesn’t count last night. The event was at The Highline Ballroom in NYC (one of my favorite NYC venues) and featured many musical guests who turned in great performances. This was not a metal event but was a rock event and it was sold out with fans loving the music and the positive cause. I’ll post some photos on Facebook today. Great seeing Warren Haynes who played brilliantly. Something you may not know, I know Warren because he actually released a solo album in the early 90’s on Megaforce! Happy for all his success. Great guy and player. Also spent some time with Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top. Obviously a legend and the first time I spent some real time with him. He said ZZ were considered very heavy when they first started and would love to come on TMS. Hopefully we can make that happen. Cool meeting John Popper, Will Lee and catching up with my old friend Anton Fig who was the drummer for the night. Honored to have been a part of this and thanks to Wall Street Rocks for having me. Most of all thank you to our veterans on this day! For more info on Wall Street Rocks visit www.wallstreetrocks.org

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  1. Great job Eddie, now that’s how an event like this should be, not like that “other” event, shame on Springsteen, Foo Fighters, that shitty rapper m & m, or whatever the hell his name is, and whoever it was that put that “other” event together. Our vets & their families deserve the utmost respect! Once again, great job Eddie, and Wall Street Rocks, and to our vets, WE SALUTE YOU!

    1. Agree with you on that one Doug R….the other event was a bunch of crap. And I love Springsteen and really like the Foo Fighters too, so it pisses me off.

      I guess I just have to try and separate the politics from the music…not always easy.

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