Just back from hosting Judas Priest in Florida at the Hard Rock and seeing them live for the first time on this tour. After the Epitaph tour many thought we would never see Priest again as they kind of announced a retirement, but thankfully all that changed with the arrival of the bands new album and current tour. Whenever a band has the years on them like Priest does most fans worry, and with good reason, cracks might start to show in their ability to perform. We have seen many stay too long at the party and just not be what they once were. I can honestly say Priest do not fall into that category. Priest, and in particular Rob Halford, truly were in top form. Much has been made recently among some fans about Rob’s voice and questioning if he can still go grab the high notes and screams. Much of the concern came from his recent back and hernia operations and his vocal being in a slightly lower register on some recent recordings. Well I am proud to report that live Rob is still very much the metal God and nailed everything Thursday night, maybe better than he has in years. He is singing and moving well on stage, likely due to being healthy and out of pain from past ailments. Beyond The Realms Of Death, Victim Of Changes, Devils Child, just nailed it all! The entire band sounded great and rocked a set featuring four new songs and a bunch of hits and deep tracks. I also must say the new material really came alive on stage. I do like the new album but at times the production can make it feel a little reserved in it’s attack. Live the songs really jumped out and took on new life. Really enjoyed hearing the new material with this energy and punch on stage. Had a chance to see most of the guys before the show and all were in great spirits and seem to be enjoying the tour. They continue in the US for a bit longer before going to Europe. I had Glenn on my radio show Monday and he was unsure how much longer Priest would continue. He also said it was unlikely they would do some sort of proper farewell tour or show, preferring to just drift away. So be sure to see this iconic band while you still can since nobody knows how much longer they will be doing it. To me after Sabbath, Priest is the most important band in metal history, and it was great to see and hear them sounding so good still. Long live the Metal Gods! Halford will call into my show Monday on SiriusXM.

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  • Lee on

    60 minutes less? That sucks. Joe Elliot uses Pro Tools to extend and ramp up his voice. Glenn Hughes was waiting for his to end a few times. I hate that stuff.

  • Gary on

    Priest still rocks! They are still out there doing it, & as long as they still have the chops, the energy & desire to do it, I say keep going! Not like the Kiss tribute band out there nowadays; come on, Gene & Paul, do you guys need any more money? You’ve got enough to start your own country by now!!
    If Halford retires, here’s a suggestion to replace him: Graham Bonnet; still has the voice!!

  • Rich tracy on

    Judas priest put on an amazing show in k.c..the priest were loud and heavy… Setlist better live than on paper. 90 minutes of fast and furious metal judas priest style… All members of judas priest were on in k.c. …I thought richie carry the show… Which was DVD quality from start to finish.. 3000 judas priest fans singing war pigs as one…priceless… Judas priest looked like they having a blast.. In k.c. And i”m from St.Louis..300 dollars to the see the priest live in k.c from St. Louis worth every penny…

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