More sad news in the rock world with the announcement that AC/DC founder Malcolm Young has passed away at just 64. This is not a total surprise. Mal had been in bad shape suffering from dementia and it was often said in the business that once he retired we had seen the last of him. Sadly that indeed was the case. I interviewed Malcolm a few times for TV and radio. He, like all the AC/DC guys, were always very cool and down to earth, regardless of the fact they were one of the biggest rock bands in history. I didn’t not know Malcolm outside of those interviews, but as a rock fan this is another massive loss. One of rocks great songwriters & rhythm guitarists, and a guy that was happy to let his brother be the star and just lay back and rock! The accolades from everyone and anyone in rock are pouring in, and all deserved. The impact was massive to say the least.

What AC/DC does if anything going forward is a big question. Angus is the last man standing. Does this open the door to reconnect with Brian? Nothing really changes since the band toured with Stevie Young and didn’t miss a beat sales wise. But the death of the biggest pillar of AC/DC’s creation is needless to say another massive loss in rock, where we have had far too many recently. RIP Malcolm.

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  • Doug R. on

    Rock ‘N’ Roll Damnation!
    Cheers, Mal, We Salute You…FIRE YOUR GUNS!!!

    • Doug R. on

      Nobody can “Rock The House” like AC/DC! Me and my buddies were just reminiscing about the best AC/DC concert we ever saw, – August 2000, MSG, oh what a f–king night that was! Talk about “HIGH Voltage” rock ‘n’ roll! 😉 Rock In Peace, Malcolm, we’ll keep the “Rock ‘N’ Roll Train” rolling!

  • Michael Monet on

    How about this? I was at the BILLY JOEL concert at the Garden and Billy played guitar on his band’s version of HIGHWAY TO HELL and he offered up kind words to Malcolm. Considering that I saw AC/DC at MSG on the BLOW UP YOUR VIDEO tour, the whole idea of Billy Joel announcing Malcolm’s passage and paying tribute was really classy and fitting for a talent and star such as Malcolm Young. Ultimately a huge superstar paid his respects as great New Yorkers do.

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