Incredible night last night in NYC as so many fans, family and friends, and amazing musicians, gathered to celebrate 30 years of my radio show. I am pressed for time so can’t get into too much here, but it truly was one of the most special nights of my life. Best performance yet by The Winery Dogs who just rocked beyond belief! Then the jams were just crazy great. SO many amazing talents celebrating my radio show I was truly floored and honored beyond words. Thanks to each and every one of them! There will be a ton of audio, video and photos pumped out, some out already. Some of the night was filmed by VH1C for a segment in an upcoming new TMS. Audio was pro recorded. HUGE thanks to Mike Portnoy for working so hard on the jams, and to the Hard Rock NYC and my dear friend John Pasquale for putting it on. Thanks also to Mark Menghi and Samson/Zoom for sponsoring. TONS more to tell you and I will on the radio shows when back live Monday.


Of course the biggest news from the night was that Ace Frehley and Peter Criss came to the event. I knew both were coming but I had no idea both would play, together no less! There has been some friction between the two over recent years (read Peter’s book), but I found out today that the two said they wanted to jam and reconnect out of respect to me and our friendship and the spirit of the night. So for the first time in 13 years Ace and Peter reconnected, laughed, and jammed! It was EPIC and the electricity in the room when they came out was incredible. To see Peter looking great and behind the kit, singing and playing great, was so awesome to see as a fan and friend. Same with Ace. Just electric when he plugged in! Ace did Parasite with an all star band, Peter did Hooligan. Love Her All I Can and R&R All Night was played by Ace & Peter. Every member of all the bands there was watching and smiling ear to ear, none more than Frank Bello, Billy Sheehan, Scott Ian and Mike Portnoy, who backed them on some songs and are huge fans. I was in the crowd watching everything but while waiting to play Ace & Peter sat backstage together telling stories and catching up I’m told. I spoke to Peter today who said he had a blast and was thrilled to reconnect with Ace. Said last night, and his recent appearance at a Rob Zombie show, actually has inspired him to finish a hard rock album he has been working on. He said playing again for an audience and singing as well as he did has given him confidence he can still do it. Ace is in the middle of recording a new album now. Coincidentally this reunion came days after Gene Simmons said in an interview if Kiss does get into the R&R Hall they would not play with Ace and Peter. The current Kiss continues to disparage these guys I guess to justify what they are currently selling. It is sad and pre mature to say the least, and I know for a fact Gene making those statements greatly hurts Kiss’ chances of actually getting in. Even the most hardcore Kiss fans were offended that Gene could make a statement like that before they even know if they might go in. For a band that always says the fans are the bosses, this is beyond comprehension. But it’s all putting the cart before the horse at this point since Kiss is only NOMINATED, not in (as dumb as that is!). So let’s see what happens, but one thing is certain, if Kiss goes in it will be with the original band, and nothing would be more of a joke to see the current Kiss perform, with Tommy & Eric dressed as Ace & Peter,  when the original band is what’s being inducted. Last night proved Ace and Peter are NOT “drunk losers”, at least not anymore. It also proved that they can still play and perform and are very much the spirit and sound of Kiss every bit as much as Gene and Paul. For the record Ace is sober 7 years, Peter longer. Were they fuck ups before? Sure, they will be the first to tell you that. And I’m not saying for a minute they should do a reunion with the band. But how about some credit for the people they are TODAY. Last night that was on full display and it was magic! I am proud to call them both friends and so happy for them for the healthy sober happy people they are now. The real Catman and Space Ace were rocking last night in NYC at my party and it was a supreme honor that they made it all work for my celebration and audience. Thank you to them and to EVERYONE who made it such a memorable night. And trust me there are TONS of stories to share, just can’t type them all now. But I’m live on SiriusXM Monday to cover this and more with you.


Sammy Hagar also attended my event last night. I’m catching a ride with him to Boston tomorrow and will be at Tsongas Arena in Lowell MA for the AAF Thrillogy with Sammy, Buckcherry & Sick Puppies. I’ll be selling and signing both of my books starting at 6:30 in the arena main lobby. You do NOT need a show ticket to come by and see me, but hope you go into the show as well as it should be fun. See you tomorrow Boston. Look forward to hanging with my AAF family where my show airs on Sunday nights! And thanks to Sammy for the ride on his plane and for coming by my party last night!

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  1. I think that Ace and Peter should do another “Bad Boys” Tour! I wasn’t there at the Bash to actually see them play…however, the videos that I’ve seen on YouTube…they clearly sound just fine to me! ACE AND PETER….YOU NEED TO TOUR AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! Congrats Eddie on 30 years!!!!!! Love TMS and your radio show!!!!!! EDDIE TRUNK, STILL FLYING THE FLAG FOR EVERYTHING HARD ROCK AND HEAVY METAL!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Eddie,
    Just wanted to say Thank you! What an amazing night. It was a killer venue and being able to seen you enjoy yourself and the music was great. It also was a highlight to me, being a drummer and getting to shake Peter’s hand and watching Portnoy kill it with the Winery Dogs and the house band was great. It was a night I will soon not forget. Keep the heavy metal playing and here’s to 40!!!!

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