Greetings from LA. Got here last night after a weekend at Louder Than Life in Kentucky shooting episode 3 of my new TBA TV show. Had a great time there, saw many fans and bands, introed and interviewed Rob Zombie and John 5, drank bourbon, ate BBQ. You will see it all next year when the show airs.Official release about this show with all details coming soon!

Arrived in LA last night and saw the horror of the Vegas shooting. As many know I love Vegas, have been there countless times, and usually stay at Mandalay Bay where I have a good friend that works in the entertainment division. One of the great things about Vegas is how wide open and anything goes it is. In this day and age that is also a huge downside to this great city for security. My sincere condolences to all impacted by this tragic tragic event. Really hard to say more because it makes no sense. As music fans that could have been any of us in any genre. And someone deranged in that scenario is going to be hard to stop, especially in a packed city like Vegas where anything goes, or so it seems. I hope for a speedy recovery for the city and those injured, and sincere condolences to families of those that died.

While I was on air today for my SiriusXM show I had Stone Temple Pilots in, covered the Vegas story, and then was given the shocking news on Tom Petty, which multiple reports are saying has died, although at the time I am writing this there still seems to be some grey area. Just a crazy day for sure, but goes without saying Tom Petty was a legend in the world of rock, and if indeed is gone, is an huge loss.

Tomorrow Tom Morello and Josh Todd are my guests. Live on SiriusXM 106 2-4P ET, replays 9-11P ET, and On Demand. Follow on twitter @EddieTrunk for more

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  • Doug R. on

    Praying for Vegas.
    And praying for one of my favorite artists of all time… Tom Petty. Godspeed.

    • Doug R. on

      Another legend goes to heaven.
      RIP Tom Petty. A great musician, backed by a great band (The Heartbreakers) and a great songwriter. You will live forever through your music, in our memories, and in our hearts.

      Into the great wide open

    • morris88 on

      Thanks for the mention on Tom petty Eddie. I know he’s not considered metal – but one has to admit that he was not only the ‘quintessential American rock band with true heart, soul, and balls to boot’ – but I think it’s a safe bet that if you interview ANY metal band, metal musicians, metal fans, etc – they’ll ALL tell you that he was one of the coolest motherf@$kers in the business. No compromises, no sell out – and just a great down to earth human being – period. Just about every single metal band I’ve heard interviewed about his passing, has placed him at least in their top 10 most influential artist of ALL TIME. I really hope you do a very special segment on Tom Petty and the Heartbreaks, and not only pay a little homage to him for what ALL he has done for rock n roll – but to also remind everyone just how many metal bands we may not have even had if it weren’t for Tom Petty, his songs, his gift, his extreme guts to stand up to corporate commercialism that has nearly killed rock for so many decades – and again, his large influence on SO MANY metal bands and fellow musicians. This man may not have rocked as hard as Metallica or Maiden, but he had that same mentality and effect on most rock fans. This guy was the ‘real deal’ and a TRUE ‘rebel’. – Let’s never forget that.

  • Taskerofpuppets on

    Thanks Eddie. Totally f–ked up stuff happening here in America. Gods Blessings to those families who lost their lives and all those injured and forever traumatized by this heinous behavior.

  • Charles Clinchot on

    Tragic all the people dead by some jackasseith a automatic weapon. No one needs to own a AK-47 or any automatic weapon heart goes out to the families and to top it all off we loose an Icon from my childhood Tom Pety RIP

    • Keith G on

      To be clear, there is no evidence that an automatic weapon was used in this incident. Access to true automatic weapons is SEVERELY restricted. There are VERY expensive to buy (because new guns can’t be imported or sold to the public), and even if you have the money to buy one of the used ones that were grandfathered in before 1986, you must go through a very extensive background check and be registered with ATF to buy one. From the reports I have read, the guy used “bump stocks” on semi-automatic weapons, which alter the gun so that the rate of fire “mimics” the rate of fire of true automatic weapons. Bump stocks are legal to buy, as they are considered gun accessories, and were legalized in 2010. They are not conducive for accuracy, and are considered simply a novelty that allows someone to experience what firing a true automatic weapon feels like. It sounds like there is bipartisan agreement for a law to ban these types of accessories.

    • Rattlehead on

      You are correct, Keith, about bipartisan agreement to ban “bump stocks”. And it is supported by the NRA.

      Such a tragedy that this individual committed these horrible actions. So many innocent lives lost and forever changed as a result of this terrible crime.

  • Doug on

    Thanks, Eddie you are our rock and roll leader! It’s difficult to find words to give voice to our anger, fear, and frustration. But we know that time will, at least to some extent, heal. We must support those directly affected. And we must recognize that in our common, ordinary, everyday actions, we carry within ourselves the ability to nurture, strengthen, and improve the lives of all those around us. Indeed, perhaps these ordinary acts are the only response to extraordinary evil. Music, no matter one’s preference, helps us to take care of each other. Carrying a heavy heart….

  • Keith G on

    Definitely praying for those who were hurt or killed in Vegas by the actions of a truly evil man. The guy was an evil coward, and I am certain that he was already judged by God and sent to a place where he will have an eternity of punishment for his actions. Unfortunately, there is little you can do to prevent bad people from doing bad things, unless we want to give up the freedoms that our Founding Fathers gave to us when they founded our great nation. As far as the death of Tom Petty is concerned, it is truly a great loss to the music fans of the world. His music was true Americana, and he was such a great songwriter and rhythm guitar player. His collaborations with the guys in the Travelling Willbury’s, Stevie Nicks, and others were terrific. He will definitely be missed. RIP.

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