Had a great chat on my SiriusXM show last night with both Biff Byford of Saxon (who called from the UK) and Steve Riley of LA Guns. Biff and I discussed the just announce UFO & Saxon tour happening in the US next March as well as the bands new live album coming soon. This tour is so cool in that it really is two of the great all time underrated British hard rock acts teaming up. I can’t wait to catch a bunch of shows on this tour and I’m giving away and presenting both dates in NYC at BBs!

Also had a great chat with Stephen Riley of LA Guns. Steve has a great attitude about there being two different versions of the band (one he is not in), and expressed an interest in trying to get a WASP classic lineup reunion going. He is playing a date with Randy Piper this week in Vegas with Sin City Sinners.

Warren DeMartini was supposed to call in but decided not to at the moment until the legal issues with the band are resolved. Warren told me he is confident he will get control of the name Ratt soon and then take the band that debuted on Monsters cruise last week on the road. That band is the last lineup of Ratt ( Juan, Pearcy, Carlos and Jimmy DeGrasso on drums). As soon as he’s ready to tell his side of this he will be on with me. As I have said many times my door is open to all and it should be interesting to see how this all plays out…

Less than a week from my all new show launching on the all new SiriusXM channel Volume 106! I’ll be live every day 2-4P ET with a replay 9-11P ET. Guests and the new time for my Hair Nation Monday show will be announced by end of the week. Trunk Nation is about to get a whole lot bigger and broader with 6 live radio shows a week! Exciting time! Lars Ulrich will be among my first week guests. More soon. If you were on the fence about getting a sub for SiriusXM you might want to jump in now if you enjoy my programs!

Podcast this week is new as usual on Thursday with guest Michael Sweet.

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  1. It would be great if a WASP reunion could be arranged. But I would rather see Tony Richards, the drummer on the first WASP album, reunite with Blackie Lawless, Randy Piper, and Chris Holmes. Saw WASP open for Y&T before WASP got signed to major label, and it was a great theatrical show with raw meat, blood, sacrifice, etc…I hope Steve Riley can get that reunion to happen, cuz I’ll be there!! And they could play all the songs from the first album, plus those on the Animal EP!!

    WASP today is nothing more than a Blackie Lawless solo act with backing musicians. Pathetic. That’s not my WASP.

  2. I associate the name “Biff” with a tennis player from Connecticut, not a kick ass metal vocalist. He’s still got it though. God bless him, their longevity is impressive.

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