Back from the ATL Kiss Expo. Great time, thank you to all the amazing fans I met! Needless to say by now you know I scored the first Vinnie Vincent interview in 22 years. I enjoyed speaking with him, only wish I had more time. I’ve spent a bunch of time already talking about this past weekend on my radio shows. I’ll also recap it on my podcast this Thursday and post the audio there. There is also video I hope to have soon of the entire interview. No time to post more thoughts here, but listen to the podcast Thursday for more thoughts and the interview as well. Needless to say the entire experience was very interesting and I hope to be able to do a much more in depth interview with Vinnie soon. Thanks to Vinnie for the interview and Derek Christopher for having me at the Expo. I enjoyed speaking and hanging with all the fellow Kiss fans. Had a blast.

Also saw BLS in Atlanta. The killed it. Great venue too called Centerv Stage. Good seeing all the guys and seeing Zakk crush as usual. New album out now.

Had a great interview with Joe Elliott and Neal Schon today on my SiriusXM Volume show. That interview is On Demand and I’ll post as a podcast next week. Great seeing them both. Journey/Leppard should be a great tour! Also great having Steve Lynch of Autograph and Randy and Felix from Zebra on my Hair Nation show tonight.

Tomorrow night I fly to LA. Shows from NAMM live on Volume Wed-Fri this week. Guests include Lzzy Hale, Rex Brown, Frank Hannon, Keith St John and many more. Then Cruise To The Edge, the Monsters Of Rock cruise! All appearances on the home page.

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    1. Jeff has tried so hard the past few years. He loves the show as much as us, if not more.

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