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kiss-return Rolling Stone has printed KISS’ acceptance speech from their Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame induction on April 10th at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Read it below.

Gene Simmons: Lemme hear ya! Tom Morello, we are humbled—all of us—to stand up on this stage and do what we love doing. This is a profound moment for all of us. We are humbled that the fans gave us the chance to do what we love doing. And so I’m hear just to say a few kind words about the four knuckleheads who, 40 years ago, got together and decided to put together the band that you see on stage, critics be damned.

To Ace Frehley: his iconic guitar playing has been imitated, but never duplicated, by generations of guitar players around the world. To Peter Criss, whose drumming and singing…Well, there’s not a guy out there who beats the sticks who sounds just like Peter. Nobody’s got that swing and that style.

Something happened, 40 years ago: I met the partner and the brother I never knew I had—Paul Stanley. You couldn’t ask for someone more awesome to be on the same team. I am humbled.

I was going to say a few kind words about Eric Carr, Rest in Peace. Mark St. John, Rest in Peace. Vinnie Vincent, the great Bruce Kulick, and of course, here we are 40 years later with the great Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer, and we continue on.

However, we wouldn’t be here today without the initial Fantastic Four. God bless you all. May I introduce the powerful and attractive—Peter Criss!

Peter Criss: Thank you. I want to say it’s great to be home in Brooklyn. I’d like to thank the Hall of Fame for this honor; I never thought this could happen in my life. Thank you. I’d like to thank everybody that had to do something with my career and the band’s career. For 50 years, I’ve been doing it; 40 years, we’ve been doing it.

Jesus—from the grips, to the truck drivers, to the great producers, to the great managers, to the great people who were just all there for us through all the years and the hard times. God bless you and thank you so much.

I definitely want to thank our first manager, Bill Aucoin. We would not be here if it wasn’t for Bill. Sean Delaney, the great Joyce Bogart, and the great Neil Bogart—who with Casablanca Records…those were the great days and I thank them all. I’d like to congratulate the band, of course—Mr. Stanley, Mr. Simmons, and the one and only Spaceman, Ace Frehley.

I’d also like to say I’m now seven years male breast cancer-free. Thank you—I’m very proud that I have… my fancy support center, and my doctor, who saved my life in the first place. Thank you so much.

I would like to thank my family—my sister Donna who I know is out there. All my friends who have come…and God, I’d be here all night. I’d like to thank my lovely wife Gigi, who makes my life really, really a lot easier. Lemme tell ya: walking through life with her is a blessing. I love you, baby.

I got my first lesson from my best friend, Jerry Nolan of the New York Dolls. And boy, that’s what started it all off.

I want to say that, even out of makeup, I’ll always be the Catman. God bless each and every one of you—I will remember this the rest of my life. Thank you so much.

Ace Frehley: I have a speech here, but these [glasses] aren’t prescription, so I can’t work it out [laughs]. It’s so great to be here with all these celebrities and other musicians.

I want to thank Paul, Gene, and Peter. Thank you so much, Tom, for that beautiful introduction. I want to thank the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for inducting us; thank you very much.

When I was 13 years old, I picked up my first guitar, and I always sensed that I was going to be in for something big. Little did I know, a few years later, there it was. I experienced the Summer of Love. [laughs] Alright. That was before I met these clowns. Several years later, we got together—you know the story, it’s all KISS-tory.

A few quick names—Bill Aucoin, Joyce Biawitz—who used to manage us in conjunction with Bill, then ended up marrying Neil Bogart. We wouldn’t be here without Neil Bogart and Casablanca Records. Everyone at Casablanca Records, everyone at ATI, Jeff, and Wally. Everyone at the press office; Carol and Al Ross; Carol Kaye; just to name a few. If I named everyone who helped us through our career, I’d be here for another half an hour. It’s great to be here.

I wanted to touch on the fact that I’ve been sober now for seven and a half years. We still need to educate the people in this country about sobriety because some people think it has to do with willpower. But unfortunately, most addicts are born that way and people need to be educated about that. My sponsor, he used to have a good saying, to try and explain what it’s like to be an addict: when people would say to use willpower, he’d say, “Try using willpower when you’re having diarrhea.”

So, only by the grace of God I’m here. I want to thank my first wife Jeanette, my daughter, my current fiancé Rachael Gordon. Life’s been good to me; hopefully I’ve got 10 or 20 more years to go. Thank you very much.

Paul Stanley: I can make this short and sweet because everybody said everything and has been much funnier than I’ll ever be.

So, I got to thank Tom, who’s championed us shamelessly and unapologetically. Took a lot of balls, and God bless you. For us, this is a special night, but it’s really a special night for all of our fans—this is vindication. We couldn’t have done this without you.

To Peter, Ace, Gene—we are the original four, so we could not have done this if we didn’t start this together. Everything we’ve done is built on the past. We’ve got a great, great legacy. We’ve got Bruce here, we’ve got Tommy, we’ve got Eric…

When I first started listening to music, I was lucky: I saw a lot of people I loved. When I was a kid, I saw Solomon Burke, I saw Otis Redding, I got to see the Yardbirds. I got to see Led Zeppelin; Jimi Hendrix; Sly and the Family Stone; the list goes on and on. What I loved about all these musicians is that they had the spirit of Rock and Roll. I believe that the spirit of Rock and Roll means you follow your own path regardless of critics, and regardless of your peers. I think we’ve done that for forty years.

Here we are tonight, basically inducted for the same things that we were kept out for. The people, I believe we’re speaking to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and what they’re saying is, “We want more.” They deserve more. They want to be apart of the induction. They want to be apart of the nomination. They don’t want to be spoon-fed by a handful of people. Choices. The people pay for tickets. The people buy albums. The people who nominate do not. Let’s not forget that these are the people that make it all possible.

So, I look out here and I see all these people. I see faces that over the years inspired me. People who made me what I am. So I am here tonight because of the people who inspired me, but I’m also here because of the people I inspired. So God bless you all; it’s been a wonderful night.

Watch the full speech below.




  1. Very nice. I actually think they all were gentlemen with the speeches. Peter comes off a little bit bitter when he says I will always be the catman, but it could just be I’m reading into to it too much. Paul and Gene seem to be acknowledging Tommy and Eric S which isnt outrageous. Just a shout out. And Gene! I think I like his speech most of all. He gives respect to ace and Peter specifically as well as acknowledging Carr, Kulick, Vincent St. John.

    All in all, imo Gene came off best based on just the speeches alone. He didn’t say anything about aucoin or Bogart but given the time limit, it’s understandable. Paul has an ax to grind lol. Deservedly so but c’mon Paul… Drop the drama. You’re getting recognition. Acknowledge it gracefully. Let go of the baggage.

    1. Paul said what needed to be said. Kiss isn’t getting recognition by the Hall…they won the popular vote so overwhelmingly the RRHOF couldn’t ignore them anymore.

      He’s dead on in his remarks when it concerns that. The only recognition Paul’s ever wanted, he’s gotten…by the fans. Paul’s speech was taking the fans side. I respect his remarks for that.

      Classic example of the RRHOF’s behavior and thought pattern was on full display last night with Springsteen going way over his time limit to induct a “backup” band and yet Kiss gets 2-3 minutes. Not even a jam at the end because they ran out of time because of Bruce. As a fan of KISS, as a musician, as a fan of music in general I’m very appreciative of what Paul said.

      1. JB.

        Maybe Paul was dead on in his remarks (depending on the ears that hears), but to be perfectly honest, that guy has become the most bitter, angry and hypocritical idiot in the music business. He acts like a spoiled little child, who can’t have it his way.

        He’s been trashing Ace, Peter, and even Gene and about everyone in sight – that is disgraceful. He is giving KISS a sad ending. In my opinion.

          1. Uhh I read all four books….and to be honest and…hmmmm TRUTHFULL….you can go back to 1983 to present and you can see bitter, anger, hatred and so forth with Paul & Gene. ON A REGULAR BEAT. Truth, you really should change your name to “TruthToLIES”

          2. @ Joe…actually you can’t go back that far in terms of Gene and Paul talking smack. 82-83 the band was still on good terms with Ace…Paul going as far to beg the guy to stay in the band during the COTN era. Not to mention the last thing they were going to do is start a feud with another member when they were trying to reclaim ground and fans they had lost. Lord…talk about a PR nightmare, show a little common sense here. Over the following years they would also join Ace at his clubs shows at various times. Some of you seriously need to get your time frame down right. Pete started crap when his contract ran out along with the $$$ and he blamed Kiss for tanking his solo career…even though Gene actually wrote a song for his 2nd solo album in 82. This stuff with Ace didn’t start till the late 80’s. Again, get your time frame correct.

        1. Your opinion Jimi…sad you feel that way since he basically kept the band alive for 40 years. With Pete’s constant bitching, moaning, drugs, sub par performances, Ace’s alcohol and drugs, Gene’s massive ego and essential abandonment of the band at various times…there’s Paul keeping it all together for us…the fans. And make no mistake I liked them all equally.

          Where were you when Peter was blaming everyone and everything involved in Kiss for destroying his “supposed” solo career. Or countless late 80’s and early 90’s Guitar Player, Guitar World, Guitar this or that mags where Ace ripped Gene and Paul endlessly. What about the books where Pete, Gene and Ace ripped into one another…suddenly your holding Paul the only one accountable now. None of this is new. They’ve all thrown rocks for years. And now in your own bitterness you can’t even give Paul a pat on the back for pointing out how ridiculous the RRHOF really is.

          At the end of the day…these guys don’t owe us anything. We all decided to participate in Kiss, nobody twisted our arms to buy the albums, the products the concerts. We did that because we’re supposed to be fans of the band. With that comes good and bad. Everyone bitched because the Hall ignored them, everyone bitched because the guys (or Paul) didn’t come together and kiss the Halls ass, everyone’s bitched because the band didn’t give the fans one last warm and fuzzy…well that’s life.

          Hell, the last thing I wanted was to see those 4 guys in makeup playing the RRHOF, Kiss is better than that bullshit. At the end of the day, some of you supposed fans are no different than Jan Wenner, Dave Marsh or the Springsteen cronies…you feel like Kiss owe’s you something or needs to conform to the rules. I just feel damn lucky that I had a band that kicked my ass growing up.

          1. You just rocked my world sir!! that is the best response to these 1 sided hypocrites I have ever read. It has always been ok for Ace and Peter to throw stones, but the minute Gene or Paul’s fires back they get crucified. My take is fans like that, are deep down bitter because they have only their idols (Ace and Peter) to blame for all of this. They know from the 2 guys own admission the F’ed up over and over, but it is much easier to blame Paul and Gene.

            I love them all, I grew up on 70’s KISS, and accepted every single member…why? Because I LOVE KISS! I love the classic sound, the glam, the hard rock, even the concept album, not so much the grunge effort but I hate grunge. But at the end of my day, Paul’s voice, the stages, the shows, it was always a treat that no other band could touch.

        2. As the end is clearly drawing near for him (cf. his voice, the constant hints at Kiss continuing without G and P) he might do whatever he can now to finally position himself in the public eye as the most important, most improtant (kept the thing going even when Gene was not 100% into it …) and most professional and dedicated member of the band. I know it is sad and lame and hypocritical and so obvious, but that is what this business can make people.

      1. What so crazy is, he’s the only one taking up for the fans…pointing out the absurdity of the RRHOF itself. I truly wonder is some of these people are still being spoon fed by their mom.

        1. Except that it was at the fans insistence that they got into the hall. Remember , even Paul said that it was important to the fans. He’s my bitching so much about the hall because to induct them now ruins his current business model. If he hated it so much he shouldn’t have gone. Oh wait, it’s for the fans. Then shut the fuck up, go, and give the fans what they want. Especially since one of the fans who was beating the drum for you to get in is inducting you.

          1. They gave us what “we” wanted for 40 years. Now your throwing a little hissy fit because Paul didn’t wanna kiss the ass of Wenner, Marsh and the like. Sure, Kiss got in, sure the fans put the hall in a position that they couldn’t say no anymore. What you don’t see is how the Hall tried to control the whole process. How suddenly after 40 freaking years Rolling Stone decided to put them on the cover. What you can’t see is Wenner, Marsh, the Hall…all these fools trying to make a mockery of Kiss. And guess what…with all the bitching by the fans they have. Let’s see here…did Springsteen’s freaking backup band have a time limit? A backup band…understand that? As I said, the last thing in the world I wanted to see is Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter in makeup playing to a bunch of people who have ignored them and disrespected them for 40 years. They wanna see Kiss… the real deal, they shoulda bought a ticket 30+ years ago.

        2. I agree JB. You, and maybe 2 or 3 others on this board are the only ones that have any common sense. Who doesn’t love the original 4. That’s what we all grew up with. But Ace and Peter were total pains in the ass and they blew it for themselves. (after multiple chances). They had no respect for the band or the fans. Paul’s book was a great read. Very eye-opening about Ace and Peter.

          1. That is, if you want to believe everything Paul says… He has in fact said many things that make no sense so I’ll just take a lot of the things he may have written in the book as being his point of view and something that first and foremost is designed to make him look good in the eyes of the public. He seems desperate to be remembered as the most important member of the band and time is running out – so many of us still hold Ace especially in such a high regard, nearly fifteen years after he left the band for good. I’m sure it irks the aging Starchild on some level. The same guy who gave Ace’s ’78 solo album less than three points out of five… Too many fans loved and continue to love the “fuck-up” dammit! It’s like Ace said in an interview recently: “we [Peter and him] are like a rash that won’t go away”

      2. If he really wanted to stick it ot the HOF, he should have stayed home. If you think you’ve been wronged for so many years, then be a man and don’t go. Like others have said, he came off as a whiny, spoiled brat in his speech and his comments leading up to the ceremony.

        Rush was ignored by the HOF until last year, when similarly, the fans’ voices were finally heard. THEY were classy about the whole thing, even admitting in Neil Peart’s speech, “We didn’t think this was a big deal. Turns out, it kind of is.”

    2. Sad to think that in the beginning there was no money, no lawyers, no contracts, no rivalries. It was all about rock and roll, the passion to be the most unique band in the world, the drive, the love for what they were doing. Now its all about contracts, lawyers, and a ceaseless end of nastiness that has no bounds.
      I was a fan the first time I started listening to them in late 1976 and was a die hard up until Peter left the band in 1980. I am not going to waste my time slamming, flaming any one person, although all four deserve an equal amount of credit for being knuckleheads at one time or another. It deeply saddens me to think the band I have loved most of my life has been reduced to being a dark and obnoxious shadow of its former splendid self.

  2. Good speaches by all. Too bad they can’t throw down one last time. They are a cool looking band now (no matter age they are) with the new picture above, would love to see them without the makeup rocking out.

    1. The guy on whose website you are currently commenting on has been saying this for years, decades even. Paul just decided to attend the party and shit on the hosts of that party. Mostly because he was incensed that the Hall wouldn’t give him what he wanted. It was a tantrum more than anything… glad the other three kept it classy.

      1. Just as Paul has been saying it for years. But here’s the thing, I don’t need Eddie or Paul or anybody to tell me how full of crap the RRHOF is, maybe you do. I’m glad the bands in it simply because if your going to have something like that…might as well have one of the most influential bands ever in it. However I never needed Kiss to be in it to justify my feelings on the band. Apparently a lot of fans need that justification because they feel Kiss owe’s them something. Whatever.

        Another thing…I don’t believe Paul anymore than I believe Gene, Peter or Ace. I take them for what they are…all have their different views on what happened as 4 people always will. Clearly though if you read the books it’s easy to see who is the most bitter unless your blind. However one thing is clear…without Paul, Kiss doesn’t survive for 40 years. That’s not debatable and it doesn’t have a damn thing to do with ego…it’s just fact.

  3. What I liked seeing during Ace’s speech was Gene and Paul in the background, guys who have quite frankly crossed the line to a fault with derogatory comments of late that I have found somewhat insulting (if you ask me) to previous members (ie. Mark St. John), allowing themselves a light moment and smiling and laughing to some of the comments and jokes by Ace (ie. the summer of love joke that went over peoples heads, the diarrhea/willpower/addict analogy, etc) – letting their guard down and being human….for a (refreshing) change. That is what will stick in my mind. These guys love Ace and Peter deep down when dollars and cents aren’t in the equation; there just alpha dogs whose competitiveness becomes a little absurd at times and buries some of the more positive emotions that do in fact exist. It’s good to know there is more good will between the 4 of them than we sometimes might think or realize.

    1. Rich, It’s funny because what I saw, was four people being uncomfortable in each others company. It seemed like an act…

      I did absolutely not see any kind of love for Peter and Ace from Paul – at all. That guy is about as hateful as they come. I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes, and why Paul is acting like a jerk, but something is going on…

      I tip my hat to Gene (who I find a repulsive jerk), for mentioning Eric Carr, Mark St. John and Vinnie Vincent though.

      1. Hi Jimi, I wasn’t commenting on what was going on between them during the speeches on stage. I just meant in general – away from each other. From what I could see during the speeches, they were facing each other on numerous occasions and bantering between each other from time to time. Of course, in light of all the comments, it had to be a little awkward but I think for the most part everyone was in the moment and paying attention to what each other was saying at the podium.

    2. A lot of talking behind backs and the need to put others down to reinforce there own ego’s. SAD, Pathetic and embarrassing that they were the only ones not performing. One chance at this and they blew it. I have heard so many people say what the hell, these guys never learn? I shrug my shoulders and say these are the same guys who gave us Hello Kitty KISS dolls…UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Have to disagree. I watched it, maybe i missed something, but when Ace and Peter were talking, not once did I see Paul clap for anything. I know that sounds petty but his lack of enthusiasm speaks volumes to me.

      1. I agree. It is like going to the Oscars or whatever, people put up a ashow, those who get the prize and those who don’t, it#s got its own rules, nothing is ever real, they will not behave naturally, in this case, the anger is and was still there, but they would not let the HOF they – especially Paul – wanted to criticize to have something to laugh about, so they made it look alright, not like an easy target for mockery.

  4. I wonder if anyone clocked the various acts and speeches. Would be interesting to see how lop sided it was. Peter Gabriel also had alot of time iirc… Bit in his case it could be due to Kiss not playing.

    And is it just me or are 75% of the bands the Hall loves boring? I mean aside from Nirvana, did any act performing rock the house Loud and proud? Its a shame because when I think rock, I think raucous noise makers playing distorted guitar.

        1. actually, you’re sort of right, these posts are all about kiss, so if nick is tired of it, he should go somewhere else, right? and take you mike b. along with him, along with jb, dr, and the “so called truth”.

          1. Kind of funny you would take offense at me since I seem to be supporting your position with my initial comment (you said to Nick, “so don’t listen”, then attacked me for supporting your comment). I will just leave you to your own devices. Have a nice day.

          2. sorry mike b. I just realized I responded to the wrong reply, now I see yours was to nick as well, if you read too many of these posts, it can get confusing sometimes. now as far as YOU DR, I’ve read a lot of stupid opinions in my life, and let’s just say your’s are up there with JB’s & the so called “TRUTH’, I usually skip the post when I see those names above them, like most people do.

  5. Also, if Paul wanted to stick it to the Hall, him and Gene couldve played a FREE concert at a nearby venue with tickets being given to all members of the KISS Army. Thay would have been a giant screw you no matter who played with.

    1. That would have been great if peter and Ace played with them. Instead, we were treated to a shitty performance of “King…” on Fallon. Whoohoo, yippee! My former favorite band that now sounds like Black Sabbath with Elmer Fudd singing lead!

      1. After hearing some recent performances from Paul, I have a pretty good idea for a replacement when he finally hangs it up. Kermit the Frog. The guy needs to quit. His voice is shot.

        1. Absolutely. Have you seen/heard the conccert footage from the Tonight Show one day after the HOF? I mean, they are not even embarrassed to put that on their official website! King of the … – it is a disgrace, his voice is just a shadow of what it was – and now he’s got another 42! concert tour ahead …! I bet he is telling Eric to cut the booze and only drink chamomile tea to be able to cover him on the high notes or entire chorusses. Also, I do not think it a coicindence that they performed on the Tonight Show just ne day after th HOF with Tommy and Eric to show everyone that the current line up is SO good.

          1. You know schoco…don’t watch. How easy is that. Yep, just turn the channel or turn the TV off if it bothers you so bad. I’m sure you’ve got all of Peter’s albums…so relax, grab a glass of wine and put on the smooth styling’s of Moon over Brooklyn.

          2. To JB, once again you just do not have a clue, I do not own ANY of Peter’s albums as I do not like his personal approach to music. It is not rock’n roll, if it is him alone, but for him that is perfectly alright. It is not about music here, at least not in my posts, it is about the strange way people behave. It is about a singer who cannot properly sing anymore telling his former bandmates they are not able to properly perform anymore. It is about hypocracy, about useless and pointless public bashing for which there can be no sensible reason if not the reason that they want to sell their current and slowly fading product for which they have to minimize or even totally question other people’s contributions and talents. Btw I listened to Peter’s solo album of 1978, found it boring and did not buy it. Did you? So, JB – Are you surprised now? All YOU do here is calling people idiots for having a different opinion than YOU and trying to be so VERY clever and well-informed, why don’t YOU just turn the channel and go post somewhere else when people like me here,and we are quite a few, who just love the originals for what they have been and are, warts and all, and who (what insult!) keep criticizing Gene and Paul for their obviously lame and strategic behaviour are making you feel so bad, hm?? You also have been calling me and others here names, why do you do that? To make you feel better? Go ahead, if you need it. I am glad I can contribute to make you feel better because you think you are so way above idiots like me 🙂 Probably you can very well identify with the haughty Paul Stanley as you behave just in the same way thinking that only your opinion can be the right opinion. Cheers!

          3. Schoco…response to below…my problem with your train of thought is the fact that Ace and Peter can dish it out, you defend it…but Paul isn’t allowed. That is the very essence of hypocrisy. And has been my main bone of contention with people arguing on here…I personally could care less what each member said but if they all are going to have say…so should Paul. And if you are going to criticize Paul, then you need to criticize the others just as much. Because they have all hammered each other.

            It doesn’t mean that you have to agree with it or like it…I don’t. I hate this crap. I’d love a perfect world where the guys who got me into rock n roll back in ’75 could sit back and get along with each other. And yeah, I own Pete’s albums, us older Kiss fans lived it in real time.

            See, when those 4 guys got onstage the other night I remember everything they did for me….not that they owed me. It would have been awesome had the 4 guys played some tunes in street clothes at the RRHOF, then brought up Bruce, Eric or a guest but it didn’t happen. Maybe the Hall nixed the non-makeup idea if there ever was one, maybe Paul did that as well, I don’t know. Doesn’t matter, as a fan I’m not going to shit on any of them…the band and those 4 guys, mean to much to me. And i’ll defend every one them equally. You either get that or you don’t.

        2. I hope you realize your post is an unjustifiably cheap shot and lame attempt at humor. Regarding all the comments I have heard about Paul’s voice–most of them come across as hateful attempts to discredit him as a singer. I could say a lot about other’s voices but because I respect them as musicians, I hold back. Criticism like this cant be taken seriously. Are you a singer? Have you had throat surgery? I bet if you had you would not make stupid comments like this. Peace.

          1. Lol if fans think Paul’s voice sucks they have a right to say so. Quit being so butthurt over people’s opinions! Face it dude Paul’s voice sounds TERRIBLE! I had to turn off the tonight show! It was cringeworthy!

          2. Yea his voice is burnt but you have to put in context .The guy is in his 60s and has done hundreds of shows over the last 40 years. He isnt the first singer to lose his voice from years of touring. Bob Seger plays everything a full key lower in concert because his voice is gone. Robert Plants voice has been bad since the late 70s. Have you ever seen ac/dc in concert?Brian Johnsons voice is terrible live. Stevie Nicks didnt sound all that great on the tonight show the other night either. so give Paul a break he’s an old man. One guy who never lost it though was Dio. He was in his mid sixties when he died and he still sounded as good as he did in the eighties.

          3. I am sorry, it is not about being hateful, why do you think that? Remember, you buy a ticket for a Kiss concert at, let’s say, 80 Dollars, now is it hateful to expect a singer to be at least half-way able to perform and to deliver what you paid for? Every singer or frontman like Paul knows that his performnace is more memorable to the average one in the audience than, e.g., the guitar solos, just a fact. So he knows that his is a special responsibility. I think it is rather hateful that Paul’s has used a number of occasions – especially in the wake of the upcoming induction – to hint that Ace and Peter could not perform well today. That, in my opinion, can be criticized. If I pay for a performence, I maintain the right to criticize if the performer does not deliver like he should or could have. You clearly have to dinstinguish between justified ciritcism and hateful bashing here.

  6. While I’m sad they couldn’t surprise everyone with a performance: (let’s keep bickering up till that night, then we’ll shock ’em all!) = wouldn’t that have been awesome?!
    I’m happy to see them stand together one last time. I liked all the speeches, especially Peter’s. I’m glad he made his point without going overboard. I tip my hat to Tom Morello for that excellent introduction. His words spoke for me & I’m sure millions of the KISS Army who grew up with them back when it was not always cool to love the “Fantastic Four”. I wore a KISS shirt today with pride & I hope you did too.

  7. Being a KISS fan is so incredible and such a wild ride that way back since Jr. High I was laughed at and hated by the Zeppelin fans.
    Almost 40 years later, I’m not allowed to wear a KISS shirt to work.
    I can wear any other rock shirt, but not from the greatest band in the world…

      1. That’s true. I was always criticized for liking KISS growing up when AC/DC, Ozzy, and Iron Maiden first came out (all bands that I love), but it was a tough time for KISS in those years (80-82 especially).

  8. Paul……on one hand I wished he stop trying to dramatize everything….cause he just bullshits…..but on the other hand, YA GOTTA GIVE HIM PROPS. Basically Paul Stanley isn’t going to let no buisness, person etc: run his ass over, and that includes the RRHoF. So as much as I bag on Paul (still the greatest performer all time…IMHO) he just won’t take the garbage. Props to Paul Stanley. Sad to see this really be the end of “KISS”!!!! Joe in The Cuse

  9. I actually saw Paul and Peter practically bent over together in a beautiful moment enjoying and laughing together to ACE’s speech. Paul was shown hugging and clapping, and in some footage where we can’t see his hands he certainly looked to me as proud of Peter and Ace and if you watch he leans in to talk to Peter and Ace when the other was talking. Nice to finally see all 4 show the brotherhood that lies deep within. As far as Gene speaking kind to not only Ace and Peter but mentioning Carr,Vincent,St John, Bruce and Singer and Tommy….I just thought it was classy from my favorite member lifelong. And I ADMIT he isn’t always so tactful lol

    1. I especially kept a close eye on them because I wanted to see that everyone is okay with each other. Opinions are opinions, but when your family–and these guys have spent years together as brothers–that overrides any opinions. Even though there is a strain on their relationships, Gene still hugged ACE, ACE hugged Paul, Paul hugged ACE, etc…The point is, regardless of what happens they will always care about each other. They’ve all overcome personal demons and made it this far. I only just started reading Paul’s book on my iPhone, so…I am not sure what he said that is different from Gene’s or Peter’s book.

      1. Mike B, people who care each other, don’t say derogatory things about each other publicly or otherwise. What you saw was business, pure and simple business.

  10. Paul truly is a Sad case. I use to think he was the Glue now I think he is the downfall of the band. Thank God it is over and we don’t have to hear any more drama.

    1. Yes it is over. Paul and Gene went on with KISS to play the Tonight Show on national TV the next day. Peter had an autograph session at the dollar store for 7 people and Ace met with his promoter to set up his county fair tour.

    2. Downfall? You consider 40 years a downfall? Holy hell, how many bands can you count that lasted 40 years. Man, I’d hate to see what you consider a success…immortality maybe.

  11. The other thing I realize watching all the speeches was that if Ace and Peter were more like Gene and Paul, the band wouldn’t have been half as fun. I remember watching the Tom Snyder interview in ’79 when Ace and Peter took over. Paul and Gene were cringing about the fact that they were losing control. Meanwhile, Ace and Peter threw caution to the wind and wanted to let loose and have some fun with it. Gene and Paul, as you can tell by the speeches, are pretty sterile guys and don’t know how to laugh at themselves nearly as much as Peter – and especially Ace. We can argue about the grief Ace and Peter caused with their addictions, but their personalities added a lot of spice to the equation and gave the band the unique personality it had when you mixed everyone together. As Gene said in the Ken Sharp book, you couldn’t find 4 guys more different than each other. There is hardly a band without some kind of drama when you live with each other for that many years. When I look band on all that has happened, I’m not sure that I would have changed a thing. If you look at the current lineup, there is no drama. In a lot of ways that is good thing, however, it is far less interesting to follow. Congrats to the original 4 and being immortalized forever.

    1. Even though I DO like Eric and Tommy in the band, I admit I miss the dangerous aspect of the band that Ace and Peter brought. But…I am saying this as a fan and not as someone who has to work with them. Peter’s singing style and the way Ace moved on the stage were–well, unbeatable. Peter was a very emotional and soulful singer with a lot of conviction, and Ace was just fun to watch because he had (and still has) the swagger that Gene has mentioned in the past.

      1. I forgot to mention Ace’s guitar style all the way from KISS to The Elder. Everything he did in KISS was excellent. Escape from the Island and Dark Light off The Elder are awesome. In Your Face and Into the Void are awesome too. Even though Anomaly didn’t blow me away I am looking forward to Space Invader.

    2. I saw the Tom Snyder show too. Paul and Gene were cringing because Ace was acting like a drunken idiot and embarrassing the band. Anyone with a work ethic would notice that.

      1. What do you like better, a rock’n roll, band with an unpredictable, i.e. rock’n roll attidude, or four bank clerks accidentally making music? A band that might polarize or a group of guitar playing nerds? I agree, P and G have always tried to keep it business, which accounts for the band sttil being in the selfsame business, one has to admit, but I came to like the band for the unpredictable, weird performance and behaviour and for exactly those imperfections that others criitcized and made fun of on the schoolyard, because that was cool, that was different.

        1. Ahhh yes a couple of union members posting….. members of POWE (Paucity of Work Ethic) Local 140 Union. Did you guys wear your satin jackets with your union’s logo on the back – a picture of a guy passed out next to an empty laying on the dock?

          1. Truth, you’re beyond ridiculous now. That was a classic interview with Tom Snyder that until the day he died , he was talking about as one of the most fun things he’s ever done. Even Gene & Paul look back at that fondly. So really, knock it off. You’re that upset that not everybody buys Paul’s BS , huh? Just buy a ticket for this farce of a tour they’re on or that stupid cruise. Scream your heart out for Cheater Criss and Fake Frehley while wearing your underoos.

        2. Yes Jimi…he played the part onstage and he did it well…there’s only one Ace and we all love him for it…onstage wasn’t the problem. Offstage was. And when your part of a band, that’s just as important.

  12. I thought the speeches were very well done. Who knows what the future brings? I envision Paul and Gene eventually replacing themselves with other people so the kiss machine rolls on forever. Or they could just become holograms. That might be the 30 year down the road vision but it could happen. I understood both sides. Thanks to eddie who kept pushing for this to happen, regardless how the band feels or what they dictated, Eddie was un relenting in his drive to make one of his favorite bands get the respect they deserve. Despite the controversy, they got in and kiss has a huge catalog of killer tracks. Rock on people…rock on.

  13. So, looking at the pics … did Peter’s award break? The figure is supposed to be holding a record (the other three do). WTF? He / they waited 15 years for something that breaks?

    1. On the video I remember he said something about it being heavy.
      Ace and Pete truly seemed very happy to be there. The other two, not so much . Of all the tv or youtube interviews I’ve seen or heard with Ace and Peter, they came across as fun loving. Gene and Paul are too serious like they got sticks up their asses.

      1. Ahhh yes, everyone seems fun loving when they have no obligations or responsibilities. If Peter wasn’t at this event, he would have been at home petting his cat and throwing darts at pictures of Paul and Gene as he does every night.

          1. Allow me to finish Truth’s statement for him: “He would be prepping for the tour that Paul can’t sing properly for anymore, yet charges full price…”

    2. Oh good grief! I hope he broke the damn thing on purpose to spite the RRHOF but that’s unlikely. He seemed genuinely honored. If that award is important to him, I sure as hell hope its not broken.

  14. It’s done and over with, there in, they got to say what they wanted, now its time to move on, some will continue to support the line up now, others wont……end of story

  15. Gene Did a great job. All the speeches were pretty good actually. Paul as I watched really tried talking to Ace and Peter. Peter looked way pissed at Paul. Ace was Ace. Hugging laughing and having a great time. Gene and Ace showed WTF. lets have fun and loosen up. Peter and Paul didn’t. Those 2 have always been the drama queens of the band. Pretty obvious to me. That Ace would be welcomed back into the band. But no way Peter. With all that’s been said and done. Don’t be surprised if at some point the original KISS do play together again. Gene and Ace would be all in. Peter and Paul have to kiss and makeup. Bank it tho. Eddie won’t agree with me here. They will perform together again. And sooner than later.

    1. They all stayed within the three minute limit almost perfectly too. They each did a great job. The only part I did not like was Peter saying he would always be the Catman. Obviously, he is the one who created the image of the Catman and will always be the original. It just seemed like he stooped down for that one when he could have taken the high road. I also did not like it when during Paul’s speech, the crowd booed when he mentioned Tommy and Eric–my heart went out to them at that moment. I think both are doing a KICK ASS job of filling in those shoes.
      Regardless, the originals looked great up there together and their speeches were excellent. I know from experience how difficult it is to stay within a specific time limit during a speech so I was impressed.

      1. Mike B, of course you didn’t like Peter saying he will always be the Catman, of course you didn’t like the KISS Army’s booing of Fake Frehley and Cheater Criss, you have bought into this BS of Gene & Paul’s . Characters? The makeup and costumes were an extension of each member’s personality. How the hell can anyone who knows the history of the band and how it came to be, buy this new BS that Gene & Paul have been spewing? They HAVE to say those insane things in order for this business model to continue. Nobody should be shocked that Singer and Thayer got booed.

          1. They got booed because the fans love the Fearsome Foursome the best. It really is that simple.

          1. Ah, get your homework done. Go to celebrity homes and take a look at Peter’s mansion that – oh wonder! – he can afford with your social security check. Then go there again and take a look at Singer’s house and make up your mind again.

      2. Mike B. Peter IS and always will be the REAL CATMAN. If Peter stooped some level, then what did Ace? He mentioned his sobriety and that alcoholism is a disease etc. that was a shot at Paul for sure, who has been putting Ace down for his alcohol problem, for quite sometime now.

        The only one who stooped to a level so low, that it was unbearable was Paul Stanley, he was invited to a party, and chose to piss all over another mans carpet.

        I understand why people were booing Eric and Tommy, they were sending a clear signal to Paul and Gene, and maybe they were also booing a little bit at Paul? Maybe?

  16. Next Paul line for the fire: “Ace’ll probably be sellin’ his award in the next Kiss auction after having fans pose with it for $15 at horror conventions”

  17. I thought this turned out perfect. The best version of KISS was inducted and all 4 showed up to accept. No performance, no makeup. The Hall passed over them for 15 years. F ’em. Why, after all this time, should they do them a favor by providing a show. They showed up, acknowledged their induction, answered some questions, and went home. KISS hasn’t existed for me since the original farewell tour although they’ve been milking the hell out of it since then, but maybe this is proper closure for the original lineup.

    1. Even though the HoF had good reasons to only induct the original lineup, they’re not off the hook. They waited too long for 15 years. I’ve said this before that had KISS been inducted back in 1999, the original lineup would have likely performed. Now it never happened and KISS felt the HoF doesn’t deserve a performance from them.

      1. Van, both Peter and Ace wanted to perform, even Gene didn’t deny that he’d perform at the HOF with Ace and Peter… It’s Paul that didn’t because he couldn’t get it his way… Right or wrong.

  18. It speaks volumes when the original lineup here looks cooler accepting their award than the current cover band does performing in makeup. If only these guys could’ve jammed one song looking like this out of makeup. In any case, I’m glad the induction when smoothly and we at least have what might be the final reunion of the real Kiss. Also couldn’t help but notice when Paul mentioned the guys at the table, how cheers start with the shout out to Bruce and then on a dime turn to boos and jeers for Tommy and Eric. It summed up everything.

  19. It ws great seeing KISS in the hall Of Fame and it’s a good thing all four original members came even though they weren’t going to play that night. They certainly had a longevity of what they accomplished in rock music & they’ll forever be among the best in that genre. I never got that the chance to see them play live but they definately gave fans many memories they’ll cherish forever of the shows they attended worldwide. Coingrats KISS you done the industry very proud.

  20. Vegas ’15: Kiss Week at a big hotel with a 2 night original line-up set of shows at the MGM Arena. All past n presents in acoustic & scaled down sets inside the hotel. Vinnie returns. Hey Paul & Gene and Doc: broke it first bro.

  21. They should have told the r&r hof assholes to go fuck off! I cant believe all the people that love kiss & the bands they say should be in there bother giving any thought to this shit >>.

  22. Bottom line: The fans love Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter more than any other Kiss lineup. It was always that way, is that way, will continue to be that way. Like it or lump it. Paul cannot sing anymore, and is still charging full price for sounding like Elmer Fudd in concert. Kiss is done. I hate to say it, but it’s true. If they stopped in 2001, it would have ended on a high note. they didn’t due to pride and ego and…money! Yesiree, boys and girls, that brand makes them the dough, doesn’t it? So keep squeezing the proverbial udders dry, then when the cow moos in defiance, keep squeezing until that cow keels over and dies a whimpering death. Also, go onstage, charge full price and sing like a cow! Shameful…

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