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larsulrich400jpg Kory Grow of Rolling Stone reports:

Metallica entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009, the second year they were eligible and first year they were nominated. Nirvana are entering the Hall this year, the first year they have been eligible, a decision Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich supports, but he still has some hopes for one artist who has been eligible for two decades now. “I’m not gonna get into the politics or all that stuff, but I got two words to say: ‘Deep Purple,'” he says repeatedly. “That’s all I have to say: Deep Purple. Seriously, people, ‘Deep Purple,’ two simple words in the English language. But definitely, Nirvana is a no-brainer for the first year and I’m glad that KISS is getting the long-overdue recognition that they deserved for everything that they pioneered, and then I got two words, ‘Deep Purple!’ Did I say that already?”

Deep Purple issued their debut, Shades of Deep Purple, in 1968, which made them eligible for entry into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993. The band has been nominated for induction into the Rock Hall twice, in 2013 and 2014, but, much to Ulrich’s chagrin, have yet to make the cut.

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    1. Because it would take a valuable spot away from a highly deserving Rap group or artist or a disco singer or a soul singer. Seriously though, if the hall stuck to what their name implies ROCK and ROLL there should be many deserving acts like Deep Purple in the Hall. I would love to hear anyone in the hall justify how Isaac Hayes who only in my opinion had one real well known song deserved to get in years before Deep Purple was even nominated. If we base a career on one song what song do Rock and roll fans know more , Smoke on the Water or Shaft? Part of what is supposed to get you into the hall is how influential you are. I’m pretty damn certain that Deep Purple has influenced more bands especially guitarists than Shaft has. The problem is politics and the bias against hard rock and heavy metal.

  1. Amen…….bring on DP already!!!!

    I only hope Dana is a DP fan. The whole KISS debacle probably had her ready to snap!!!

    I am reminded of the Jerry Maguire movie quote…. “I am out here for you. You don’t know what it’s like to be ME out here for YOU. It is an up-at-dawn, pride-swallowing siege that I will never fully tell you about, Ok?

    I’m just sayin’

    1. Scott,

      While I am not a fanatic, I am a casual fan. I like Rainbow as well. I have always said the fact that Deep Purple is not in, is a travesty.

      Of course, the fact that my favorite band, Judas Priest isn’t in, bugs me as well. But, when I consider who is in, I think they might be better off that they aren’t-LOL!

      D πŸ™‚

  2. I agree deep purple should have been in a lomg time ago, I remember when perfect stangers first came out it was like hearing from and old friend great album. Found some money in an old black jacket

  3. Deep Purple are the first hard rock band, really. They pioneered the style way before anybody else. Hendrix was doing rock, and Zeppelin were more steeped in the blues. Deep Purple pretty much wrote the book on how to write a hard rock song.

  4. Deep Purple members that should be elected in my opinion are as follows:
    Blackmore, Gillan, Glover, Lord, Paice, Evans, Simper, Coverdale, Hughes, Airey and Morse. They are all obvious choices. The only reason why I’m leaving out Bolin and Turner is because they only did one album and tour with the band and both of those albums are probably the 2 weakest ones in the catalog.
    What’s going to be interesting is when they do get in, who will be invited? By the way they should have been elected in back in 1993. To leave them out this long is just plain stupidity.

  5. It would only be the “Classic MKII” line-up. No Rod Evans or Nick Simper from the 1st line-up, who had a big hit with Hush. No David Coverdale or Glenn Hughes, no Tommy Bolin, no Steve Morse and Don Airey. All of them deserve to be inducted. What a shame that it’s taken so long that Jon Lord is gone so no performance with him. And besides that, I don’t think anyone will play with Ritchie Blackmore and i don’t blame them.

      1. I’ll see those and add MOTORHEAD , one of Metallica’s biggest influences and that is supposed to be one of the criteria for getting into the hall. There are so many great Hard Rock and Metal bands that deserve to be in the hall that will never get nominated. Maybe Eddie Trunk should try to get his own Hall of Hard Rock and Metal formed so real bands that deserve to be honored could get recognition they deserve.

    1. Randy,

      I hope that was a joke because there is nothing Rock N’ Roll or swift about Taylor. Her “singing” is mediocre at best and her lyrics are completely sophomoric. I don’t get her appeal and I find her to be, like many pop stars today, very overrated.

      Dana from πŸ™‚

  6. I forgot about Grand Funk. Bonnie Raitt in, Grand Funk not…..Jann Wenner & Dave Marsh in action. Lars does look horrific. Looks like a roasted chestnut seller outside Penn Station named Igo. Hey, I met Swift, she’s into vinyl big time, very cool.

  7. Deep purple is long overdue and shouldn’t be overlooked by the hall of fame..there are other bands that should be in and unfortunately the rock and hall of fame just turns their back..just a plain shame

  8. Why do people get so upset their favorite band isn’t in the R&RHOF? It’s akin to getting mad that your buddy doesn’t like the same band you do. The “HOF” is simply a popularity contest in the minds of a small handful of people. Jan Wenner and his cronies have their faves and that’s all there is to it. Just ’cause their musical taste might suck it should have no reflection on the bands you love. As Don Henley once said “Get over it”. The R&RHOF is a joke- Period.

  9. I think when the Hall inducts Deep Purple, and they will someday, they should induct all members past and present just so Paul Stanley can have a hissy fit about it!

  10. How about Deep Fucking Purple…They have only sold over 100M albums worldwide. Lets count the hits
    Kentucky Woman
    Speed King
    Child In Time
    Black Night
    Strange Kind Of Woman
    Highway Star
    Woman From Tokyo
    Perfect Strangers
    Knocking at your Back door!!

    The virtuosos of hard rock. Countless inspirations/influences on bands…
    look at the splinter bands…
    Black Country Communion
    Ian Gillan band (not that big in America – big in europe)

    r u fucking kidding me? name one band that has such successful splinter bands….

    Blackmore the greatest hard rock guitarist ever and thats a fact!!!!!!!!
    Gillan – untouchable in 70s – still pretty good for an old geezer
    Paice – still plays like a son of a gun
    Jon Lord – greatest keyboardist in hard rock and made the organ into a snarling beast….also a fact
    Tommy Bolin, joe Satriani and Steve Morse all swung the axe for DP!!
    David Coverdale, Roger Glover, Glenn Hughes, and Don Airey

    1. The Beatles, The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac probably have had more success with their splinters.
      I like Deep Purple a lot but I am afraid they are seen as a one hit band by most.

  11. Wenner & Rolling Stone hate Deep Purple & Grand Funk, ain’t gonna happen. They’d put Nils Lofgren in as a solo first., maybe those Philly guys from ’62: Chubby,Bobby,Fabian. Paul Revere & The Raiders and Gary Lewis & The Playboys might be in before as well….maybe Murray The K & Cousin Brucie. The HOF is a joke.

  12. It sucks that Deep Purple are still over looked, as they are one of my favorite pioneering metal bands that helped to pave the way for others that followed. Also, how about these other bands that are sharing in being snubbed by the HOF:

    Thin Lizzy
    Uriah Heep
    Blue Cheer
    Iron Maiden
    Def Leppard
    The Plasmatics
    Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
    The Runaways
    Blue Oyster Cult
    The Cult
    Yes, there are plenty more artists than I listed, but these are just a few I thought of recently.

    1. Dont forget
      Cheap Trick
      Dio solo
      Ozzy solo

      and if we’re talking influence, how about…
      Mercyful Fate!
      (do they even know who that is?)

      and how Stevie Ray Vaughn is also not in is beyond me…

  13. The RRHoF really should change names to the Pop Music Hall of Fame. It obviously wants to cover genres far outside of what we consider to be “Rock and Roll”, and because of that has resulted in grossly ignoring many artists who should long since have been inducted into what is named a “Rock” hall. I’ve been there once, a little over 10 years ago. Honestly, it was a cool place to visit if I allowed myself to temporarily forget about who should have been “in” that wasn’t. Even if a band isn’t in, they can still have representation or artifacts on display. If I remember correctly, they had an Alex Lifeson guitar and one of Neil Peart’s drum kits even though Rush had not been inducted at the time.

    Maybe there really should be an alternative hall somewhere, that truly is dedicated to actual Rock. I’d induct Iron Maiden and have their exhibit feature a full replica of the Powerslave stage, and various incarnations of Eddie would prowl around all day.

  14. Wenner & Marsh hate Blackmore and metal….they like Little Steven instead. If Yoko gave Maiden blessings then Wenner would bless his goofy looking voters to vote them in.

  15. Eddie should start another rock hall of fame. What gives these Cleavland butt munchers final say regarding anything.
    It would be slow at first but after 6 or 7 years I think the so called RRhof we have now would be viewed as a failed experiment.
    I can’t think of anyone better qualified or more knowledgeable than Eddie to lead the way.

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