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kiss-return Forty years after the release of their debut album, KISS have finally made the cover of Rolling Stone. Marking the band’s upcoming induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the cover image is a classic 1975 photo of the band’s original lineup: Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, plus Ace Frehley and Peter Criss.

The cover story, by Rolling Stone senior writer Brian Hiatt, tells the sad, hilarious and triumphant story of one of the biggest rock bands ever, taking an in-depth look at the founding members’ lives and careers. Hiatt hung out with all four original members in their homes (in San Diego, Beverly Hills and Monmouth County, New Jersey) where they shared fond memories and, inevitably, some intense backbiting. “I keep thinking about Ace and Peter,” Simmons admits. “”What are they doing now? Where are they?’ It’s gotta be close to the end. How do you make any money? How do you pay your bills?”

Even Stanley and Simmons have had their differences. “We’ve always seen each other as brothers,” says Stanley. “What we seem to be at odds at is how you treat your brother. Gene’s priority, by far, has always been himself. And he’s not one to let anyone else’s feelings or contributions get in the way.”

They also explain precisely why they won’t be reuniting for a performance at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Stanley and Simmons offered to allow the former members to jam with KISS’ current lineup, featuring guitarist Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric Singer, but Ace and Peter found that proposition deeply insulting. “I won’t be disrespected,” Criss says. “How can you put me in the Hall of Fame and then tell me to go sit over there in the corner while another guy puts on my makeup and plays? That’s an injustice. To the fans, too.”

Simmons counters that Frehley and Criss “no longer deserve to wear the paint.” “The makeup is earned,” he adds.”Just being there at the beginning is not enough… And if you blow it for yourself, it’s your fault. You can’t blame your band members. ‘Oh, look what happened to me. Oh, poor me.’ Look at my little violin. I have no sympathy.”

Frehley suggests another reason for the current members’ reluctance: “The reason they don’t want to perform with me and Peter is because the last time they did, they had to do a reunion tour. We play three songs, the fans go crazy. They don’t want to open up a can of worms.” Frehley, meanwhile, says he licensed – rather than sold ­– the rights to his Spaceman makeup to the band, and suggests that he’s due to get the rights back sometime soon.

Also in the story, Simmons says his touring days are almost done. “I’m 64 now,” he says. “Three more tours. Two, if I have a life change of some kind.”

KISS’ Rolling Stone cover story goes on sale Friday, March 28th and online tomorrow, March 26th.




    1. Just think how Dana must feel……….

      Dana…please assure us that your office is on the ground floor of the Trunk Tower?? 🙂

      I am seriously considering sending you a gift certificate for a masage and a bottle of of your favorite liquor to get you through the eternal nighmare which is the daily KISS diatribe. Personally, I think YOU should go on the cruise and Eddie can be editor in chief….I’m just sayin’

  1. Well that’s … hilarious.
    I’d venture to say that two guys that were there at the beginning, when the work WAS work – have paid their dues tenfold. No offense to Eric & Tommy, but they both came into an established band. What have they earned? The original 4 spent quite a bit of “grind time” out there to turn that band into something. With plenty of help from other non-band members (Bill Aucoin, Sean Delaney, Neil Bogart) and ex-band members that have contributed as well.I get it Gene, you’re stoking the fire, building more hype … but at least do it with some sense. Must kill him that he can’t buy respect.

  2. Well…here is what interesting. Gene “Ace & Peter no longer deserve to wear the paint. The makeup is earned,” he adds.”Just being there at the beginning is not enough”….ok fine. But let’s clarify something of importance, “KISS” Gene, Peter, Paul & Ace all paid a very high price from the start & basically did almost the same on the Reunion Tour. So sorry Gene, they still deserve to wear the paint because they earned it. And if I have to break it down HOW they earned it minus the addictions I easily can. That being said “KISS” was a rare special once in a lifetime band. Unfortuantly KISS earned their honors/stripes etc: are the very beginning until Ace & Peter left. The band was never the same after that & the charisma/magic/heart was well gone until (once again) the reunion. And as Gene himself said, ” so fucking what, the magic is back”. And Ace is SPOT ON, the ONLY REASON WHY they won’t perform together is just that….the “magic” will return & Gene & Paul would be placed in a very uncomfortable situation that they couldn’t CONTROL then and they wouldn’t CONTROL now. Case closed!!—— Joe in The Cuse

    1. Ace is right about the real reason the original lineup not performing at the HoF and Paul and Gene know it. I agree that the original lineup has earned their stripes and honors, including the HoF and Rolling Stone cover. Ace, Peter, and the HoF were right in turning down the idea of performing with the current KISS lineup in makeup.

      1. Absolutely. It is just the usual crap again. Obscuring the real reasons with stereotypical accuations. Lame. To Gene a person is compared to how much money he earns so he must feel very fond of himself. What a sad person he must really be.

    1. That can’t be a good thing to say coming out of Gene. If Ace and Peter created the makeup, they deserve to wear the makeup. I supposed Gene is not happy with the success of the original lineup.

    2. If it really wasn’t that important why have they been keeping up the image of the reunion for more than a decade now using the impostirs and making them copy sounds, licks and moves for a salary??

  3. As stupid as it is, this had to happen eventually. The bad part is that Boy George is mentioned over top of Ace Frehley. They had to ruin it somehow…

  4. I love how gene just glosses over everything. For him just to say they there in beginning. Ok gene how about all platinum albums becoming a worldwide phenom. It makes sound like all ace peter did was just put on make up and that’s it. The guy is a joke. I would have love to have seen this summers tour attendance had kiss gone out by themselves without the protection of defleppard. I guarantee because of his Paul comments and hall of fame disaster they would have lost at least 30 percent of audience

    1. Kiss is a theatre band in the US now. I think, Brian you are being a little kind in saying 30 percent. When I saw them in 2010 on the Sonic Boom Tour in Pittsburgh, there was 8800 people in a venue that hold 23000 when sold out. If they don’t tour with another draw they would end up cancelling the tour much like they were forced to in 1982 on the tenth anniversary tour. Now Europe and South America are different. But in North America they just don’t draw, and now that Gene and Paul have gone into attack mode with Ace and Peter I would venture to say they’d lose 50 percent of their intended audience.


  5. Rather than put the brakes on a little and tone down the rhetoric on the heels of Kiss’ induction into the RNRHOF, Gene wants to remind us all….again….that he is the greatest example of human and life long perfection while Peter and Ace are a bunch of worthless bums who should be homeless by now. Nice to see Corey Taylor of Slipknot call out Simmons as “petty” regarding the decision not to play at the HOF with Ace and Peter. Even Gene’s so called “brother” Paul Stanley pretty much only takes shots when he speaks of him. Given Paul’s endless rants of late, that’s saying something! Gene and Paul are on a single quest to, as much as possible, defame, slander and disrespect Ace and Peter right up to the induction and probably until the day they die. Again, Ace and Peter just quietly keep their mouths shut behind the scenes, aren’t looking to stir the pot unnecessarily when they so easily could and only talk when they have to defend derogatory comments. Why people slam Ace and Peter and support Gene and Paul I will never know.

    1. Now let’s take a look at what this guy Gene has got: a big mansion in Beverly Hills, OK, sounds nice, a wife that has had plastic surgery so often she can’t remember the number and her real face anymore and looks like a badly made plastic doll, two children who seem nice but all we know is that they have rather mediocre musical talent (Nick) and wear fine clothes at fashion weeks and also were needed to make that reality TV show look nice, i-.e. make money to pay for the mansion etc.. What else? Ah, Kiss, yes. Musically he is well-known for his long tongue, demon oufit, fire breathing … forgot sth? Right, almost forgot he is a bass player, and we must admit, as bad or mediocre at best as ever there was one among the bass players of famous heavy bands. So no point here. What is left? Money. Lots of it. So no wonder that he keeps on bragging about his financial success when he cannot actually say he is a great musican without having the whole industry laugh at him. So he judges P an A by the money they might have left are might still ben making when he knows that musically he cannot hold a candle to these guys. And that they will always be favoured by the old fans for their musical input but not for their canting and boasting. Poor fellow in the end.

  6. I guess playing shithole bars and dives doesnt count for earning it? I guess being in the band from the beginning, taking alot of shit and getting no radio support means they didnt earn it? Im sorry but as far as I can see thayer has done nothing but ride the coattails of what Ace created back in the 70s…Singer the same way but I give him a nod because he was in the band during a non makeup run….I guess gene’s definition of “earning” it must mean to ride the coattails of those that came before….what a complete douchebag….ill be happy when the induction is said and done and we can put this story in the kiss vault, lock it up and throw away the key….the last 2 albums were sub par at best…eddie, ive been a fan for a long time but im done buying cds/attending concerts….thanks eddie for tms and all u do to keep metal alive…when i think of kiss today, the hindenberg comes to mind…sorry for the long rant, but im alittle taken back by genes statement…now if you’ll excuse me im heading over to youtube….kiss is in town on the reunion tour tonight….Thanks Eddie!

  7. Oh this is going to be good….can’t wait to read these posts. Gene is going to set more people off with those comments. Face it…gene is a genius. He finds a way to get people to talk about him…even when they hate him. And they finally made the rolling stone. Unreal.

  8. This is why I hate $immons & $tanley now . I use to love these guys ! Paul was my favorite .
    They are just low class, mean ,bitter men . They are like the opposite of the guys in ac/dc . Can you imagine Johnson ,Angus, and the boys talking so much shit ? The people that come on here and say ; ” well did you read Peter and Ace’s book , they slam the other two ” ? Those people just don’t get it . You can’t even explain the difference because they’re too dumb !

    I hope $immons & $tanley get booed off the stage when they start their speech’s at the HOF !

    I like how $immons & $tanley ripped on Rolling Stone their whole career and now when RS finally decides to let them have a interview they’re all over it being the media whores they are; Pathetic !
    $immons & $tanley would throw their own mother’s under a bus .

    I hope Ace & Pete rip them a new one in their speech’s.

    Disgusting . This just ruined my evening Eddie….

    1. Well, AC/DC let the music do the talking! That is the reason they are stilling selling out any arena worldwide while Kiss has to use the help of Def Leppard to probaly hardly fill a 18,000 seater again.

  9. Another thing I find interesting is Ace says he licensed the makeup .
    Is that the same as leasing Eddie ?

    If Ace can get the design back that would be ooh soo sweet !!!
    I’m sure Gene would pay a ton for it but we could start a fund raiser to keep Ace from selling it . LOL

  10. As a fan, at this point, I am furious and let down beyond words. Ive actually supported all versions of KISS, and yes, even the “new” lineup but Genes comments hear are just plain rude and ridiculous, “near the end” and “how do they eat”. I must be delusional to think my heroes were better than that. That was beyond uneccesary. And his jabs at That Metal Show actually hurt. Gene, you are hurting Kiss’s legacy, you are tainting it. Take the high road for Christs sake. If you dont have anything nice to say then dont say anything at all. I saw your last 3 tours and this time I’m staying home. It was monumental and actually historic for my friends and I to not get tickets in St. Louis when they went on sale this last Saturday. We’ve really been affected by this whole fiasco. If you knew me as a fan and a person I think you’d be shocked at losing my business. Take care Kiss, it’s time for me to walk away.

    1. Right on, Pete. I myself walked away after the farewell tour. To all the fans who object to the phony tribute act that Paul & Gene have turned the band into, you should do the same. We all need to collectively boycott the current fake Kiss – the only way to send a message to Simmons & Stanley is through their bank accounts, because they don’t care about anything else. And if you’re worried about missing Def Leppard, don’t be: they’ll just be doing the same old predictable greatest-hits show they’ve been doing for years, and I’m sure it won’t be the last time they do it.

      1. It would not be so hard to accept the current lineup if G and P did not bash the founding members for no real reason, did not try to wipe out the importance of the reunion for the current selling of tickets, did not make A and P look like beggars or bankrupts like in this new interview just because they do not own three digit millions of dollars, if they did not play down their contributions and importance for the overall success of the band until today, did not constantly lie about the importance of the fans when it is actually only the fan’s money they are interested in, it would not be so hard if they did not just use every opportunity to glorify themselves at the expense of everyone else. But that has happened to many stars, the oxygene is getting low the higher you get which makes you talk bullshit and, even more ridiculous, believe in the selfsame crap you are selling. They have completely lost touch with reality. I hope that reality, i.e. low sales on the next tour, will hit them right in the face. I for one will not go should they take the tour to Europe again whereas I would gladly go see Ace again.

  11. Couple of revealing stuff such as Ace licensing the rights to his makeup instead of selling it and regaining it in the near future. I’ve been hearing that he gets royalties each time they used his makeup through Tommy Thayer. It’s a smart business move by Ace.

    As for Gene, after 2-3 tours the day may come when we see KISS without him.

    1. Contrary to what G and P are trying to sell us, I do not see Kiss without them – if they are not able to sell out large venues with 50% or the original members, do you really think Kiss can go on and play these venues they need for their kind of show without any of the founding members? I think P and G are just currently trying to find out whether they coud actually sell a 100% tribute band as the original and keep on making money without showing up themselves while lying at their pools in LA. that won’t work, people are not that stupid. I hope …

  12. Is there anybody left that believes this shit? Earn the right to wear makeup. What a delusional fuckface Gene Simmons is. And to make comments on how Ace & Peter can get by…does he know that the people that buy his increasingly shitty “product” are living on far less??? And footing the bill for his arrogance? What a jerk.

    1. Everything I have read from people around him is he has always been this way, he now has a vehicle in social media to voice his self centered personality. The lack of management control is the issue. Bill accouin would have never let this happen. he would have clamped down on them and hand picked responses. There is a lack of professionalism they both need PR relations course.

  13. I ve been a fan since way back, remember the first three albums that came out as the originals. well after listening to fighting going on about the band between the original members for years. It appears that Ace and Peter did blow it with their drug problems and over spending. But we all know Gene is addicted to money and Paul just loves to hear his own voice! haha. If i were to ask something from Gene and Paul it would be to let Ace and poor Peter play a couple of songs with you two and stop being dicks about it! And then play a couple of songs with the current band! And stop this nonsense. Your embarrassing yourselves. I think I speak for most fans!

  14. Eddie,

    I don’t know about you but I’m getting sick and tired of hearing comments from Gene and Paul. They come across as mean, bitter, old hacks. I’ve been a Kiss fan since the early seventies and have enjoyed all formations of band. Why is that they have to make comments that are just disrespectful. I know everyone has opinions but Jesus Christ, to make comments like I wonder how Ace and Pete survive/eat is only hurting their legacy. I wish they would just stop. Ace and Peter continue to take the high road. Peter was very sincere on TMS and didn’t make any jabs. The guy survived cancer and not one good comment can be made by Gene. Peter and have Ace have said countless times that they were screw-ups but they have moved on. Why can’t Paul and Gene say good things like I’m there for Peter in his time of need (cancer), or that was a great solo record Ace..Is it to much to leave the past alone and make better comments/judgments for what they’re doing now. Peter and Ace can, why can’t Gene and Paul do the same. One last thing, to have the current lineup in makeup and custom while Ace and Peter are being inducted is just plain disgraceful. It was a farce in Phantom of the Park.

  15. Gene and Paul really need to zip up there mouths. Between there twitter comments or lack of and this. There going to ruin them self’s and have zero fans. Not that I care have not listen any new albums since revenge. Bruce Kulic must be so happy he not involved with the band any more.

  16. John Fogarty pulled that shit with his former band. He actually played the hits with session players with original members there watching!!! Lol. What was really rude was when Peter had cancer Paul and Gene didn’t even call him as what was stated on TMS this past week. Terrible.

  17. All you naive little fools! You’re all falling for this publicity stunt. You’re all going to freak out when the original Kiss performs in April.

  18. why don’t they just do this the unplugged show was non make up and here recently kiss did a charity show with no make up have all 7 members (paul,gene,ace,peter,eric,tommy,and bruce) up on stage with no make up and do rock n roll all nite

    1. Gene is Like Roth, Nugent ad Tyler he needs to beat on his chest screaming look at me all the time.
      The music is just a vehicle for all the crap investments schemes that he wants to push through. What is silly that people actually follow him like a heard of sheep. Out side of the music he and it(KISS) have no appeal for me. And the music(NEW) is not that good. Best thing to do is ignore him that is what he is afraid of the most.

  19. Too much body hair back in ’75. Ace God bless him is totally covered up. Pete’s pits and Paul’s pubes ruin the photo. Earn their own characters? WTF.

  20. I don’t understand. Gene doesn’t care he loses fans Everytime he opens his mouth about this. Ace is right, Everytime they ( All four original members step on stage ) the reaction is unreal. I think he is scared to see the true fans reactions on them performing again. Oh well mot gonna happen.

  21. Paul is a whiny sensitive bitch that only pretends to care about you if you take his side on things 100% & Gene is a greedy, adulterer, self centered egotistical mother fuckin’ tit suckin son of a bitch. Kisstory has been nothing but lies, trends & finger pointing mainly by Paul & Gene. I don’t understand the re-hashing of Ace/Peter’s past and why they aren’t in the band anymore. I don’t understand the continuous insults directed at Ace/Peter by Paul/Gene! Extremely childish & immature. And where are Tommy & Eric at??? I wanna hear why they feel it’s ok to wear Ace/Peters makeup while Ace/Peter jam without makeup & then watch. Get the fuck out of here. I regret every cent I ever spent on Kiss that went into Paul/Gene’s pocket.

    1. Lmao….”tit suckin son of a bitch”…….that’s some funny ass shit. …. There is ZERO way I’m going to see anymore of these tours by kiss….now if “KISS” decides to regroup and push their ridiculous differences aside then I’m buying tickets, merchandise etc…..until then NOTHING….Joe in The Cuse

  22. All this crap being thrown ace and peters way has had me thinking for awhile….which side of the original band are the clowns and which side are the genuine guys who care about the fans? To determine this one must look no further than twitter. Of the 4 originals Gene Paul and Ace have twitter accounts (Ace is rarely on his which is probably a good idea). Peter does no have twitter (Good move pete!). So here are some general questions paul and gene get asked alot and here are some examples which i have seen of interactions with fans
    Fan: Gene is it true that you created the air? (you see this one alot on his feed, and of course he answers…
    Gene: Yes I created everything YOU KNOW THAT (he likes to say this alot because he expects us all to view his autobiography as the gospel)
    Fan: Gene why isn’t Eric Singer on twitter? (good question)
    Gene: Twitter is full of lies and garbage, he is mostly right (ok gene then why the hell are you on here? Oh that’s right, another one of your marketing tools to promote your wife and daughters reality show and your football team no one cares about)
    Fan: Gene what do you think of peter and ace’s books?
    Gene: They are good fantasy stories (Every fan has their point of view on things, but gene just keeps beating the dead horse with this question)
    Now here are some typical exchanges with Paul
    Fan: I’m sorry but the original lineup was my favorite lineup, it’s a shame that you guys can’t give the fans ten final minutes of the original lineup
    Paul: You are a magget loser. Go back into your mother’s basement, GO AWAY (Ok? So fans of the original lineup are told they are losers simply for stating their opinion. Does Paul forget the fans are the ones who kept him on stage for 40 years?)
    And here’s the best one I’ve seen yet
    Nikki Sixx: Damn peter and ace really screwed up….with a Retweet from Paul Stanley
    (Ok so Paul Stanley, a man who has been strictly against the idea of someone abusing themselves with drugs or alcohol AGREES and SIDES WITH a former heroin addict who came up with his bands most well known song about him almost dying from overdose? Sure Nikki cleaned his act up, yet ace and peter who have also come clean and blamed themselves are still considered losers?)
    The tweets speak for themselves…Thanks eddie for always having Ace and Peter on your shows, I know which originals REALLY care about the fans!

    1. I couldn’t help but read Paul and Gene’s tweets as they’ve been getting negative comments as of late from fans who wanted to see the original lineup reunite and perform at the HoF. Their refusal to reunite with Ace and Peter to perform does bring out negative reaction and with every action, there is a reaction positive or negative.

    2. Yeah, Paul’s hypocrisy on this one should be even beyond the most ardent Paul supporter. Nikki Sixx piling on Ace is like Bill Clinton calling someone a serial adulterer. I’m a Motley fan, too, but I don’t think Ace ever (supposedly) legally died of a heroin OD, then went back home and (paraphrasing Nikki’s own words) cooked up the biggest shot of heroin he ever did only to pass out and wake up with the needle still in his arm and a pool of dried blood in his hand. Glass houses, Nikki, glass houses. Paul’s retweet just proves how insecure he is. I’m not understanding Nikki’s sucking up to Paul. Didn’t Kiss kick them off the Creatures tour for bad behavior? Why all of a sudden are they BFF?

      As I’ve said before, I’m a fan of all Kiss lineups through the “Farewell” tour, but tuned out Kiss, Inc. after that. And G and P’s sniping ever since have made me like those two members less by the day and side more and more with A & P, despite their obvious faults. Everyone is human. Piling on someone’s past long after they have overcome any given life challenge is fruitless and makes Paul especially look petty and insecure. If anyone should be taking the high road, it should be Gene and Paul…they’ve supposedly come out on top (in their minds and by various measures of success), why not be more humble, modest and magnanimous? It’s such a effing train wreck. I just hope, if they all show up an share the podium at the RRHOF, they can act like gracious adults. I also really hope Ace or Peter thanks Eddie Trunk at the mike for his support in front of Paul!!

      1. Hypocrisy was the word i was looking for. Thank you for reminding me. I also thought it was strange when nikki tweeted out congrats to ONLY gene and paul and eddie had to tweet him and remind him ace and peter were going in the hall as well. It’s obvious whose friends with who here. All that bs aside it will certaintly be an interesting oredeal come induction night. Gene and Ace i don’t see taking digs, but seeing as peter is one who calls it the way he sees it, never afraid to speak his mind, and paul with his insecurity issues, i can only begin to imagine how the night will proceed. Let’s hope all goes well

  23. I thought they did a Farewell tour, then Ace moved on, Peter just wanted to be paid what he thought was fair….Gene keeps bringing up the past….. I am getting off this carousel, I am at the point where I don’t really give a shit anymore too. This has exhausted my rock and roll heart. I’ve seen Kiss on the Creatures, Lick It Up, Asylum (W.A.S.P. blew ’em off the stage), Crazy Nights, then Reunion (twice), Farewell, and Sonic Boom tour. The Reunion was the one that was, by far, the most special, an authentic Kiss experience. Gene was great on the Creatures tour though, he was acting really weird and he spit blood over the first 10 rows, plus the Plasmatics were the openers.

  24. You know through this whole debate I find it interesting how we have not heard a peep from Tommy and Eric about this situation. Gene and Paul must have them on lockdown when it comes to interviews.

    If I were Tommy and Eric, I would as someone who grew up watching KISS would wanna stand back and let the originals have the spotlight for the evening. I understand they are employees of KISS and not in reality members of the band and have no say in what happens in the band. They probably don’t have the choice to stand back.

    1. The choice would be between keeping your mouth shut, be the employee and earn quite a lot of money you probably could not earn being the drummer of Alice, or to object to your boss’s wishes and find yourself a new job. Their true opinion we will never know .

    1. As did Vinny Vincent as who the fuck knows what, he would have been better off as like the SPACEMAN’S brother: ALIENBOY or MARTIAN GUY or some shit. A FOX is kinda like a CAT. Why not Tommy as NEPTUNE AMIGO or URANIS ANUS LICKER or whatever? Eric could be THE TIGER or MR. CHEETAH or JACKSONVILLE JAGUAR or CAROLINA PANTHER. New Make-up = new dolls, more $.

  25. I’ve heard Gene talk a lot over the years about “the fans” and how great they are, Kiss is nothing without them, etc…. Makes me wonder if he was just saying that to keep the cash flow rolling in. It seems to me that he really doesn’t care about “the fans”, just their money. Am I right in saying this?

  26. If had the chance to vote again I would vote for deep purple, not because of Ace and Peter because of gene and paul what a let down, I reserve my rights from the kiss army since 1976 a loyal and dedicated soldier I was , gene and rupaul don’t deserve a soldier Like me they don’t deserve my dedication.ROCK SOLDIERS UNITE!

  27. This is just another example of how shallow and pinhead thinking has taken a once great band and is sinking into oblivion slower than the titanic did and at some point and time they will look back on all this and wish they would have taken this opportunity when they still had the chance and so on behalf of one of the lifetime KISS fanatics that are no longer a part of the movement, I say this “you have contradicted yourselves more times than I have kept track of, you have proven that as long as you don’t get the response or reply that you want, you block or simply ignore them, and if its not your way, its no way, regardless of who you have to step on or take advantage of to get further in your empire called KISS” you said it yourselves that “if it wasn’t for the fans, you would be nothing or you wouldn’t be where you are today” well, if your going to be saying stuff like that then say it the way you mean it, ” if after all the years of buying our albums and coming to our shows, and you don’t like the way were running the group now….well thanks for your support but we don’t need you anymore”

  28. gene & Paul , what you guys seem to realize is that this is A ONE SHOT DEAL !!! u don’t get a second shot at being inducted into the hall of fame !! THIS IS YOUR & OUR’S ( kiss army ) LEGACY !!!! get it right gentlemen !!!! because you will regret it forever !!! instead of being remembered for what kiss was, this fiasco is what will remembered . Just DISGUSTING !!!! YOU OWE US !!! AGAIN YOU OWE US ! for the years of LOYAL support . take the stage with pete & ace in makeup & have tommy & eric there also without makeup sitting next to anyone that was a part of kiss . End the night with a full all out kiss jam with everyone in the kiss family on stage with an extra empty drum set in honor of eric carr GO OUT WITH CLASS !!!!!!! THE FANS WANTED US TO PLAY WE HEAR AND WE OBEY !!!!! REMEMBER THAT ? & where is tommy & eric on all this ??????????? they say there major kiss fans , so if they are they SHOULD BACK OUT !!!!!! OUT OF RESPECT FOR THE LEGACY OF OUR BAND KISS

    1. Mario…the greatest thing they could have ever done, the most Kiss like thing they could have ever done was to give the RRHOF the finger. Yep after the nomination, all of them should have gotten together for a press conference and said thanks but no thanks. You didn’t need us 17 years ago and we don’t need you now. Boom…now that would have been story. Kiss comes out doing what they’ve always claimed to have done and that’s go against the grain. Instead…Rolling Stone, the RRHOF, it’s been nothing but bad press and PR from the get go.

    2. Tommy and Eric are employees they can’t say anything without getting fired.
      The HOF wants Original KISS on stage only, in Makeup, BUT KISS said NO to THAT. IF they would have said yes they may have been able to convince them let the whole KISS family to jam but they would have never let V.V. play with them,

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