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kiss-return Forty years after the release of their debut album, KISS have finally made the cover of Rolling Stone. Marking the band’s upcoming induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the cover image is a classic 1975 photo of the band’s original lineup: Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, plus Ace Frehley and Peter Criss.

The cover story, by Rolling Stone senior writer Brian Hiatt, tells the sad, hilarious and triumphant story of one of the biggest rock bands ever, taking an in-depth look at the founding members’ lives and careers. Hiatt hung out with all four original members in their homes (in San Diego, Beverly Hills and Monmouth County, New Jersey) where they shared fond memories and, inevitably, some intense backbiting. “I keep thinking about Ace and Peter,” Simmons admits. “”What are they doing now? Where are they?’ It’s gotta be close to the end. How do you make any money? How do you pay your bills?”

Even Stanley and Simmons have had their differences. “We’ve always seen each other as brothers,” says Stanley. “What we seem to be at odds at is how you treat your brother. Gene’s priority, by far, has always been himself. And he’s not one to let anyone else’s feelings or contributions get in the way.”

They also explain precisely why they won’t be reuniting for a performance at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Stanley and Simmons offered to allow the former members to jam with KISS’ current lineup, featuring guitarist Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric Singer, but Ace and Peter found that proposition deeply insulting. “I won’t be disrespected,” Criss says. “How can you put me in the Hall of Fame and then tell me to go sit over there in the corner while another guy puts on my makeup and plays? That’s an injustice. To the fans, too.”

Simmons counters that Frehley and Criss “no longer deserve to wear the paint.” “The makeup is earned,” he adds.”Just being there at the beginning is not enough… And if you blow it for yourself, it’s your fault. You can’t blame your band members. ‘Oh, look what happened to me. Oh, poor me.’ Look at my little violin. I have no sympathy.”

Frehley suggests another reason for the current members’ reluctance: “The reason they don’t want to perform with me and Peter is because the last time they did, they had to do a reunion tour. We play three songs, the fans go crazy. They don’t want to open up a can of worms.” Frehley, meanwhile, says he licensed – rather than sold ­– the rights to his Spaceman makeup to the band, and suggests that he’s due to get the rights back sometime soon.

Also in the story, Simmons says his touring days are almost done. “I’m 64 now,” he says. “Three more tours. Two, if I have a life change of some kind.”

KISS’ Rolling Stone cover story goes on sale Friday, March 28th and online tomorrow, March 26th.




  1. The Tubes…they still have 4 original members and I’ve caught them a couple of times in the last few months and they were GREAT. Roger Steen is so underrated, well, they all are; jazz fusion guys who can write songs. They play for 2 and half hours and meet the fans after the show, no VIP package or anything. I am getting off the whole Corporate rock carousel, it actually doesn’t have to be this way, and the business side wants to convince fans that their way is the only way. Seriously, I ain’t falling for this shit.

    1. Rock and roll has become gentrified. Rock concerts used to be places where you could really let your hair down; now it’s security flunkies, and way overpriced beer and merch. Rock and roll is now a pawn in a Capitalist scheme of placating masses of people, while the rich get richer. It doesn’t matter, the ice caps are going away, and we are all pretty much fucked anyway.

  2. Ace is correct, 3 songs with the ’77 line-up would blow the roof off and Gene would be on the mic: get yer Thayer & Singer tickers to the hottest show in ’14. Gene knows what a number of people will say: how do they pay their bills? I often wonder this myself. I doubt Ace owns his Kiss face, he & Peter sold out decades ago. Hey Gene, publish yer poloroids, make us see what Peter said: “you wouldn’t want to see them, its ugly”.

  3. I had a lot of great years with Kiss dating back all the way to 1975. Pretty much like all versions barring the now.. Obviously the original was special and nothing will top that but Kiss survived because of Gene and Paul. Much respect for never quitting. That I won’t ever forget. In fact anybody that was lucky enough to have seen them on the Creatures Tour was IMO…the best version of “live” Kiss that ever took the stage. And yeah, I was there for Destroyer, Love Gun tours etc… Vincent and Carr elevated the talent levels far beyond Ace and Pete…not to mention the band played with a fury on that tour I had not seen before or since with them. Sadly there’s probably not a proper (better than current SA footage) video of it…at least that hasn’t filtered out yet. I love Pete and Ace but they chose their path and I don’t feel sorry for them. As a musician, one that would have loved to have been given the chances they’ve been given…no, I don’t feel sorry for them in the least. The fact…they blew it. And now…Gene and Paul are blowing. And people…let’s forget this high road crap…both camps have thrown rocks and each other’s houses for years…before and after the reunion tour. Further…the Farewell Tour was just that for me…a Farewell to the band. I’ve not been back since, not bought the new music, not bought into the new lineup for simply because they said Farewell. That should have been the end of it. I do support their right to continue on…afterall, they’ve earned it and as long as people still buy it…well that’s up to those consumers.

    HOWEVER…after all I’ve said…my main point is… I find it rather humorous and sadly ironic that for a band of musicians i.e the original 4…that Jann Wenner, Rolling Stone Magazine, Dave Marsh, the RRHOF and all those corporate rock journalists, so called musicians, the clique so to speak are finally have the last laugh as the band…Pete, Ace, Gene and Paul…the guys that so gloriously gave the middle finger to the rock establishment and succeeded in spite of them is being dismantled by the very establishment they’ve tried to avoid for 40 years as they implode from the inside. In the end…the quest for “acceptance” by the RRHOF may be the very undoing of a band most of us have followed in for 40 years. Trust me, and Eddie Trunk will verify this…the so called establishment (see above) is having a big ass laugh about all of this. After 40 years, they’ve finally gotten the best of KISS.

    1. The credibility of the band has long been being dismatled just because of P and G putting big money first. Not by the business establishment, do not forget: P and G are part of this establishment, they have adapted to it, their attitudes are right-wing, conservative, they are not avoiding it, they have used it (merchandise!!) ever since. They are using it today to start new businesses like LA Kiss. They use its rules, bend them for their own good and they milk the cow. The Fall of Shame is not as powerful as they would like to see themselves, they cannot destroy what the current lineup themselves has been starting to destroy (legacy, credibility, you name it).

  4. As Paul and Gene reach advanced age, they could decend into a bitterness that destroys there brand. Kind of like Charlton heston as a mental vegetable for the NRA. If they loose it, we just have to hang onto our Positive memories of when they were for real. They dont own the Army. Kiss will die and the Army lives on. They dont own our lives.

    1. Funny you say that. I was thinking the same thing just yesterday. I do however have an ACE tattoo on my arm that I will never be ashamed of. I made the design myself and at the bottom is ACE is spelled out like he has it (in block letters). Last time I went to see them I took a black marker and crossed out ACE, wrote vinnies name, crossed it out, wrote Bruce’s name, crossed that out and wrote Tommy’s name. It was funny at the time. Now that I look back, I should have wrote Gene, Paul, Eric and Tommy and crossed it all out.

  5. I love the original band but Gene is .100% correct. Kiss is a sacred special band and being in Kiss should be an honor and a privilege to protect and never take for granted and reckless immature behavior destructive to the band and completely disrespectful the fans like missing recording sessions,flights,showtimes,meetings,choosing poker,drugs,booze,. Imagine any of us doing any combination of those offenses at our careers and watch how fast our legacy and reputation would be ruined for life. But in the case of Peter and Ace they were forgiven and given the second chance none of us would be or rarely be able to haven . Gene and Paul pushed aside a successful era of Eric Singer and kulick to bring back ace and Peter. Again they eventually chose to irresponsibly abuse their chances and choose to stop or give up Kiss. In the case of Peter it was 3 chances as he was asked back for symphony. Gene didn’t say they never deserved to wear paint just that they have moved on and because of.their past choices no longer deserve the make-up,much like none of us after one mistake would deserve our jobs anymore with that behavior. I believe they both are sober and straight now but still far from responsible..

    1. You write about KISS as if it were I.B.M. or Intel, Inc – they are a ROCK BAND for God’s sake ! the 1970’s culture of Studio 54, Disco, ect – they were ALL doing IT. No excuse, you are right – for indulging, but that was the culture of the time.

      Regardless of that – the EARLY KISS is the REAL KISS. THAT band was the #1 band in 1978, ( I was there…were YOU ? ) ALL the great songs came from THAT ERA. AND – do you really think the UNMASKED KISS was THAT GOOD ???

      Anyway – many people who criticise Ace and Peter WERE NOT FANS OF THE BAND PRIOR TO 1980 !

      And Chad – I would assume – you were NOT a fan prior to 1980 .

      I WAS !

      1. With due respect to you being there prior to 1980 , contrary to what you want to assume about me I’m a fan since 1976,the first record I ever saved up my own money for was 1977 LOVE GUN and my first concert was Dynasty tour in Freeman coliseum, San Antonio Texas. I love the original band line up and I loved other eras. I’m saying and defending the current lineup because it is one of my favorite combinations of talent. I respect every one to their own favorite lineup but yes I was there and don’t need to be told I wasn’t there prior to 1980 when I was. Yes Ace, Peter,Gene,Paul is awesome but in MY opinion they moved on and I happen to also love Eric,Tommy,Gene,Paul. Different lineup doesn’t mean those men are fake. I just enjoy both lineups and the ones in between Sal. Take care and I respect your views as long as you please refrain from assuming when I came onboard. Thanks

  6. Again….a retweet about someone putting down this era of Kiss as fake. There is nothing fake about a line up that tours and records 2 albums and is dedicated and talented and professional. I again take strong offenses to hearing my favorite drummer and friend of 25 .years is a fake. That a guitarist I have been a fan of since Black n Blue is a fake. For 11 years this whether you like or not has been Kiss. Now. Totally fair if you were to say a Kiss lineup I don’t like that would be fine…but fake is an insult not only to Eric and Tommy..(two gentlemen that don’t deserve to be called names) and disrespectful to two legends of rock in Gene and Paul. Where is the respect for them..this site shows it to so many rock legends not nearly as huge as Kiss but is disrespectful to Paul and Gene who have always been kind to my family and brothers who are wounded warriors. Gene has given us meet n greets. Sorry it’s always negative Gene and Paul and pro everything Ace and Peter and a hard rock site should respect that there are two sides to praise and celebrate. It is possible to be neutral. What is written in these articles and books by members isn’t always the truth. Is it their perspective? Yes. But not necessarily how all went down and we don’t know unless we were there and last time I was intoxicated my memory of what EXACTLY happened in the past was fuzzy at best. Interesting then so many talking two admittedly intoxicated during the living of what they wrote about taken as fact. Meaning during a lot of their admitted being in drug and alcohol states. Very interesting how detailed the books recall events.

    1. Except for what pete said on tms, I havent heard anything bad from pete/ace…its been coming from the paul/gene camp…and by eric and tommy, you mean “fake frehley” and “cheater criss”? Lol

        1. Sal. Sir I addressed your false assumption that I came onboard in 1980 or later. I came on board in 1976, and as I said above the first record I saved with my own money was LOVE GUN 1977. My first concert was Dynasty tour in San Antonio. Again I loved the originals and I loved lineups after and those records. I respect your views as well as long as you keep the incorrect assumption out from when I’m on board. Kiss lineup today I still great enjoy seeing and listen ing to on record. I know many of you find it odd to respect the entire life of Kiss but I do and I was just defending them being labeled as fakes because to me they are certainly not. I respect the way Gene and Paul reached out to my brother when he lost his legs. We all got meet and greets and Paul, Gene,Eric and Tommy came to hospital. These are not fake men. All views respected just realize the hurt of being told because I enjoy all lineups that I’m some late blooming Kiss fan. No I’ve been with them since .70s and I’m with them PROUDLY in 2014.

    2. I’m pretty sure the man this website is named after (Eddie) has continuously stated that his door will always be open to gene and paul. They are welcome to share there side and another article was actually posted in which gene and paul state their opinions about ace and peter. Do not say this site is pro ace and peter. It’s just that a majority of fans are realizing that gene and paul continuously use their twitter to bash two former members (whom have blamed themselves countless times already). Gene and paul want the last word. Simple fact. Their egos are through the roof.

        1. I know you 100% for sure have always said your door is open also to Gene and Paul. You have said that and I believe that but I am only saying others in rock super stardom also don’t come to talk with you and you speak very complimentary and.supportive of the hard work they do. Whether you think the Spider stage,last 2 studio albums and few tours by current lineup are good or not it’s the fact that level of work and effort by 4 guys is also Kiss and not just fake. I have loved Eric Singer since Badlands and Tommy since Black n Blue. I also love Ace,Peter,Bruce,Carr. The only thing that stings and is hard to swallow around this site is hearing the current line up treated as not valid. As I stated me and many Kiss fans accept all Kiss eras and while I loved and first fell in love with first lineup I equally love the current and my feelings are also a legitimate take.on all this. Above I wrote how this lineup visited my wounded brother in hospital and Gene and Paul gave us all meet and greets and were sincere and kind. I and my brother won’t forget Eric drumming privately on a single drum by my brother’s bed. Or Tommy and me talking guitar techniques. This Kiss is real to me and others I know. This is all I ask be accepted here. Not asking anyone to agree with me, just not be hollered a fake KISS lover or a koolaid drinker ya know. To those that may ask why come to this site than where so many appear to side only with Ace and Peter as the genuine nice guys, I say because I too respect and am a fan of Eddie. I have supported and continue to support his radio and I love TMS. I bought both his wonderful books and the fine information we get from here. I’m not trying to knock you Ed because I enjoy and am a supporting fan. It’s just the one thing…I’m still a huge Kiss fan in 2014 and I don’t think any member is and “ass” or want to be told lineup I enjoy is a fake.. I respect how others feel differently just respect that I and others aren’t wrong for liking all eras PROUDLY of KISS. Thanks.

          1. I loved and supported all eras of Kiss too. But Gene and Paul had to know there was going to be a very divided camp with their fans when they decided to have Tommy and Eric impersonate the personas, stage mannerisms, and playing style of two icons of the band. To me they robbed those guys of the chance to carve out their OWN identity. I respect all opinions and judge no one. If you are cool with it fine. But I have never been as a fan and MANY agree, although few who are known in media or in other bands say it. But trust me, TONS do behind close doors. Even bands they have toured with over the years.. To each his own.

        2. I’m upset because Sal on this site accused me of NOT being a REAL Kiss fan and he incorrectly assumed I came along after 1980 and as I stated 1976,first album I bought with my own money LOVE GUN and first concert tour Dynasty. I was a huge fan then and I’m a huge fan in 2014 and that stance should be just as real and valid as any other view on here.I said I respect.Sal to have his view why is it wrong I love all eras of Kiss. Eddie didn’t you say views could be welcome and would only be printed if they weren’t disrespectful to others?….I enjoy all you do and just want to be able to express myself without being disrespected on here.

          1. Chad. Your the real deal and I see all your points on this ongoing emotional issue. Enjoy whatever you want to enjoy. Put on Creatures, one of my personal faves and remember the good times Bro.

    3. Rock LEGENDS – I think legend is not what you ARE it is what you are MADE. Always imagine these superhuman beings sitting on the toilet just as you and me. It is typical of man’s behaviour to put people up on a pedestal and then either brainlessly worship them for no good reason or throw stones at them for mostly the same reasons.

  7. Hey Eddie,
    Do you know if Eric Carr and Vinny’s makeup/persona were truly their own creations and true extensions of themselves like Ace and Peter’s or did Gene and Paul have some kind of influence? I always thought it was little bit suspect. It’s like they lost one animal character (cat) and came up with the idea of having another animal (fox) to keep some continuity. The same goes for Vinny and Ace- They lost one eccentric, alien, weirdo in Space Ace and replaced him with another weirdo , the Egyptian-ish Ankh Warrior character. The idea also seems applicable to their names- Didn’t they go with “Eric Carr” because the syllables of the first and last name matched “Peter Criss” so it would still sound “right” when one says all of the band member’s names in a row? And Vinny was also known as “The Wiz” which is a similar idea to “Ace.” Reading about Gene and Paul now, this seems like something they’d do. It all comes off very “canned” and too calculated unlike the original Kiss at their inception. I don’t state this stuff as fact but it is fishy to me. It’s definitely not an idea as original/innovative or exciting as the first Kiss lineup. And for the record I love Vinny and Eric’s contribution to the band especially Creatures and Lick It Up as full albums. Not here to hate on Eric or Vinny. I even visited Carr’s mausoleum upstate to pay my respects. But if this is true then I would understand more so why the HOF wouldn’t want to induct anyone after Peter and Ace.

  8. Funny how Paul and Gene bash the past, but that is all THEY live in now! All they play are 70’s songs that the original band wrote. Would be different if they moved on with the current band…play new songs, new characters.

    1. That’s been my biggest critisism of them is they never change the setlist. It’s so boring. They never pull rabbits out their hats. So many cool songs that never get played unless you over pay for that silly cruise. I don’t care to see them with current guys anyways.

    2. Joe respect you and your thoughts but I’m of MY opinion that GENE,Paul,Eric,and Tommy are being a great band and they are continuing on with new stuff. Yes they play a lot of fan favorites from old days but LIVE many bands play heavy into past catalog. However on Sonic Boom they released all new songs .( not saying u have to like album just saying new studio tracks) and designed NEW outfits for that tour. Then they wrote and recorded another studio album MONSTER and again designed new outfits and eventually an innovative NEW stage design with the Spider rig. Fake bands are not doing things like that. There are many bands living ONLY on back catalog and never record anymore. Proud Kiss is active.

  9. A sincere question for Eddie, knowing that Gene & Paul can’t let go of the past & the “bad blood” will always be there on their side, knowing all that, would you feel happy/comfortable seeing the 4 of them get on stage together for a quick tour? Joe in The Cuse

  10. Okay Eddie. You’re a dear friend of Ace. What is the scoop on the makeup? Did he lease it? Can you help him get it back? Fans of the original band want to know if there is truth in this. Help get it back for Ace…AND the fans!!!

  11. So if I have my “KISStory” correct, all four original members came up with their own makeup to match their own unique personalities. The only reason the band is back in makeup is because Ace and Peter came back a second time to revive KISS to arena sellout status. This was clearly not “in the beginning.” What have Tommy and Eric done to earn the right to wear Ace and Peter’s makeup designed specifically by Ace and Peter? To play their songs? What relevant contibutions have they done to “earn this right?” The friggin iconic KISS logo was designed by Ace! What an assinine comment! Tommy and Eric earned the right because Gene and Paul scratched a check to keep the gravy train rolling. Ace and Peter have done their share of screwing up but Gene and Paul would be nowhere without their contributions.

  12. I will not be purchasing rolling stone magazine. Tired of the liberal agenda that permeates these magazines.
    Also tired of hearing about “substance abuse” comments about ace and peter… there are plenty of people who never touch drugs and alcohol yet they have major personality flaws that make them miserable to be around.

  13. So much for the high road.
    Forget about the band and remember these guys were just four friends hanging out and trying to make it to the big time.
    Sad to see how Gene feels/treats friends. Guess if Ace & Peter were on fire, Gene would just pour gas on them.
    Judas, he needs to grow the **** up!

  14. I’m sure Gene and Paul appreciate all of this recent PR right before they head out on tour. Paul sells more books, they sell more of the indoor football (whatever that is) and sell more food and drink at their restaurants . One thing is certain over all of the years, they manipulate and use the media like nobody else. Paul has learned a thing or two from the PR master Gene Simmons. The RRHOF story has been a media coup for these guys. They will keep dissing former members because it gets everyone in an uproar and keeps them in the news while laughing all the way to the bank. Debating about former and current members is silly. KISS hasn’t been a band for a very long time, they are a corporation with a very diverse portfolio.

    1. Dear Gene and Paul, Nothing could be more disrespectful! Disrespectful to the fans who made you, especially to Ace and Peter and to the legagacy of KISS. Some simple and crucial points that you two should be aware of:
      1. We want to see our KISS with Ace and Peter, not your KISS.
      2. Earn the right to wear the war paint? Are you kidding? They have earned it just as much as you have!
      3. Why didn’t you visit Peter while he was sick? You call him a brother so where were you in his time of need? He is a survivor – he derserves this moment and you are stealing it.
      4. Wouldn’t an incident like that wake you 2 guys up? Life is short – make the best of the ride.
      5. They have all the ability in the world to step on that stage and give the fans what they want.
      6. Deep down Tommy knows that this is wrong and is probably to scared to tell you guys in fear of losing his job.
      7. This is another moment in Kisstory that will last forever – let it be remembered the right way.
      8. The fans have given you everything you have, we just want 10 minutes back with our KISS.

      Peter and Ace I hope you play – this is what the “ARMY” of fans want.
      Gene and Paul – get on Eddie show (radio or TV) and address this is a fair forum.

  15. I would love to think that all the people complaining, here and elsewhere, that the current lineup and especially G and P owe them and let them down and ar enot able to deliver anymore and deserve to crash, that these people actually won’t spend another cent on the band, that they all would do as they say, The ship called Kiss would then be sinking very fast. But I must admit, if Kiss were to bring their new tour to Europe again, even though I am most critical about all this, I am not sure whether I would not buy one last ticket because it might be the last time I come to see them (the long farewell …) … and bang, we have fallen for their little trap again. They know it. It is about reasoning on a website like this one, but in the end it is all about trying to relive the magic that once turned you on a certain band that became part of the soundttrack of your life. Business men like G and P of course know how to make profit from that kind of human weakness.

  16. Paul and Gene are brilliant!

    They have topped EVERYONE – including Guns & Roses and Van Halen – in the amount of buzz they’ve created for KISS in the lead-up to the R&RHoF. Is anyone talking about Hall & Oates (a great band!) also being inducted? Paul/Gene and KISS (including Ace/Peter) are literally crashing into an elitist club that doesn’t like them, and all the while giving the elitists the finger by claiming to hate them. How calculatedly rock & roll! How very KISS!

    Not only that, the media coverage that the KISS soap opera is generating is also great advertisement for Paul’s autobiography, KISS’ summer tour, Ace’s upcoming album, the Varvatos campaign, and all things KISS past and present. Ace and Peter should thank Gene and Paul for all the exposure because, before the induction announcement, who (aside from hardcore Ace/Peter fans) even cared what Ace and Peter thought anymore? They’ve gone from obscurity to relevance in the space of a single obnoxious tweet from Paul/Gene.

    Wake up, people! You’re ALL participants in KISS’ latest marketing campaign (so keep taking sides and keep commenting)!

    (A very real possibility: we’ll get to see all four members of KISS playing on stage at the same time as they will probably participate in the annual all-star jam at the end of the HoF ceremony. They might be jamming to an E Street Band song, but the collective monster ego of Gene, Paul, Peter, and Ace is probably not going to let them sit on their hands and watch from the audience.)

    1. Awesome brotherJoe respect you and your thoughts but I’m of MY opinion that GENE,Paul,Eric,and Tommy are being a great band and they are continuing on with new stuff. Yes they play a lot of fan favorites from old days but LIVE many bands play heavy into past catalog. However on Sonic Boom they released all new songs .( not saying u have to like album just saying new studio tracks) and designed NEW outfits for that tour. Then they wrote and recorded another studio album MONSTER and again designed new outfits and eventually an innovative NEW stage design with the Spider rig. Fake bands are not doing things like that. There are many bands living ONLY on back catalog and never record anymore. Proud Kiss is active.

      1. Chad, sorry to say, but isn’t that post of yours here the fifth or what with the same message, even the same sentences?? I think your point, being OK as it is, has finally come across 8sigh).

  17. Best article i’ve ever read about the band and sad to say it shows how bitter Paul has become. Don’t play at the induction with the original line up is one of the worst mistake in the entire Kisstory !

  18. It’s unthinkable that KISS was never on the cover of Rolling Stone until now. Whether you hate them or not, they were still a huge part of popular culture and that’s what RS is about – at least these days. I remember going to record stores and half the posters they sold were KISS. Of course they sold a lot of bubblegum stuff too, but way more KISS stuff than just about anyone else.

    In the 1970s RS was about “serious rock journalism” as well as politics. It’s been about popular culture and fluff for the past 30 years. I love how they give credit to all these hip hop “artists” and people like Kei$ha who have nothing to say of substance. I quit subscribing in the mid 80s. Hard to believe anyone still takes them seriously.

  19. There’s no reason to keep going back and forth as we IDIOT fans have. There’s fault on all sides of the original four.
    In the end it’s sad that their ONE AND ONLY INDUCTION night will be more soap opera than reality.
    Contrary to what Gene & Paul say, the ONLY reason they are where they are today IS because of what the four ORIGINAL members did back in those beginning years.
    There may be some kids growing up today with KISS rooms, but back in the seventies EVERY kid who loved R&R had a KISS room or at least a wall in their room. These days it’s probably a home office wall occupied by some forty or fifty something. lol
    I prefer to remember the good ol days & this whole RNRHOF deal has turned into the childish debacle that Van Halen & GNR induction ceremonies were. SO SAD! 🙁

  20. It always sucks to find out someone you respected and supported turns out to be a jerk. Some people say it doesn’t matter who their idols are offstage, but to those who care so much about their favorite bands, it does. If it didn’t matter, nobody would care whether Phil and Vinnie ever talk again, regardless of whether they ever perform a single song together or not.

    Judging by the tone of the comments from this article, this is actually news to some people but this article really hasn’t provided anything new as far as who Gene is, or his real feelings towards Ace and Peter. The spotlight is just bigger because of the HOF activity. Gene and Paul may have started this band and brought Ace and Peter on, so in their minds THEY (G + P) are KISS, but saying Ace and Peter are incapable of playing today or calling them a Cancer (Gene has done so in other interview before HOF induction talk even started) because they struggled with drugs years ago (despite being clean for more than a decade now) just shows how petty Gene (and Paul) are.

    The music that the original four made, as explained by HOF president and as 99% of fanbase feels, is what got them inducted, not the string of mediocre albums churned out by the extended KISS “family” (as Paul referred to Ace and Peter for Unplugged).

    Gene and Paul couldn’t care less about their fans and refuse to acknowledge Ace and Peter as anything but a footnote in the KISStory book, but everyone who buys a ticket shows them that there’s nothing wrong with that.

  21. Gene needs to do us a favor,shut up for 5 MNS and hear what the fans want..We in the Kiss Army have supported the band thru good times and bad.Gene needs to get off his high horse and look at the big picture..If it wasn’t for us,nobody would even care who he was..Kiss should be based on the music and both Ace and Peter were there for the classics..So what they fucked up.We all have at some point in our lives..Do our love ones throw us to the curb,not..All he had to do was play with them for a mousey 15 MNS and he can’t even do that…The current version of the band is good,but nothing like the original lineup..But Gene will be Gene and the fans are the ones who suffer…..

  22. Gene & paul your Asshole’s .. So now done with them and Their fake Kiss , have they even sold out one show with Def Leppard ? If this ant a good reason to hate Gene even more I don’t know what is ,you just don’t treat or say things like this if you’re not an ass out of RS Mag … “I keep thinking about Ace and Peter,” Simmons admits. “”What are they doing now? Where are they?’ It’s gotta be close to the end. How do you make any money? How do you pay your bills?” ….. Dam what a dick I now wish I never gave him shit with the Kiss name on it he never dissevered my money that I work for …..

  23. ah this is so old. these feuds & situations are nothing new,..people, fans need to distance themselves from the politics & drama, and just be fans!! All this concern is moot, the decisions are made, done. No matter what, anyone here or outside this band knows KISS’ true business, or all the facts…just save it , move on.

  24. Kiss is the same as Bon Jovi and The Eagles. A bunch of generationally wealthy old geezers back stabbing those that helped them to get there in the name of making more money they don’t need and will never spend. Shame on any of you that keep these travesties on business.

  25. According to Brett Bouchey (sp?) G&P’s new football partner in L.A. … the current band has now committed to play at the HOF induction. He just broke this on an Orlando radio station. There was continued pressure to play and this is where they settled. The Hall wants the band in makeup and the whole nine yards, and the band are offering current KISS as only option. He says that G&P will speak together at the mic first in costume & makeup, and A&P will go up after – no makeup because they’re not performing. And the Hall wants A&P to then introduce the band, which could be the highlight of the night, right?
    “You wanted the best … well too bad, we only got this sorry halfass cover band”

  26. I’m a life long kiss fan & I love when gene or Paul say it’s about the fans! Lol bullshit it’s about dollar signs & decimal points to them! If it was about what fans wanted this would be an easy thing but I think they have forget that from the early 80s to 1996 things were considered a far cry from kiss! Then we have the reunion and without that where would kiss be? We put money in their pockets were the foundation that holds this thing together “the fans”! playing an empty venue or looking at a kiss hello kitty doll on clearance won’t get Paul & gene anywhere! Remember again it’s about us fans!! Tommy & Eric are great stunt doubles but who goes to see an action movie for Arnold’s stunt double?

  27. Ace & Peter are out of their mind if they do go knowing the 2 fakes are playing. I wonder if Jann Wenner goes with his Boy Toy or his family, he’s the crock of shit behind them getting in so late like Ronstadt.

  28. It would serve Gene right if he could be the victim of identity theft, resulting in lost millions. It’s the only thing that might get this SOB’s attention – getting a good old helping of humble pie served to his oversized a**. Being he’s apparently the world’s greatest advocate of identity theft with Ace and Peter’s personas. My only question for Gene is with as many times as he’s dropped the ball with Kiss (The Elder, absence of focus from the band throughout the 80’s, and ridiculous brand decisions that has only cheapened the band), not to mention his own personal shortcomings and failures (attempted movie and tv career, dead-end record label, proving just how bad he is on his own with those two horrid solo albums, the legendary sex and money addictions, and last but certainly not least, being the gold standard of rock’s biggest a**hole and proud of it title). Based on Gene’s rationale of Ace and Peter not being worthy of the character, persona, and makeup they created in Kiss due to their shortcomings or dropping the ball, then there should be 100 other people out there trying to legitimize themselves as Gene – the demon. Then again, I think there already are that many out there with the plethora of other Kiss cover bands having people portraying the demon character – better than Gene has for years I might add. I’m sure they all have more of a redeeming personality too and couldn’t be any worse as for as being the screw up that he’s proven himself to be. The only difference between them and Gene is they don’t have Paul Stanley covering their shortcomings. Though Paul seems to be more and more influenced by him, as the years go by. Maybe the starchild should be replaced too and we could just have a 100% glorified Kiss cover band, which it is now, only with the added benefit of hearing more than just a dozen songs per show. Who knows, maybe we’d even finally get to see someone with a more convincing wig, if not real hair.

  29. O my God Gene is such a fucking asshole.” Really Gene” ACE & Peter Have to EARN the make up they made up and created you are really fucked in the head if you think you have the right just because you paid your lawyers the cash to get the make up rights that make’s you god of every thing right ! the last 15 years of kiss have been a flat out joke and theres no one to blame but Gene & paul …they do not do kiss for the fans they do it for Cash and Brand only …I really wanted a kiss football team right or a kiss hello kitty doll right or some one playing Ace & peter in kiss thats what i really wanted right Gene you dick we all know the truth why Ace & peter are not in kiss today so stop lying in every interview you get about the drugs they cant play its all about the cash they wanted get for being in kiss today . I bet if tommy ask for 25% of the cash he would be out as fast
    as 123 but he knows he’s place as a Fake ACE he did in one cover band cold gin now he’s got two of the guys in he’s new cover band called Kiss

  30. Congratulations Original Members! Ace Owning His Makeup Rights is So Cool!!! Would Love To See Him Take It Back And Mr Simons Try To Swallow That Humble Pie!!!

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