eddie400 Our esteemed host is celebrating a milestone birthday.

Thank you for proudly flying the flag for hard rock and heavy metal for three decades. Here is to much health, happiness and many more years of banging your head…to music.


Dana from EddieTrunk.com :)

Leave your own birthday messages for Eddie in the comments section below.


  1. Happy B-day Eddie. Have a good one.

  2. Happy birthday, Ed!

  3. Happy Birthday Eddie !!!!….it’s a tough age to get used to…I’m five years older and we have alot in common…U.F.O. is my favorite band and Love to Love my favorite tune…Rock on !!!!

  4. Lanny call jr says:

    Happy birthday Eddie, best wishes for a wonderful day! Keep on rockin brother \m/. Up the irons

  5. Steve D. says:

    Certainly no offense meant for my future comment. Love what you do and have been a fan for many years. I understand you’re busy. But the fact you seem reluctant to write a review of the new ACE CD, and I didn’t see a birthday wish from him…..am I, as a fan of both of you, looking too much into it? Or did you guys have a falling out? P.S. More Alice please…..as in Cooper. Dig deep.

  6. john howard says:

    Happy birthday Eddie. Thank you for all the bands you have introduced on vh1 classic!

  7. Belated HBD, Eddie. And thanks again for doing all that you do.

  8. Happy Birthday Eddie! Thanks for all the years of the great TMS… definitely one of my favorite shows on TV.

  9. Banner DeMers says:

    Hi Eddie. Glad you could come down and celebrate your b-day with us in Montana. I seen it was the Pop Evil’s singers b-day the next day. Hope you make it back for future rockin the rivers and hope the line-up continues to improve. This years line-up, as you know, was incredible for a venue literally in the middle of nowhere. We appreciate you coming down to see us.

  10. CHEERS! Keep rockin’.

  11. Happy be-lated Birthday Eddie! lots of best wishes from Wyoming! Thanks for carrying the flag for us all! and many more happy birthdays to follow!!!!

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