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Jakelee Guitarist Jake E. Lee (Red Dragon Cartel, Ozzy Osbourne, Badlands) participated in a half-show/half-question-and-answer-session at the Lava Cable stage in Owasso, Oklahoma on March 13th.

Lee, who wrote Bark At The Moon” the title song of Ozzy Osbourne’s 1983 album of the same name, revealed how he wrote the tune to be played originally and how it is consistently wronged by tabs all across the web today. Watch video footage from Lava Cable’s Strike A Chord below.

Jake E. Lee’s new band, Red Dragon Cartel, released their debut album on January 28th and are currently on tour. See dates below.

Red Dragon Cartel Tour Dates:

3 Philadelphia, PA The Legendary Dobbs
4 Amityville, NY Revolutions
6 West Seneca, NY Rock & Roll Heaven


30 Vienna, AUS Szene
31 Munich, GER Backstage


5 Norje Solvesborg, SWE Sweden Rock Festival
15 Donnington, ENG Download Festival
19 Seattle, WA El Corazon
21 Idaho Falls, ID Rock The Falls


  1. Sharon’s going to go after Jake for talking about how he wrote bark at the moon considering Ozzy wrote all those songs”NO”! Sad Jake can’t get credit for those great songs!

  2. I bet he got bought off for writing it. Another Ozzy buy-off for the publishing. Catch these brokesters needing loot and here comes Ozzy with the check and publishing contract sorta like Chess Records.

  3. I would love to see the REAL tabs! Maybe that’s how Jake can make some extra coin! I think it’s disgusting he isn’t paid for that song. I’d argue it’s one of Ozzy’s top 3 songs.

    1. Agreed. Even more amazing given the circumstances for Jake. Dude just replaces Randy f’n Rhoads, the legend, and goes into a studio and composes a killer track on a killer album. Pure grace under pressure.

  4. At $500 a week with Ozzy I think he came out of the gig with a doggy bag of guitar picks and $5,623 in his account….and “leave the equipment we lent you with Sal in Burbank”. Real tabs…..that’s giving Ozzy money. Owasso Oklahoma, give him credit, he’s out there….I hope he doesn’t do the entire thing like the 5 foot 2 bald guy at B.B. King’s on a stool answering questions to 275 pound guys in ’91 Anthrax t-shirts…that’s Jack at the Holiday Inn room B or Tramp over in room D stuff.

      1. Don’t fall for this dog and pony show. Daisley and Lee are trying to be Frehley and Criss. At the very least, these two got to expose their music to a huge audience and it is about the music after all? Right. If these two are so great, they should tour BARK AT THE MOON with an OZZY sound-alike. See how far that goes? GENE and PAUL. SHARON and OZZY. Make it stop.

  5. At the time, Ozzy himself was a larger than life star. We know who Jake is ’cause he played for( rather than with) Ozzy. Brad Gillis backed out and had success with NIGHT RANGER. Zak formed his own band. Daisley is metal musics best ever session bassist. Do Beyonce fans give a shit who her musicians are? Do Madonna fans ponder who co-wrote her biggest hits? Same thing here. The early to mid 1980s were dominated gloriously by heavy metal and Ozzy was its best biggest star. These whiners owe Ozzy and not vice-versa. If Ozzy has a ton of money then good for him. He deserves it. Jake you were part of something big, so be proud. My iPod actually has songwriting credits but I never check that. Too busy jogging. Thank you for ROCK N ROLL REBEL, YOU RE NO DIFFERENT and whatever else. Your celebrity and relevance you owe to Ozzy. Be grateful. Corporate America or UK for that matter mistreats everyone except the top guy and here that guy is Ozzy.

      1. SPEAK OF THE DEVIL was the biggest piece of shit double live album in history, yet upon its release it sold very well. Why? Ozzy. Ozzy could have gotten Moore or Schenker but he got Jake. Ozzy didn’t need stars he made people stars. My point is why bitch about a guy that made you a star. Besides BARK AT THE MOON and THE ULTIMATE SIN who cares about Jake E. Lee? Uh nobody. Screw him and his songwritting credits from 1983. Ozzy’s staff paid others to write his songs. So what. The songs were good, still are and good for all involved. At this point, will OZZY play any of that stuff live ever again? Jake I’m sure made money, had some fame and sexed up some hotties and now he wants recognition 30 years later. Poor him. I don’t think so.

        1. Sorry Richman, I will humbly agree to disagree with you. Badlands was a really good band and quite a few people did care about them.

          Dana from 🙂

          1. Agree with Dana, Ozzy was smart enough to know that only the most talented metal guitarist in the land would be able to stand out on his own from the overshadowing legacy of Randy Rhoads, and he found him in Jake. Jake had that special “it” factor that you could see on stage and that he was a born rock star and knew he belonged. Yes, Ozzy could get whomever he wanted, but again knew that moving a few steps to the left or right and throwing pails of water wasn’t enough, he needed top notch musicians to compliment him. I think it was a mutually beneficial arrangement. “Besides BARK AT THE MOON and THE ULTIMATE SIN who cares about Jake E Lee?” SMH Dood……….really?

    1. Richman, Ozzy maybe a larger than life star, but he has never contributed anything substantial with Black Sabbath other than vocals in the 1970s, nor was he capable of writing with his solo band in the 1980s. If it wasn’t for the talents of Randy Rhoads, Bob Daisley, Lee Kerslake, Jake E Lee, Zakk Wlyde, etc. the man would have been a has been remembered for his days in the original Black Sabbath. Sharon Osbourne was and still is a crooked business woman who later on had the original Blizzard of Ozz backing band removed from the first two Ozzy albums and replaced with other musician’s so that her and Ozzy wouldn’t have to pay any further royalty checks to Daisley or Kerslake. You may not care about songwriting credits, but there are too many talented musician’s/songwriters in the industry who are being ripped off by artists like Ozzy in any music genre. What good is a music artist if they can’t at least contribute to the songwriting process or properly acknowledge credit to others when it’s due? Aerosmith is an example of a rock band who can write they’re music and also co-write with songwriters without taking the road that Ozzy and Sharon have done in the past.

      1. Alan, you hit the nail on the head. Ozzy has never written a damn thing (or nowhere near what he is given credit for). It’s a repeating pattern of actual songwriters who helped propel Ozzy to solo stardom. From Bob Daisley (who sued Ozzy in the 80’s and was brought back anyway because he wrote a good bulk of Ozzy’s stuff), to the session bass player who wrote ‘Shot in the Dark’ (who also sued) , and Jake E. Lee. According to ‘The Ozzman Cometh’ album, Ozzy is given sole song writing credit. Ozzy comes up with melodies and that’s about it. Sharon stockpiles him with the top songwriters in the industry and slaps Ozzy’s name on the song.

        That’s the way it’s always been and forever shall be. It’s a shitty thing to do to the musicians who are working hard to craft a good rock song. But then again, Sharon is a smoldering piece of shit. So it fits.

  6. Stop acting like Sulu from STAR TREK. People watched STAR TREK for Kirk, Spock and Mc Coy. People care about Ozzy. If people went to an Ozzy show and Jake did a 45 minute guitar solo, everyone would start freaking out. If anyone other than Lemmy backed out of a MOTORHEAD tour, they would just be replaced. Same with Nugent. Ozzy is a star, Jake is a good guitarist.

    1. But if “everyone backed out of Ozzy”, Ozzy wouldn’t have any songs to sing. So There’d be no Ozzy show. To put it succinctly: there’d be no “Ozzy” without the talented songwriters him and his plastowife have cheated throughout the years. See how that works.

      1. Guess what. If everyone backed out of OZZY, he would’ve gotten other people. From BLIZZARD OF OZ to THE ULTIMATE SIN, OZZY Ruled the world. He was the Michael Jackson of his genre. I’ll bet OZZY is the highest earning metal star in history. If Jake couldn’t parlay that into more money then shame on him. Top lawyers come to court prepared because of their staff and they take all of the credit and money. QUARTERBACKS sign 100 million dollar contracts while OFFENSIVE LINEMEN are homeless by age 35. Don’t t feel bad for Jake ’cause he isn’t a star. He had a chance, now move forward instead of backwards.

        1. “If everyone backed out of OZZY, he would’ve gotten other people.”– “Other people” doesn’t guarantee that such a collaboration would have been as prolific or profound as what was had with Jake and co. Meanwhile, this “other people” theory has already been tested: see Roger Daltrey’s solo career…

          1. UNDER A RAGING MOON is awesome! A great album. Check it out. Top guitars, drums and boy that singer is good too.

          2. Yeah, and the best song on there(after the fire) was written by a guy named Pete Townsend. Meanwhile, the rest of the album, save for a scant couple of co-writing credits, was written by guys not named Roger Daltrey…

    2. You’re right on Richman. I saw Ozzy in Rochester NY in April 1981 with RR. A year later I had tickets for the 1982 Diary Tour, also in April I believe. I saw the show with UFO opening up and Berne Torme filling in the guitar slot. The show was sold out in a 10,000 seater if I remember right. We were all saddened about the plane crash, but the show went on and Torme did a great job with only a few days worth of rehearsals. He played the tunes well and we were just happy that the show went on. OZZY was the star and his songs were what propelled him to stardom. We were surprised that the show hadn’t been cancelled. It must have felt weird for Ozzy to just carry on like that without taking a break, but sometimes that’s what you have to do.

      I really liked Jake’s playing with the band and would rank him right behind RR if I were to rank Ozzy’s guitarmen.

      1. Thank you and I admire your words. No doubt that Jake is a great guitar player. I actually think that he sounds even better on THE ULTIMATE SIN. I just hate bashers. It is so unjust. Ozzy dealt with a lot after Randy died. He still gave his fans a really good product that holds up very well.

      2. “OZZY was the star and his songs were what propelled him to stardom.”– HIS songs?? You mean the songs he didn’t write? Pay attention: Jake and the others weren’t just fill-in guitar players…they wrote the EFFING songs! Understand that very critical distinction?

  7. I’m sure he has a legit bitch of some sort. But, Bob Daisley.has said multiple times that he and Jake were paid to give Ozzy the song writing credit. Bob said there were some publishing problems on their end too. So they took the money. Wonder if Jake remembers that. He probably lay needs to drop it.

      1. His own truth. What is your beef with OZZY? Without OZZY, you, me LEE, my man DR, FRANK W and DAN are all visiting Southern Rock websites talking ’bout what if Duane Allman had lived. Untill the 2000s, every single release (except SPEAK OF THE DEVIL) by OZZY is great or at least worth hearing. Forget the back stories, it is the great music that counts. If Daisley was so mistreated then why did he keep coming back? I’m not gonna trash OZZY because these guys want more money. Who are they? Be grateful that they performed with a legend. OZZY, I LOVE YOU. FROM THE RICHMAN.

        1. I think I’m the only one here with you Richman. OZZY has charisma. He might have one of the most distinctive voices in rock ‘n roll. Yes, the sidemen really helped him with his career, but he would’ve been a star anyways. You could’ve put him with Eric Clapton or Jimmy Page and he still would be a big success. Very few people ever do it alone.

          By everyone’s arguments here, I guess when OZZY”s LPs didn’t do well, it wasn’t his fault, since he’s just the singer. So when I find I can’t get into most of the post RR/post J.Lee stuff, it’s all Zack’s fault.

          In a twisted sort of way, this discussion reminds me a lot of the saga of “The Band.” Robbie Robertson wrote all the material, but other guys sang it. The other guys alll wanted writing credits but didn’t get them. But once Robbie left, they couldn’t come up with anything. There’s truth to that with Ozzy, but at least he’s smart enough to know he needs good writers. And he can find them and interpret the stuff. But Ozzy was the star.

          Frank Sinatra didn’t write any of his material either – but he still was great and would be a star singing the damn alphabet .

          1. More twisted logic and hyperbolic nonsense from John G…

            I’ll be brief:

            If an Ozzy LP “fails” it may simply mean Ozzy himself isn’t a talented enough songwriter to ensure that it wouldn’t. It also may indicate how very critical those early collaborators were to the Ozzy empire.

            “He’s smart enough to know he needs good writers”…Genius. Kind of like the way OJ Simpson was smart enough to know he needed legal counsel.

            About Ozzy’s charisma– no one here is suggesting Ozzy wasn’t an integral part of his own success, that would be ludicrous. Instead, we simply ask that his camp stop with the self-aggrandizing, soul-stripping, career-killing lies.

            No, Frank didn’t write his own material, neither did Elvis. And no, they wouldn’t have still been stars if they’d just sung the alphabet. That’s ridiculous. They’re manufactured pop stars, and good songwriters were the difference between them being the enduring legends that they (apparently) are…and lounge and county fair singers, respectively. Respectfully.

            By the way, Sinatra worship in the 21st century? Hokey, anachronistic sheepism.

          1. You have good points and I like your style. More than that I drove 2 hours to CITI FIELD to see a walk off grand slam. Ozzy doesn’t lie, he sings the best songs ever. Comparing OZZY to THE JUICE is too strong. Criminal deviant? Who knows. Killer? No way.

          2. And you think Jimmy Page never did anything worthwhile or original either. Sar305, you have zero credibility. Ozzy has a voice that is unique. How well did Tony Iommi do with all the other singers, post -Dio, who also had a unique voice? I agree that Daisley should get his due, but Ozzy delivered those songs. Kind of the like the Band, Robbie Robertson was a great songwriter, but needed the voices of the other guys to excel. How did Robbie’s solos LPs do? Not as good as the Band.

            Frank Sinatra – a manufactured pop star??? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever read on this site. Was he marketed later on via movies and things like that? Sure – but his voice was why people loved him. Elvis was one too by your account. Forget about the music. Forget about Sinatra’s incredible voice, sense of timing and phrasing. Forget that his voice influenced some of the greatest instrumentalists in jazz.

          3. @John G

            “And you think Jimmy Page never did anything worthwhile or original either.”- Again…more hyperbolic nonsense.

            “Sar305, you have zero credibility.”- JohnG, you have zero credibility. See how effective that is.

            Tony Iommi, post Dio? Is that a serious question? You do understand the concept of one’s prime and the limited productivity and quality it implies, yes? Also, did you not read the part where I freely and eagerly mention that Ozzy, of course, was an integral part of his own success(to include Black Sabbath)?

            Judging by the rest of this and your other clueless screeds I can readily and fairly infer you’re incapable of a focused , fact-based debate. My advice? Read more carefully.

            Yes, Frank Sinatra was a manufactured “icon”, so was Elvis. Incredible voice? And? Can’t do much with just a voice if one doesn’t have good songs to sing. Sinatra was little more than the Justin Bieber of his time. Deal with it.

  8. I personally believe Daisley when he states in his book that both he and Lee
    Accepted a buyout. Sure, give credit where it’s due but don’t forget Daisley.
    I also think Ozzy is minimized or demonized quite a bit when in reality it’s probably Sharon
    Who makes questionable business decisions. Bob states in his book that him and Ozzy were friends.

    1. So he is complaining about Sharon and her money because he wants more for himself. So, in other words he wishes he was more like Sharon. Hmmmm. Can’ t wait for THE BOB DAISLEY SHOW to start on MTV. So Bob and Ozzy can no longer be friends because Bob wants more money. Then they can be friends? A buyout means just that. Was Bob and Lee Kerslake under duress when they signed this horrible buyout? Too bad guys. Many people still think Tommy Aldridge was the drummer on BLIZZARD and DIARY. When those 2 classics were redone with a different bassist and drummer, who could really tell?

  9. Oh, one last thing. No one who posts on any of these articles would have a problem with me if I said that BARK AT THE MOON should be re-edited with Tommy Thayer on guitar and Eric Singer playing the drums. Probably not right?

  10. What are you going on about. I am an Ozzy fan. Saw him on the Bark At The Moon Tour with Accept opening. Several other times as well. I was actually trying to defend Ozz so I don’t see the point of the previous post. No ones perfect. Not even your beloved Sharon.

  11. For those interested in The Holy Grail. Samples of the writing, rehearsal sessions of the Blizzard and Diary albums are available at, wait for it… Bob Daisleys website. Haven’t noticed anyone mention Mr Crowley Live. “You Said It All” pretty awesome song with Randy. Last thing, Eddie and Dana, Dave Murray on TMS would be pretty awesome. Thanks for a great show.

  12. Guys, guys, guys, look it doesn’t matter if. Jesus Christ wrote the song. If he sold the tune and all. Rights to Ozzy, then it’s ozzys song to do with as he pleases. And Jake is just another guy bragging about what a big dick he’s got. Don’t matter unless you can whip it out and prove it. You sold your soul for rock n roll now just deal with it.

    1. The guy took a 20 year hiatus and now he’s demanding respect and songwriting credits. I wish I could take a 20 year vacation and then tell my old boss to give me money. WTF. You guys are supporting this ridiculousess because OZZYs wife is a good businesswoman.

  13. How ’bout Jake, Daisley, Carmine Appice and Don Airey form the band BARK AT THE MOON with any singer other than Ozzy and watch it go nowhere. No musician in history has a better body of work with a band and then as a solo artist than Ozzy Osbourne. Not Mick Jagger, Robert Plant or Paul Rodgers. His first 2 solo albums are as good as the first 2 SABBATH albums. I’ll bet Daisley made more money with Ozzy than he did anyplace else. Oh but Sharon takes all of the money. BOO HOO HOO. Why are Sharon, Simmons and Stanley the corporate evil villains of this website?

    1. Richman, I don’t normally post for this very reason. People are very protective of their favorite artists. I love Ozzy. Been a fan since Blizzard, liked Diary even more. Seen Ozzy live numerous times. I’m not trying to take away from Ozz at all, however, I like the history of the songs. I want to know who wrote what at what studio. I like the backstory. That’s part of being a fan. Doesn’t mean Ozzy isn’t the star of the show. I actually loved Speak of the Devil so what do I know. Last post, I’m done.

    2. Richman, you have to understand. This website tends to draw the people like Sar305 that hate successful people. They pull for the underdogs. It’s the “Ace and Peter vs. evil Gene and Paul” thing here. According to Sar305 Jimmy Page never did anything original in his life. “Stairway to Heaven” was a rip-off of a Randy California lick (just conveniently forget that that motif has been around in various permutations forever .) And forget about the other 6 minutes of the tune. And forget that nearly every rock band felt compelled to come up with their own epic tune that built from acoustic guitar on up. And all the other Zep stuff was just conveniently stolen. It’s true! I saw it on YouTube!!! Forget about the truth behind blues guys continually rewriting and remaking the same old songs that had been around for decades and decades before them. If some idiot digs out a similar track previously released, you have your proof that so and so is just a rip-off artist.

      This site is for the people who are pissed that Pete Best got fired from the Beatles and Noel Redding didn’t get enough credit for the Hendrix Experience. John Rutsey has a place here. So does UFO’s first guitarist. Paul D’ianno, Pete Willis, Rod Evans, etc…. They are the unsung heroes. The guys that made it stepped on all the little people….. yada yada.

      1. Stop speaking (erroneously) for me. And stop with the psychobabble. Clearly it’s you with the complex…feeling the need to reference me on a thread in which I didn’t even participate. I’m embarrassed for you.

    3. Yeah, we’re still waiting for Vivian Campbell and the ex-Dio guys to show us what they got. After all, they wrote all the Dio riffs and helped with the songs. I’d dare say that it was the opposite with a lot of this stuff. Dio’s voice and songwriting gave Viv a name. Dio had success with Rainbow and Sabbath. Ozzy made Jake, not vice-versa.

  14. I get what you’re saying about history and I like stuff like that as well. If OZZYs empire was flat broke, I don’t think Jake would care as much about the “historic” aspects of his songwriting. If Jake made bad choices that is not Ozzy’s fault.

  15. Jake & Bob had lawyers named Moe, Larry & Murray. Come on, they needed the bread and signed and got screwed just like Quiet Riot…..but in Quiet Riot’s situation: a few million. The smart artists/label heads/managers get the screw contracts out with Berry Gordy-like office meeting: a bag of cash and a pen. I bet Jake signed off so fast, he hit Wells Fargo that same day in Hollywood.You can imagine the Ace & Peter buy-outs, they got horsed.

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