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KISS400 According to Ultimate Guitar, KISS frontman Gene Simmons told Radio.com that if the band is inducted into the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame, they will not be re-uniting with original members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss.

Simmons stated, “No. How many chances in life do you get? When you stick your hand in fire, you get burned the first time. Fire and nature doesn’t care if you’re a good guy or a bad guy. Both of those guys had three chances to be in the band. Three times they f–ked it up. They were every bit as important as we were at the formation of the band and they would have been the ruin of the band if they had continued to be in the band. When you have a cancer in your system, it’s best to cut it out as fast as you can. It used to be a part of your body; it turned into cancer. You gotta cut it out.”

Simmons also added that he believes his former bandmates are much happier not being in the band, “I believe that both Ace and Peter are happier now. They’re healthier, they both look fine. When they were in the band, they were both on junk, or crack or alcohol. Clearly not a healthy place for them. They belong home doing autograph shows in clubs. They’re happier.”

See the entire interview below. The comments in question appear at 4:26.

source: ultimate-guitar.com


    1. If Gene and Paul do this with Tommy and Eric, then they belong in the R&R Hall of Shame! Gene ALWAYS says: “The bosses are the fans. We obey the fans.” Well then Gene, the only thing the fans want at this point is 1 final show with Paul, Gene, Ace, Peter. The idea of KISS being inducted without Ace and Peter is absolutely absurd. I will renounce my membership in the KISS Army if this happens. I will lose all respect for Paul and Gene as musicians. As a KISS fan, this would be unforgivable. I would be extremely disappointed that the greatest rock band of all-time ended their legacy by destroying it.

      1. As a KISS fan, I think it is an absolute disgrace that Ace and Peter would not be included…I hope they don’t get in…sad to say I am turning in my KISS Army membership, this is the last straw. Put them up there, hopefully no one watches or cares. Disgraceful…I have no problem with recognizing all the years and incarnations of KISS, and all the members, even Vinnie Vincent…but to induct the band without Peter and Ace is a joke…they were a Hall of Fame band with the 4 of them…the other incarnations were not Hall of Fame worthy…no offense to the other members but let’s get real.

        1. I agree although I did not care to much for Vinnie he was part of the band for a short time as well as mark st john Eric Carr kicked ass may he rip they were all on some of the best albums kiss ever made and Bruce “reveng” was one of my favorite albums but peter and ace are kiss….I hope Gene and Paul both realizes they “WOULD NOT” be where they are now if the the four of them had not met and as bad as it seems I love KISS MEETS THE PHANTOM and so does my granddaughter all four of the “original” members lost sight on what was happening once the money started rolling in they were magic to us with this said what “KISS” members get to be inducted GENE?????

  1. Whoa not even for one show!? Is Bruce even allowed onstage? No acknowledgement for the the two guys who got you to the point of stardom? Whether they fucked up or not you still play songs they helped write. If not the case I never want to hear Beth or Shock Me in your ongoing 13 year Farewell Tour. At some point when I saw you in Tampa Fla in April 2000 (a friend invited me and my brother in from Cleveland) and bought that shirt I figured by now itd be a collectible. Does Eric Carr get mentioned at this Hall of Sham induction? He brought you some credibility back, I understand those guys had substance problems but this is for the fans. I’ll admit I havent looked but I doubt theres a Tommy Thayer fansite ’nuff said

  2. WALL OF SOUND on the MONSTER album is a great cut reminiscent of Billy Squire s LONELY IS THE NIGHT. As much as I like Ace and Peter, they re better off with Eric and Tommy. BLACK DIAMOND is Peter’s song all the way and it would be a disservice to have Eric do the vocals. Oh by the way, no one cares about the hall of fame. The reunion in the 90s-2000s is good enough for me. The hall doesn’t deserve a KISS reunion. Peter’s book is a great bio, one of the best out there. FREHLEY’S COMET had a very underrated logo. A reemergence of Vinny Vincent would make me watch the induction more than Ace or Paul. How bout Vincent, Anton Figg, Bruce Kulick and Michael Bolton do FOREVER and I dressed as the original 4. I from ….THE ELDER is really good as well.

    1. Best post ever Richman and I agree completely. Reading Gene’s book a few years back, its clear to me that he had no patience for Ace and Peter. Having a single mom who literally escaped the nazi’s and moved her and her son to the USA, Gene is the world’s biggest capitalist. I don’t think he can comprehend how Ace and Peter literally pissed away the fame and money that the four of them had and he can’t forgive them for it. In a way I don’t blame him. This is reminiscent of Axl and a Guns reunion for the HOF. Although Axl is a massive dick and destroyed the GNR name, clearly the thought of him and Slash together puts knots in his stomach and he can’t give the fans what they want no matter what. As much as I don’t like him, I can appreciate that. Gene and Paul probably don’t want to deal with all the follow ups that would happen if the four of them did reunite if just for one song. Like Richman, I got my fill of the original four when they re-united. Don’t need to see them at the HOF and like Mr. Trunk says, they haven’t even gotten in yet. Don’t want to come across as defending Gene, but he did say in the same article that he would gladly go in with Ace and Peter and be there with them at the show – just wouldn’t perform with them. Paul feels the same way, Gene just says it. Clearly there is a tonne of water that’s gone under the KISS bridge and Gene wants no part of it. Like I always say, if you don’t like it I don’t blame you. But at the same time Gene and Paul did a shitload for those two in the glory days and helped them both become millionaires. They pissed it away and whined like babies – Mr. Crisscola especially. So if Gene can’t hack it for one night, I can understand that to some degree. BTW, the Rock and Roll HOF is a fucking joke and I hope Vinnie Vincent shows up and accepts on KISS’ behalf should they get in. Then Mark Slaughter can join Vinnie on stage and they can reunite and perform Beth together, and then we have a whole other topic to talk shit about. And Richman Eric Singer does sing Black Diamond at the concerts and its a cardinal sin. Just like Tommy singing Shock Me.

      1. A couple points I’d make here:

        Regarding the cancer bit from Gene, it’s tasteless, but the first shot was fired across the bow years ago with Ace dressing up in Nazi Gear knowing full well Gene (and Paul’s) background.

        As much as Gene feels Ace and Peter have done things to ruin KISS’s legacy, with performances that weren’t 100%, Gene’s marketing machine approach to KISS, with the lunchboxes and junk starting waaaayyyyy back did the band more harm credibility-wise. Yes, the band made countless millions off of their fans, but all credibility was lost a long time ago.

  3. i must say i have lost ALL respectfor these guys. as a almost lifetime fan of the band it sad for me to say this but i cant wait till they are over with for good. or at least the only two original guys in the band . they seem to be tryin nothing more but to shame both ace and peter,.. these were the original founders of what i come to love all these years .. wanna talk about no respect , gene should be ashamed of his self and i know what he is saying but he should keep it to his self, he is really a selfish prick.. and paul has turned out to be exactly what gene has ,.a pig… i hope they dont get accepted in rnrhof…this crap they label kiss now i’m both gene n paul but this is not kiss in no way shape or form bozo the clowns more like it…you might have this scheme over the eyes of your little 7 year ole fans at your shows nowadays but us older ones know better…this sucks and i can’t wait for these clowns to retire

    1. Eric Singer is not a younger guy. He was well established even before joining KISS about 20 years ago or so. Very good drummer. DR, yes on THE OATH, not crazy about SHOCK ME and the ALIVE BLACK DIAMOND is one of the great performances of the heavy metal genra. The vocals, the drumming, ACEs solo and the overall energy is still what metal is about. Peter says it is not dubbed but I wouldn’t care if it was. No one, not Gene or anyone can take that away from Peter. I played out my KISS catalogue over the years but I ll always listen to ALIVEs BLACK DIAMOND. Original album version lacks the energy of Peter’s live version. I like Eric Singer but that song is too big for him.

    1. There are so many things wrong with this don’t know where to begin. First they are NOT in yet, so why discuss now? They have been nominated before FYI. Call them a cancer when Peter fought cancer? Wow! And the allegation that somehow Peter & Ace doing signing shows is any different than Kiss selling fans signed guitars after shows to fans is different is laughable. The Hall would make the call on who plays IF they get in I would think. If all about the FANS as they say, you are expecting Ace and Peter to watch as Tommy and Eric as them play at a Hall induction? Right, FANS of this band and their HISTORY, which would get them in the Hall would want to see that, right? I’d rather they NOT go in than that happen. Amazing.

      1. FYI – HoF would not dictate who plays the night of the show; they would only choose which band members would be inducted. The performance itself is up to those who are currently in the band and therefore can choose to do what they like (do a quick YouTube search for Blondie’s induction several years back where one former member on stage literally begs Debbie Harry to let them play that night, and she denies the request on stage for them to play in “her” band).

      2. Im a fan of all of the incarnations, including the current one….In my opinion, if Kiss deservedly gets in, they should honor` KISS(Paul, Gene, Peter, Ace, Eric C, Vinnie, Bruce, Tommy, and Eric S)Well, I’m not totally sure about Vinnie. They all deserve to be there….Id just assume having an all star tribute to KISS to avoid all of the other nonsense, an avoid offending anyone

      3. Eddie,
        I believe that when Blondie was inducted, Her and Chris Stein had no choice having Nigel Harrison and Frank Infante during the acceptance, but refused to let them perform. I’m thinking that Gene and Paul most definitely are pulling the string or allowing them to perform and not the RRHOF.

    1. Ace, those of us that have seen the REAL version of KISS know where the real talent in the band was and who Space Ace is (here’s a clue… NOT Tommy Thayer).

        1. DR, I am relatively sure that when I saw them live in 1996 it was Mr Frehley playing. I realize that there were times when Ace was MIA but if not for Ace, KISS wouldn’t have reached the heights that they did, and trying to exclude him is absolutely wrong.

          1. Greg Baker and Matt, maybe you should read interviews with Bob Kulick and Ace himself. They’ll both tell you that during Destroyer to Love Gun, Ace was usually to far in the bag to do the studio sessions and Kulick did a large percentage of the solos. Ace even admitted that he would talk to Bob during the sessions when Bob was playing and would joke ‘how’d I do today?’ Why do you think Bob Kulick is considered in the fold with KISS? How do you think they found Bruce Kulick? And you’re right, Gene did not play bass on Detroit Rock City. The pattern was too difficult for him to learn at that time. So Gene didn’t play one one song. And Ace didn’t play on half the songs. Ace created the logo, and wrote a couple of songs. What else ya got?

          2. DR you haven’t said anything that anyone doesn’t already know. I read Ace’s book, and most of that was documented in there. It is obvious to me that you tend to take Gene’s side of things and that is fine. I know that Bob contributed to the band (I can read album credits, too). But I still stick to my original statement about Ace (who is now 7 years sober if I remember correctly). Trying to exclude anyone who has been in KISS is wrong. And I bet if you surveyed KISS fans and asked who they’d rather see playing if/when KISS is inducted, bet you over 95% would rather see Ace playing up there than Tommy or anyone else. But if the induction actually does happen (it is obvious the board of the HOF are idiots, so know knows?) then all of the band members’ contributions need to be recognized. Vinnie, Bruce, Bob, Mark, Eric (both), Tommy, and any others I may have missed (you’ll probably shove that in my face too). Obviously you read way more about KISS than I do, and I am fine with that. Really Bruce would be the one getting hosed the worst, as he was lead guitar way longer than any of the others.


  4. First off let me say that I think that the HOF is a big joke.

    I think that this is an opportunity to make a huge spectacle both musically and press wise. Gather all living members on that stage, and then just let it rip, bombs, fireworks, confetti the whole shebang. Celebrate the legacy – let it be a night for the fans to enjoy. And end it right there, forever.

    Each and every member of KISS should be there, they all contributed to the KISS legacy. If they only come as Paul, Gene, Eric and Tommy it loses all credibility and it’ll just be another band inducted. If it’s only the current lineup, it’s like being spit in the face.

    I seriously doubt they’ll get in there, and quite frankly, I really don’t care that much for KISS anymore. The more Paul and Gene talk, the less I like KISS. Sad… but true.

  5. This is Why I have given up on the Band. Sometimes I wish Paul would have gone on his own. At least for a while he was about the music. But now he is like Gene. I was a loyal fan but gave up after Eric and Tommy put make up on. I don’t have anything against these guys but they are not grease paint worthy. That was a sacred part of Kiss but now is a joke. Loyal no more sorry guys.

  6. That entire quote is just sad to read. Very, very sad. It pretty much confirmed what I said in the previous article on here about Kiss being nominated. Gene will make this about him. If they do get in, I hope to God any true old school Kiss fans that are left flood that place and boo the everloving shit out of him and Paul.

  7. Call them a cancer when Peter fought cancer? COLD & Classless Gene, but typical – All he cares about is $$ – I don’t trust or like the RRHOF – Doubt it’s about the fans because if it was, KISS & Deep Purple & others would already be in there. I’m not a fan of THIS KISS band, especially after what Gene just said, I’d rather them not go in. Guess we shall see –

  8. First let me says this, Kiss had a “Farewell” tour when Ace and Peter were in the band. After that tour, Ace left, and they fired Peter. They brought Tommy and Eric in and kept going. The “Farewell” tour was a “Farewell” to the original members. No one, including Gene and Paul have ever said “This is an ongoing Farewell tour”. This is just dicks that don’t like Kiss saying that. I’ve seen Kiss with and without Ace and Peter and honestly, they are much better now. I will agree, that I can’t stand seeing Tommy and Eric in Ace and Peters makeup (they should have had the balls to tell Gene and Paul they want to come up with their own, but it is what it is. Lastly, who gives a shit about the Hall of Fame. It’s a joke. If you like Kiss, you like them for their music (which is 1,000 times better than most crap on the radio today) and shows, not for their drama.

  9. Ace and Peter should be inducted (btw, there’s nothing stated about them not being inducted, just not performing) and I’m not thrilled with the way he presented his feelings either, but here’s a different perspective:

    If I were married, had serious problems with her that completely derailed the marriage and my happiness, wound up in a very costly divorce, and took her back via multiple negotiations with lawyers after a cooling off period only to have patterns repeat themselves again resulting in yet another divorce… I probably wouldn’t want to dance with her at our daughter’s wedding either – even if I had a lot of fans.

    It’s one thing to be the armchair quarterback and another thing altogether to be in the huddle, folks. Would it be better if Gene thought a little bit before saying stuff – yep, absolutely. Does it mean that he’s not entitled to his feelings after being there, doing that – nope. Do I agree with his stance – nope, not that either – it’s just one night so I don’t see what the big deal is. Is it my decision to make – nope.

    Also, there’s a little bit of he said, she said going on here – the quote is from a website about something that was told to another website. Nothing about this was posted on the band’s official website or Gene’s site (at least not when I checked it). It wouldn’t surprise me if he actually said these things – certainly sounds like something he would say, but it also wouldn’t surprise me if the media took some stuff out of context for the sake of buzz and site hits/visits.

    1. This was a direct quote taken from a video interview. You can google the video

      I agree Gene has the right to his feelings, but not to dash the hopes and dreams of the other members.

      1. Still don’t see any video about this via google or youtube – just links pointing back to the same written interview. Again, I wouldn’t put it past him and it would be a bad case of non-filtering on his part if he did, but I would definitely be interested in seeing the actual source of this information directly. If you have a link, could you share it?

        Sadly, what rarely makes headlines is something like “Gene Simmons Speaks Fondly About Ace And Peter In New Book.” Positivity like that just wouldn’t draw enough interest, I suppose. What I’m talking about is documented on page 522 in the book “Nothing to Lose” that came out recently. Per Gene: “For the good, we were fortunate enough to have met Ace and Peter, who completed the puzzle and made us whole. Both… were every bit as important as Paul and I in defining the sound and look of the band… That’s the memory I’m always gonna take with me.”

        I do get tired of all the drama with this band. I’d guess I’d be more upset if Ace and Peter weren’t going to get be inducted IF this happens. Glad I saw the original four during the ‘farewell’ tour – I took that as a major sign it would be the last shot for that experience.

        1. Brandon,

          I managed to find the actual interview and have now embedded into the story. As I posted above, the comments in question appear at the 4:26 mark. I hope this has cleared up any confusion.

          Dana from EddieTrunk.com 🙂

  10. How can Eric and Tommy not feel like whores. I mean they both portray guys who USED TO BE in the band!!! Whether Gene likes it or not, Ace is a legend and was ALWAYS the most popular guy in that band! If Ace and Peter aren’t significant enough to the HOF career of Kiss for Gene, then why have two other guys PRETENDING to be them!! I guess without an Ace and a Peter CHARACTER it wouldn’t SELL…..would it Gene!! Crawl inside your Kiss Coffin and go to sleep. Ace and Peter are better off not being slaves to you and Paul and whoring themselves out on every ridiculous retail item on the face of the planet!!

  11. KISS is my band. Ace is my guy. Peter is a has-been since 1977. However, Gene does have a valid point or two. First off ,Ace and Peter seem happier not being in the band. If they wanted to be a part of the band they could have been by seizing the opportunities they were given. They didn’t care enough to do the fans or the band the justice they deserved by cleaning themselves up,getting their heads right and becoming stand up guys when they had the chance. Secondly, the wearing of the makeup was an issue for me too,but it’s too late in the game to create new personas.They are too recognizable as icons for what represents KISS. Thank goodness that Eric and Tommy care more about the band than their predecessors because not only has KISS survived,it has thrived. They have given the privilege of being a member of KISS the respect it deserves.

    1. Really? It’s a one night performance that reflects the history of the band. Do you think people want to hear some new KISS songs with imposters or Detroit Rock City with the original line up?

      Whatever respect I had for KISS, of of my favorite bands as a kid and a proud member of the KISS Army, is completely gone.

      Are they going to have Buce Kulick up there? I sincerely doubt it.

      Hang it up, call it a day. I think the HoF is kind of a joke anyway, and I’m pretty sure that Ace and Peter know how real KISS fans feel. The reason they have Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer dressing up as the original members is because they are milking the nostalgia act. If the songs actually mattered, the makeup would be secondary, but they make sure those guys are the spitting image of Ace and Peter, because they know what people want to see.

  12. Hall of Fame is a joke and over the years Gene has put his old ass on every exposure show and talk show just to make money for himself. What did Kiss have anything to do with it? Peter and Ace maybe are better off not being in that show because it’s all about Gene, what a douchebag. Paul doesn’t need the lime light and should voice his opinion instead of Gene. Oh well he can’t take the money to his grave which may not be too far away from his old ass.

  13. Well get ready!!! You guys know as well as I do how many RUSH fans showed up for RUSH’s induction and how it was like a wall of sound when their name was announced? If KISS is inducted and we all know how many KISS fans there are that believe 1000% that Ace and Peter should be involved, ALL OF THEM!!! I just betcha the fans Boo them, BIG TIME!!! This will be the most embarassing moment for Gene and Paul in their lives!!! Like Dave said in his post THIS IS ABOUT THE FANS!!!

  14. GENE!! Your the biggest ASSHOLE!!!!! in the Music Business, don’t get me wrong I’m a huge KISS fan I have been since 1978….but I have to say this comment is ridiculous and selfish on Gene and Paul decision not including ACE & PETER in the induction. If it wasn’t for those two guys your popularity and putting your band on the ROCK map you wouldn’t be where your at today, so rethink this you MONEY HUNGRY BASTARD!!!!!

  15. mr simmons in 1975 i supported kiss when my friends said you guys cant sing.in 1979 i supported you guys when my friends said kiss sucks they went disco.in 1980 i supported you when people said you are inmature if you liked kiss. even when you guys were dead in the water 1982 the elder remember that disaster of yours gene…..i still supported you guys…no more.i could go on but the hard rockers out in the world get you the people who i respect more then you have called THE HALL the HALL OF SHAME YOU HAVE MY VOTE FOR THE HALL OF SHAME BUDDY.

  16. This is laughable and expected. Jersey Boys will be Kiss Boys soon with actors out doing the Kisstory onstage all over the country and P&G sitting in 90210 collecting the loot while Peter & Ace do Rock & Shock,Chiller,Westin LAX, etc. autograph shows and clubs to survive. Gene is right, both are F-ups., but geezus the RnR HOF, 1 show, gimmie a freakin break….this is as bad as Fogerty blowin off CCR there or VH. Sure the HOF is a joke, Little Anthony in but Moody Blues & Linda Ronstadt not. Jann Wenner is a clown. P&G are $ hungry greedy bastads. Read in Andre Augustine’s Guardian Of The Gods book how Singer kept his food wage checks and ate with the crew….you can betP&G pay Singer & Thayer money way under what people think. Gene: you two guys wear da ’77 make-up. Yas bwoss yassah bwoss. Hey Gene go look at your poloroid collection of trailer park hogs.

  17. Why does everyone hate Gene Simmons so much? He’s an interesting guy that’s kept KISS relevant for the last 3 decades. If you re a KISS fan, they constantly come out with new stuff to check out. The last 2 studio albums were both good. There are lots of DVDs and box sets and downloads. Everyone on this website freaks out at the mere mention of his name. CORPORATE? CHECK OUT THE $50 PRICE TAG ON THE BLACK SABBATH BLUE RAY CD COMING OUT ON AMAZON. Oh that’s Sharon’s fault. You don’t have to buy everything that Simmons comes out with but I’m glad it’s out there. FACT: GENE SIMMONS IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT FIGURES IN ROCK HISTORY. He’s alright by me. Excuse me while I go buy some overpriced WICKED LESTER shit.

    1. Hah. Define “relevant”. If the definition is that they’ve found a way to keep making massive sums of money then I agree. However if you mean musically, their relevance evaporated years ago.

        1. Exactly the point Richman. If nobody cared about KISS, this post wouldn’t have a record amount of comments. Everyone who’s telling KISS to call it a day should ask why they would call it a day when they are still releasing ‘relevant’ music and still touring ‘relevant’ arenas. That’s not my endorsement of Gene Simmons, its just a fact. Music is an emotional business to the fans. But to our ‘heroes’, it’s a real business. Insulting KISS’s so called lack of current success only makes one look like an idiot.

          1. The reason this post has so many comments is because people care about the original band, not the current version. You should stop counting these comments and start counting how few copies their last album sold: it was only on the charts for less than two months and stalled out at around 160,000 copies. That’s not even halfway to a gold album (let alone platinum like they always used to sell). I’d hardly call that relevant. As for touring ‘relevant’ arenas, on their last solo headlining tour (when they weren’t piggy-backing on Motley Crue or Aerosmith), the tour made news for its bottom-of-the-barrel ticket prices: they were clearly trying to “carpet the hall” because ticket sales were so poor. I wouldn’t call that relevant either. It’s their past that still matters to people, not their present.

  18. Funny, I see Gene’s name on list at this autograph show last July:


    This guy is such a hypocritical turd! I used to be a massive Kiss fan, and have seen them almost 30 times. I have refused to see them since the fake Ace and Peter have been in . As much as it’s a joke that they’re not in the HOF, I hope these comments bite them in the ass and make them wait even longer!

  19. Gene, Paul, Ace, Peter, Carr, Kulick, Singer and Thayer should be inducted. They all have had an impact on this band. The surviving members should all perform and then call it day. It was a great run but I think the time has come for them to end it, and I can’t think of a better way to end it then in front of a bunch of over paid execs who don’t know the music anyway.

  20. It is a stretch to say that Gene’s cancer allusion was some sort of mockery of Peter’s health. The guy was using an oft used metaphor and I doubt anyone with cancer would find that offensive. My own brother had cancer about 4 years ago and when SONIC BOOM came out, I downloaded onto his IPOD and he had a good time listening to it (full remission). So thank you KISS for making new stuff. BAD NEWS: IF ACE AND PAUL REJOIN KISS, NONE OF US WILL BECOME 30 YEARS YOUNGER. SORRY GUYS. SHORTER OF BREATH AND EACH DAY CLOSER TO DEATH.

  21. Is it really necessary for them to continuously bash Ace & Peter? I mean, Gene and Paul makes tons of cash but can’t even comment on those guys without being dicks. It is truly classless of Gene to make that cancer comment. Totally unnecessary in my opinion.

  22. whats weird is i can recall both gene and paul both saying and begging ace not to leave kiss back in 82 , it was ace’s that wanted to leave and he has that right no one should be forced to do something they dont wanna do or enjoy doing…time has come n gone whats changed, i would have to say greed …MONEY always follow the money .ppl must also know that this more about business nowadays i believe than the music.. alot ppl have a lot to lose when the guys do stop …think about that..i remember back in the days you never ever heard about money really from the guys not like you do in the last 20 years..i can say that i know for a fact is was ace that got me into kiss in the first place , i play guitar because of him ….i dont care about rrhof ..but if ace n peter arent part of it it is nothing in my eyes…

  23. Honestly I don’t care about institutions like this, remember when being part of the establishment wasn’t considered to be rock and roll at all? Who cares whose in or whose out, in fact those that are in are often totally hypocritical in their ideology. Let’s keep some sense of integrity in the music we all enjoy and shun organizations such as this.

  24. People getting all worked up about nothing…… What are the odds of them actually making it in? Pretty slim if you ask me. Talk about counting your chckens before they hatch…….That will be the karma for Gene.

  25. Uh, Gene already stated years ago he didn’t want anything to do with the RARHOF. Gene and Paul got Ace and Peter back into the band for their own fortunes. Ace and Peter never got as much $$$ as Paul and Gene did for all those reunion tours. Gene and Paul still wanted Ace and Peter in the band well after the “Final Tour” but only if they’d accept less money. Now here we go again with the Peter and Ace bashing. You know what Gene won’t like? The artists that are inducted have to pay for it. They have to buy a table at the event, if they want to attend, they’re not just “honored”, so I think Kiss should just say f-off if they are inducted, like they’ve promised they would do anyway. Who cares? Baseball, football, Rock n roll, whatever HOF you’re talking about there always someone overlooked. Once Madonna got inducted who in their right mind could call it a rock n roll hall of fame anyway?

    1. Don’t forget that Paul and Gene had to pay Ace and Peter off when they left years ago and Paul and Gene kept the KISS name. Peter and Ace TOOK that money when KISS was at it’s lowest. Paul and Gene own the name that Ace and Peter once had a 1/4 share in. So when they re-united Peter and Ace were hired guns and not equal partners, nor should they be. They left the fans 30 years ago and people forget that. If you were in Gene’s/Paul’s shoes and you footed the bill for years, fuckin rights you’d take more money when they re-united. It’s called payback and for Ace and Peter it was the bitch they’d take cause they were still making more money as hired guns for Paul and Gene than they ever did on their own.

  26. Wow all the hate.Let them get inducted first before anyone jumps to conclusion.I hope if they do perform Ace and Peter will do a few songs with them.Its only right.However i dont wanna see Peter back in KISS.Compared to Eric Singer whos a Monster on the drums id rather have Eric.Monster is a really good album some kick ass rock n roll.Regardless you can hate on me just speakin my mind.

  27. Let Peter and Ace do Beth and then let the other jerkoffs do a song. They had alot of success with Bruce Kulick I hope they would let him be there. I think Revenge was there best album in the last 25 years.

  28. Mr. Simmons apparently has forgotten the fact that if not for Ace and Peter he would not be in the position to make these crude and pompous statements. Kiss always comes off like Gene and Paul were the core life blood of the band from day one. I can say that is not true, I have been a fan since early 1974 when I snuck out of my house to see them play and I can tell you that from then (from a fans point of view anyway) until 1980 it was all about the four members. And to not even acknowledge Bruce or Eric is an outrage. If not for them kiss would have been a done deal 30 years ago. So to Paul and gene I would say this if you continuously cut your roots eventually the plant dies. I don’t think any fan out there expects a reunion but do think that they expect to see the people (ALL the people) up there that made it possible in the first place. it seems that Paul and Gene see kiss as some kind of joint solo project. Well gene we all saw what a rousing success your last venture there was…Not!
    I would suggest they do a song with the current members as well as Ace, Peter, Bruce, and Vinny with pictures of Eric and Mark behind them. Of course after all the back stabbing the two have them have done I see little chance of that.

  29. C’mon. Kiss is a joke. Don’t get me wrong–it’s a really GREAT joke. They’re entertaining as hell, they’re also probably the most successful crappy band ever. Or maybe the crappiest successful band ever. Take your pick Either way, hell of a lot of fun, but don’t mistake what they’re doing on stage for “music.” Getting worked up over the minutiae of that “band” is missing the whole point.

  30. Gene is just trying to stir up some shit to boost the TV ratings for their induction. Once again he is showing how petty & shallow he is. A night like this is for the fans & they want to see Ace & Peter as much (and in many cases MORE) as he & Paul get inducted. I hope that they take the high road & acknowledge EVERYONE who was a part of a Ki$$ line-up: Eric Carr’s family, Vinnie Vincent, Mark St. John’s family, and Bruce Kulick should ALL be allowed to get up & say a few words. A great big jam with EVERYONE would be cool, and great closure for everyone. Gene & Paul have an opportunity to do this with dignity & class, I hope they don’t fuck it up.

  31. Have been a fan of KISS since 1975 (or whenever Alive 1 was released). I was hoping for them to get in even though I really don’t care about them anymore. Now I hope they get snubbed. IMO, they have made a long, lucrative career off of basically their first 6 studio albums and those first two live albums. All eight of those albums had the original 4 members. I would have hoped that all 4 would get together at the induction ceremony and play. I am fine with them not rejoining the touring band again but they should not be snubbed at the HOF ceremony should KISS be inducted. I am thinking that Gene just meant that they wouldn’t become members of the band again and not that they wouldn’t be invited to play at the ceremony,

    1. They had the original 4 members on the cover art of said albums. They didn’t have said 4 members play on 100% of the same albums you mention. Even Alive 1 has more dubbing on it than The Wall. And to your comment about ‘they have made a long, lucrative career off of basically their first 6 studio albums’……Um Sabbath? Priest? Maiden? Zeppelin? Crue? Deep Purple? Metallica? What classic rock band or 80’s Metal Band hasn’t made a long career out of the 70’s or 80’s? Are you kidding me with that?

  32. The RRHOF continues to be a joke. I implore anyone to take a close look at the list of bands/artists in it.

    Neil Diamond is in it. Huh? I know he had a bunch of top singles, but really? Neil effen Diamond? His appearance on the “Last Waltz” was a joke. He had nothing to do with Dylan or the Band or the scene around Woodstock. Even if you want to put in “soft rock” and hip hop and disco, some things don’t make sense. If Neil is in, KISS has to go in. Case closed.

    How did John Cougar get in? Farm Aid? He was never best, biggest or most influential at anything.

    How is Peter Frampton not in? He was Rolling Stone’s Artist of the Year in 1976, his solo debut was seen as “the best release of 1972” by melody maker. #1 Selling LP of all time for awhile, #1 selling live album of all time period, probably one of, if not the top concert draw from 76 to 77, plus his Humble Pie career. On top of that, he was an influential guitarist. Maybe one of the only guys to write top selling tunes with some jazz chording/lines. He was playing a slower version of Schenker’s style before there was a Schenker! Tesla guys play his licks all the time, and like bands like KISS he influenced a lot of people to pick up the instrument. Plus he wrote the book on “how not to market yourself and how to ruin a great career in two years!” Still a good draw live too.

  33. Gene is a self serving Jerk, not exactly news but a reflection of his character or lack of it.
    I am guessing he and Paul are angry about Ace and Peter not participating in the Kiss documentary and this is there way of getting even. Petty but predictable. I would guess Gene and Paul are also mad about Peter’s book talking about Gene’s issues with severe Herpes and Paul’s sexual leanings. OUCH!
    Induction without every living band member is incomplete to say the least. Bruce and Vinnie revived and dying band/brand.

  34. I wonder if P&A show up onstage or in the audience.Neil Diamond was rock in the sixties, he’d rip it up forever with his band like Dylan, acoustic and electric. I saw Madonna in ’81, she was in a new wave band playing electric guitar…to this day I can’t believe she didn’t break out rock. Frampton not in but Little Anthony in…..111 in a club or 100,000 at JFK football stadium Philly ’77 bringing it on large, gee, the 111 club guy is in.

  35. Gene: why don’t you acknowledge that Paul’s voice is toast?
    And your broken record interviews bashing Ace and Peter every chance you get has really worn thin

    1973-1976 Ace and Peter helped you become a superstar.

    In 1996 they came back and made you a superstar again.

    But all you do is pat yourself on the back for everything instead of being thankful.

    I bet even Paul can’t stand you anymore.

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