Thanks to Jon Oliva for calling in to my SiriusXM show last night. His new solo album featuring music from his late brother came out today. Get so many asking about Savatage, and as Jon explained, the band has morphed into TSO, which is far bigger and more time consuming. He didn’t rule out ever doing the band again, but unlikely with the focus and success of TSO. Good to hear from him. Hard to believe his brother Criss has been gone for almost 20 years.


I know it’s a short holiday week for most, so wanted to wish all my fellow Americans a happy and healthy 4th Of July long weekend. Hope you all get some time off to enjoy the holiday!


I will be live this Friday night at 11P on Q104.3 NYC and Monday on SiriusXM as usual. Don’t forget even though a holiday weekend another ALL NEW That Metal Show this Saturday night with Tom Keifer, Rob Zombie, John 5 and Richie Kotzen on guitar. Thanks to all for watching, listening, reading, supporting what I do. More soon, have a good one!


PS: Don’t forget, members of this site, for a small yearly fee, get exclusive audio interviews as well as my FM show On Demand. Hit memberships for more info.

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Thanks to Morgan Spurlock who sent me a bottle of fine scotch to toast the success of TMS. Big fan of Morgan’s work and it’s so cool to have the acknowledgement of major film and TV people that watch the show. Check out Morgan’s new show Inside Man on CNN. Great guy and hope to have him on the shows one day, but he’s quite busy with his own stuff these days for sure.


Spent some time at the Jersey shore this week. Love it down there and the recovery from the hurricane well under way. One day when I can afford it gotta buy a place there! It’s a side of my home state many don’t realize is so nice. Many memories for me.


LIVE radio show tonight on Q104.3 NYC from 11P-2A ET. Listen around the USA for free to the stream at www.q1043.com or use the free iheartradio app. Dave Mustaine calls in live at the half way point of the show. Live Trunk Nation this Monday 6-10P ET on SiriusXM channel 39 with Jon Oliva of Savatage as the guest. Jon joins me 8P ET. ALL NEW That Metal Show this Saturday night at 11/10C with Dave Mustaine and Scott Rockenfield & Todd LaTorre of Queensryche. If you recall last season we heard from Geoff, now in giving equal time, the “other” Ryche responds. Their new album has just come out FYI.


Should have the cities for my book tour to post in a couple weeks. The initial 2 weeks after the 9/24 release will all be in book stores. Then I’ll do many more runs in other places as my schedule pernmits. I’ll also post the list of the 35 bands in Vol 2 here soon. Thanks to all who pre ordered at Amazon already! Yes signed copies of book 1 still available direct from me. Click the banner showing my new book on the home page for info. Unsigned copies anywhere books are sold.


Thanks all and have a great weekend!

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Sorry for the late updates here. Been busy with some stuff and also hit the Jersey shore to spend some time with family this past weekend. I grew up at the shore and it’s good to see how much it’s bounced back from the storm. Still much work to be done but way better than I thought so soon after hurricane Sandy. If you have my first book you know the shore, and the Seaside Heights boardwalk is where I won and was exposed to so much of my favorite music as a kid.


Had a great in studio visit from Carmine Appice and Lita Ford on the satellite show last night. Great to see them both. Carmine and I went over to see Lita jam at Iridium (Les Paul jazz club in NYC) after the show. Cool to see Lita play the blues with that band. Both Lita and Carmine have books coming out soon, both have great stories!


Awesome response to the latest TMS with Jake & Rick Allen. The big story was people seeing and hearing Jake for the first time in so long, but Rick was also a great first time guest. Jake’s new album is close to done. I will have a much more in depth interview with him on the radio side once we get closer to the albums release. I’ve heard much of the album and it sounds very cool and very varied in styles. So glad I was able to track him down and he used TMS as his platform for relaunch. A great talent and good guy finally coming back from 20 plus years very much off the radar. My thanks to Ronnie Mancuso for his help and support to make the Jake interview happen. It replays all week. Was very happy Jake made his statement about writing Bark At The Moon and not being credited for it. I’ll leave it to you to figure out how that may have happened… At least he was able to get his overdue credit on TMS!


Giving away 20 copies of the new Sabbath via download on my site. Be sure to enter.


It’s still ways away but excited about the bands being announced for Monsters Of Rock Cruise 2014. Winery Dogs, Jake E Lee and many more among the recently confirmed acts with more to come. Speaking of The Winery Dogs so happy to see how many are finally discovering the amazing Richie Kotzen through this band. When I suggested Richie for the gig I knew he would raise the most eyebrows with his stellar playing and equally amazing voice. Good to see LONG overdue attention about to come his way in the US. The album is out in the US late July and I’ll be hosting the first ever US show with the band at BBs in NYC 8/3.


Getting tons of requests for signings for my next book out 9/24. My publisher decides on the cities and locations for the first month or so of release. Of course I’d love to come to as many places as possible. I’ll have the first couple weeks to post soon. I’ll do my best to keep getting out there as much as possible. Pre order Vol 2 now at a special low price on Amazon. Hit the banner on the home page.

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Thrilled to announce the first official confirmed book signings for EDDIE TRUNK’S ESSENTIAL HARD ROCK & HEAVY METAL VOL 2!


9/25: Barnes & Noble Rt 10 Morris Plains NJ 7-9PM


9/26: Barnes & Noble Richmond Ave, Staten Island NY 7-9PM


MANY more across the country to be announced soon. The official release date of the book is 9/24 and we are planning a special NYC launch that day. More details on that coming very soon. I will do my best to hit as many cities as possible with the release of the book, but it all comes down to where my publisher wants to send me. Also note that most stores during the first leg of my signings require you to buy the book in their store in order to have it signed. My first book will also be available for sale at all signings. Again, much more TBA but wanted to share these first confirmed signings with all of you. Pre orders being taken now at Amazon.com for VOL 2 also.

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Hope all the fellow Dad’s out there had a great Fathers Day. I spent mine with my Dad and about 16 members of my family and of course my son and daughter. Was a good day, hope yours was also.

Thanks to all who came to my signing at the grand opening of Gr8 Soundz Music in Hellertown PA Saturday. Amazing turn out and was great meeting you all. When my 2nd book comes out in Sept hope to come back through again if not sooner. Also to those in the Allentown PA area WZZO is no longer airing my show. This is their decision and had nothing to do with me. Please let them know how you feel. Thanks.

3 episodes of the all new TMS have now aired. Hope you all enjoyed Rex Brown, Sebastian Bach, Vinny Appice and Danko Jones on our Metal Modem. This episode repeats all week on VH1 Classic and can now also be seen online if you don’t get VH1C. All episodes on my site as well as www.thatmetalshow.vh1.com As you can see we have a ton of new features we are rotating in and out in this new season. Trying new stuff and keeping things fresh. All the feedback is welcome and appreciated. Another all new episode this Saturday with two first time guests; Def Leppard’s Rick Allen, and Jake E Lee! Jake was one of our top Whatever Happened To’s for ages and I put a lot into tracking him down and getting him on the show. You will hear some of his story this Saturday for the first time on TMS! This is a great one I think you guys will love.

Huge response to the interview with Vivian Campbell I did this past Friday on the Q104.3 show. Remember this show airs on all affiliate stations and online outlets this coming weekend. Stations all listed on this site. Also members of the site will hear this show On Demand starting next week.

Headed to NYC now. Join me LIVE today 6-10P ET on SiriusXM channel 39 for Trunk Nation. Music & talk that Rocks!

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I’ll be appearing at the GRAND OPENING of a new record store Gr8 Soundz tomorrow/Saturday at 3PM. The store is in Hellertown PA by Allentown and located at 1055 Main St. I’ll be selling and signing my book but no purchase needed to come by and say hello.


LIVE radio show tonight at 11PM ET on Q104.3 FM NYC and streaming live FREE at www.q1043.com or by using the free iheartradio app. Metal Lists author Howie Abrams will be hanging out and Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell will be calling in to discuss music and his recent cancer diagnosis. Viv interview should be around Midnight. Remember this is the same show that airs on all affiliates next weekend as well. Also will play more new Sabbath and much more. 11P-2A LIVE tonight!


Also live this Monday for Trunk Nation 6-10P ET on SiriusXM 39. Been a while since we were guest free on this show and we have much to play and discuss and catch up on. We have had some incredible guests in studio lately and I have been flooded with requests for this show to replay and be available with the On Demand app on SiriusXM. I GREATLY appreciate the support and have asked the company many times, but no real response yet. YOU guys are the customers so I would ask them. Has nothing to do with me at all. Thank you again.


Tomorrow marks the 100th episode of That Metal Show when an all new episode premieres at 11P ET on VH1 Classic. When I first put this show together with VH1C back in 2008 I was just thrilled to get the Pilot made! To be here 5 years and 100 shows later and stronger than ever is truly a testament to YOU all around the world that watch and continue to support the show. Of course I wish we did new shows so much more often, but again, most important is we are still doing it and you are still watching it with new fans coming on board all the time. So many artists and fans have said congrats and it means so much, truly. Nothing really special in the episode to mark it being 100 besides a mention or two, but it’s a great all new one with Sebastian Bach, Rex Brown and Vinny Appice. Hope you like it and here’s to hopefully another 100 (and in less than 5 more years..haha).


Happy Fathers Day to all the fellow Dad’s this weekend!

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