Acefrehley400 Guitarist Ace Frehley was a recent guest on Australia’s Today show. Some quotes from the interview appear below.

On why he left KISS the first time around, Frehley said, “I quit because I started abusing substances and alcohol. And I also wasn’t agreeing with the direction of the way the band was going. You know, we had that big hit I Was Made For Loving You and I’m more of a blues-based rock guitar player…When I left, there was a sigh of relief, because I just felt like I was on a collision course with… I just thought I was gonna end up being a statistic…By the grace of God, I’m here today, clean sober eight years, and life’s never been better.”

When asked if it’s hard to stay sober, Frehley stated, “The first year or two is hard. Now it’s like… When I look at photos of me when I’m all bloated and I think about the days when I was looking at being in trouble with the law for drunk driving and all that crazy stuff… And health reasons too.”

Watch Ace’s interview here.


rocklahoma640 Rocklahoma–America’s biggest Memorial Day Weekend party–has announced the first national ReverbNation Rocklahoma Battle Of The Bands contest and details for this year’s Miss Rocklahoma competition.

Rocklahoma–presented by Bud Light–returns to “Catch the Fever” Festival Grounds in Pryor, OK for its ninth year May 22nd, 23rd and 24th with a lineup featuring top current rock artists and classic bands. The festival will feature not-to-be-missed performances from bands including Linkin Park, Tesla, Godsmack, Slayer, Volbeat, Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach, Halestorm, Queensrÿche, Anthrax, Ministry, and many more.

ReverbNation is hosting the national Rocklahoma Battle Of The Bands contest which will allow one ReverbNation artist the chance to perform at Rocklahoma 2015. For more details and to enter the competition, visit this link.

Registration for the 2015 Miss Rocklahoma competition begins March 16th at and continues through April 17th. The top ten entries will be announced on April 22nd at and fan voting will run from April 22nd-May 8th. Five finalists, named on May 11th, will compete on stage at Rocklahoma for the chance to be named Miss Rocklahoma 2015.

Meanwhile, concertgoers are encouraged to save money by purchasing Rocklahoma tickets now at At noon CST on March 23rd, ticket prices will increase as follows:

Weekend General Admission: increases from $109 to $129
Weekend General Admission Ticket 4-pack: increases from $349 to $399

Weekend VIP Reserved packages are sold out. A limited number of Groupie Packages are still available for $649. Full details are available at . Camping prices will remain the same.

For more information about Rocklahoma and the lineup, please click here.


udo According to, Singer Udo Dirkschneider says that “clever” marketing on the part of the band’s record label helped the current version of Accept land its first-ever Number one album in Germany with last year’s Blind Rage.

When asked by Rock Online if he is bothered by the fact that Accept took the top position in Germany for the first time with his replacement, Mark Tornillo, Udo responded, “Let’s say it this way. I mean, I know the business, I know how everything works, you know. I mean, they were changing the release date [of the album in order to insure that it would place high on the chart]. Normally, it was planned [to be out] one month before [in July 2014], but it was the same time that Judas Priest was coming out [with Redeemer Of Souls]. I mean, I know the business behind [the decision to push the release date back]. You know, and then they moved it to August. August, normally nothing is happening [in terms of big releases coming out]. [It was a] really clever [move] by the record company. I mean, I know how much albums it sold to [land] on the first… to be Number One in Germany. So that’s the whole thing behind the scenes. I mean, of course, it’s good if they have a Number One. It’s, like, yeah, the press [reacts very enthusiastically]: ‘Wow…!'”

Udo also revealed more about why he went to see the band perform live on October 4th, 2014 at Docks in Hamgburg, Germany during the European leg of the Blind Rage tour.

“Yeah, I can tell this: I mean, I was in Hamburg. I was waiting for the guy to pick me up for the mixing [of the new U.D.O. album Decadent],” he said. “And then I was buying a ticket — this is true — I was buying a ticket to see the [Accept] show in Hamburg at the Docks. Yeah, really! [laughs] And it was, for me, very interesting.”

He continued, “I wanted to see it once live, you know, what they’re doing on stage. And let’s say it in this way: I was… I cannot really explain it. It was like something like… It was, for me, nothing… like there was no band on stage, you know. For me, it was like they were playing everything without emotion. They [didn’t] look [at] each other. It was something, you know, it was like just, ‘Okay, here we go… Be finished and go!’ And, okay, in a way… It was sold out. But I thought the reaction of the people… Let’s say, the most reaction was when they did the old songs. Of course. So, but, you know, and the singer [Mark Tornillo]… In a way, he’s a good singer, but when he has to sing all the old Accept stuff, I feel very sorry for him. This is a nightmare.”

Udo added, “I don’t wanna say anything bad, you know, but it was really, like… I was, like, really, ‘What are they doing there!?’ I mean, I thought they really [would perform]… yeah, let’s say, really with energy and really with, you know, emotion. But this was like something… Okay… There was nothing… There was not a band, for me, on stage. So, but now I saw this, and I wish them all the best.”

When asked if any fans recognized him in the crowd during the band’s show in Hamburg, Udo replied, “Of course a lot of people recognized me. In the beginning, it was very interesting. I came in when [the band had] already started [playing], and then I was staying in the back. And then I could see all the people [looking at me], you know, like, ‘Err… is this Udo!?’ Then the people came up, of course, ‘What are you doing here?’ I said: ‘I watch Accept!” [laughs] ‘I wanna see that!’ So it was really funny, you know. [laughs] Yeah, what can I say? And then, of course, [people] started taking pictures [with me], [asking me for] autographs, blah blah blah. Yeah, but I don’t have any problems to do stuff like that, you know.”

He continued, “I mean, yeah, for me, it was really important to… I wanted really… I had the chance [and] wanted to see [the current version of Accept perform] live. And it was very important for me. And now I know what I wanna know from this band, you know, and then I say, ‘Okay, I saw it with my own eyes, I hear everything.’ That’s it.”


ac:dc2015-640 AC/DC premiered the video for Rock The Blues Away, the third video from their latest studio album Rock Or Bust. The video was shot in Los Angeles in February immediately after the band delivered an explosive performance at this year’s Grammy Awards. Watch it below.

AC/DC recently announced North American tour dates starting on August 22nd in Foxborough, MA and wrapping up on September 28th in Los Angeles, CA. To view the tour entire itinerary, please click here.

AC/DC released their latest recording, Rock or Bust, on December 2nd, 2014.

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joeelliot400 Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott reports the band have completed the recording of their eleventh studio album.

Originally planned as an EP, the follow-up to 2008’s Songs From The Sparkle Lounge developed into a full album when the band completed a run of writing sessions last spring.

Elliott said on his Planet Rock radio show, “Yes, I do sound very jolly, don’t I? I’m jolly because we have finished the new album – apart from the mixing of it. We have sung our last word, played our last solo, hit our last drum. It’s done! And it will be out later this year.”

The band’s production schedule was disrupted last year due to live commitments and guitarist Vivian Campbell’s stem-cell treatment for cancer.

Elliott recently confirmed the launch would be delayed until later this year after Def Lep had received “an unprecedented amount of offers” of work.

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Richie Kotzen KOS Guitarist, singer, songwriter Richie Kotzen has released an 18 minute preview of his upcoming solo live DVD, see it below.

Kotzen says, “Something that’s going to be appearing soon is a live DVD. I’ve got a very rough cut here – so rough that you can see the time code – but I figured, why not share a little sneak-peek of what’s to come?”

The guitarist issued his 20th solo album, Cannibals, on January 8th. Videos for the songs You, Cannibals and In An Instant, can be found on the site, here and here.

The Winery Dogs – also featuring bassist Billy Sheehan and drummer Mike Portnoy – plan to record their second album in May and they’re eyeing a late summer release.

Kotzen says, “In my studio and I’m holding a stack of paper. This paper contains song lyrics that will eventually become Winery Dogs songs. I’ve been working well – I’ve got almost five here.”


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Thatmetalshowlogo With Season 14 of That Metal Show already making history (the Season 14 premiere was the second most watched Season Premiere in the history of the series) VH1 Classic’s centerpiece in original programming returns with an all-new episode this Saturday at 9:00PM ET/PT, repeating at 11:00PM ET/PT. This week Philm drummer and “the godfather of double bass drumming” Dave Lombardo stops by the acclaimed hard rock/heavy metal talk show, hosted by Eddie Trunk, Don Jamieson, and Jim Florentine. The ex-Slayer drum maestro discusses his musical influences, how he never warms up before he performs, and that he feels better than ever now that he’s 50. The hosts ask Dave about his much publicized departure from Slayer and if he’d ever consider a possible reunion, to which Dave replies, “Let’s just say if you see me on stage with Slayer again, then all of the issues have been resolved.”

The episode also features guitar hero, John 5, making his return and doing double duty both as an interviewed guest and as the guest musician. John 5 updates the hosts on the latest developments with his trio, John 5 & The Creatures recording with Rob Zombie and later hitting the road him, and about his long friendship with David Lee Roth and the album they recorded together that’s yet to be released. Or, “that’s only been heard by two people. Dave and John.”

Dave Lombardo and John 5 both get candid when they Put It On The Table this week and they both even have the same answer for one of the questions. Eddie regains his dominance with Stump The Trunk and Take It Or Leave It has the guys discussing the latest trend of musicians having multiple side projects. The TMS Top 5 discusses the hosts’ Top 5 Best Side Projects, and it’s Marilyn Manson vs. Rob Zombie for the battle of the better showman in the Throwdown.

Motörhead checks-in from the recording studio via the Metal Modem. Lemmy, Phil Campbell, and MIkkey Dee update us on the new album the band is currently recording. They also tease an upcoming US tour in August that will end with the second voyage of Motörhead’s Motörboat at the end of September.

Fans can watch previous episodes and other exclusive bonus clips at and the new VH1 app.

Audience tickets for upcoming tapings are now available via Gotham Casting at



KISS400 KISS fans who paid for VIP tickets on March 3rd at the Tokyo Dome in Japan were able to watch the band perform a small acoustic set during soundcheck which included a version of the 1962 blues song You Shook Me. Video footage of the performance can be seen below.

KISS Ultimate Experience acoustic live set list was:

1. Comin’ Home
2. Christine Sixteen
3. Hard Luck Woman
4. If I Fell (The Beatles)
5. You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away (The Beatles)
6. Calling Dr Love
7. Sukiyaki (Kyu Sakamoto)
8. Got to Choose
9. You Shook Me (Led Zeppelin)
10. Beth


stevenadler400 Original Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler was a guest on the March 2nd episode of Eddie Trunk Live and proudly proclaimed, “I have 423 days sober.”

Adler went on to say, “The whole reunion thing, I would love to do it just because there’s two decades of new fans who’ve never seen what the magic was. I would love to be able to show them, but you know, that’s Axl’s call.” When asked if he had Axl’s email address, Adler replied, “No, I don’t even have his phone number. I can’t text him. I just say prayers for him; I have no idea what he’s doing. I hope he’s well.”

The last time Adler spoke to Axl was “in Las Vegas in 2006… we drank a $3000 bottle of tequila, we hugged and we made our amends to each other. It was wonderful! I hadn’t seen him for 15 years before that so it was really nice just to be in the room with him. I just keep hearing that he has this thing with Slash. I hope not cause it’s too old already. Time goes on, we’re too old. We’ve got to move on. If he has resentments, I hope he doesn’t, that’s all. I love him and I love all those guys.”

Listen to the interview in its entirety below.

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brucedickinson400 As previously reported, Iron Maiden frontman, Bruce Dickinson, is currently undergoing treatments for a small cancerous tumour at the back of his tongue.

Rod Smallwood, the band’s manager, has posted an update on Dickinson’s progress via the band’s website. It reads:

“Bruce has asked me to thank everyone for their tremendous support and kind wishes. He has been extremely touched and encouraged by the genuine and affectionate response from our global family of Maiden fans.

Radiology is cumulative and continues to build in the body for around three weeks after treatment, so even though Bruce’s seven week course is completed, he’s had a long period of considerable pain and discomfort. He is happily now starting to recuperate and the pain will continue to abate and the swelling to reduce for the next couple of months at which time he will be able take an MRI scan. It is not until then that we will have full confirmation that the cancer has been completely destroyed. However prognosis continues to be extremely good and everyone is optimistic for a full recovery. Following the scan, we will officially update you on this website at the appropriate time, probably in late May.

After that, it will take a few more months for Bruce to get back to full fitness. Naturally the rest of the band are totally supportive and Maiden’s plans will be determined by Bruce’s progress.

Please continue your positive thoughts. They are very much appreciated.”