Slash&Brother640 The recent news that former Guns N’ Roses bandmates Slash and Axl Rose have mended fences has sparked a new round of reunion rumors — and Slash’s brother, artist and photographer Ash Hudson, is tired of hearing about them.

Hudson vented his frustrations in a Facebook post captured by Ultimate Guitar, writing, “You obsessed fans of Guns N’ Roses. F— a reunion. If you love Guns, enjoy what they made and move on.”

Comparing the constant calls for a reunion to someone wishing they could go back in time and meet “the guys who invented the door in my apartment” in hopes they would “get back together and invent a new door,” Hudson wondered, “What’s wrong with the door you have? It still works. You still use it. And you f—ing fanclub page host [sic] need to get your own life to spend all your time figuring out what Slash is doing first.”

Dismissing the decades of reunion speculation as “so dumb,” Hudson continued, “Not sure if I’m making myself clear. But grow up. Get a life. If I get one more f—er asking me will Guns do a reunion tour, I’m blocking them. Axl is a fat bastard and the reunion would only be a disappointment and an action that would result in criticism. Just sayin’.”

Rose’s weight aside, Hudson concluded by again pointing out that the classic Guns lineup couldn’t possibly live up to years of expectations, citing other examples of artists who’ve continued past their youthful prime — and tossing in a little ad for his brother’s latest release. “They were the best of all time,” he said of GNR. “Nowhere to go from there. They captured lightning in a bottle. Nothing left to prove. It’s done. Are the Stones the Stones you grew to love in the ’70s? F— No! Now a circus act. You loved Axl when he was beautiful now he’s Fat Elvis. So move on people. Buy Slash’s [World on Fire] album.”

A day after this story was released, Slash’s brother, Ash Hudson, apologized for remarks he made about Axl Rose, posting on his Facebook:

“I apologize to Axl and his legions of fans who were offended by my post of yesterday. I am sorry I shot my mouth off. I know, or should know, better than to get involved in GN’R business. It has come to me attention that Axl is on a strict diet and losing weight. Unfortunately, my post was very offensive and upsetting to my brother, for which I apologize. To the rest of the world, I had one of these days when people kept asking me about a possible reunion and I had had enough… Again, my apologies.”

Both the apology and the original offending status update have since been deleted from Ash Hudson’s Facebook timeline.



motorhead640 Motörhead’s new album, Bad Magic, enjoyed it’s third number one chart entry in Austria, following Germany and Finland, as well as number one at U.S. Metal Radio.

Worldwide the response to Motörhead’s 22nd studio album has been immense, with UDR/Motörhead Music and Motörhead subsequently delighted to announce the new chart positions for Bad Magic:

Germany #1
Finland #1
Austria #1
Switzerland #2
Sweden #4
Czech Republic #4
The Netherlands #7
Norway #7
Belgium #9
UK #10
Canada #10
Spain #10
France #12
Italy #12
Hungary #13
Japan #15
USA #17
(Other US chart positions – Metal radio #1, Hard Rock #2, Rock #5 and
Indie #3)
New Zealand #25
Australia #29
Poland #32
Denmark #66

Motorhead’s Bad Magic was released on August 28th.



Slayer - 2015 Slayer have released a video for the title track of their new album, Repentless, which is out today (September 11th) through Nuclear Blast records. Watch it below.

The song is an tribute to Slayer’s late guitarist, Jeff Hanneman, who passed away in 2013. “I call it the Hannemanthem!” King said of the song. “I wrote that for Jeff. Oh, dude, it’s fast as f–k. You don’t know what the f–k’s coming!…It’s my perspective of Jeff’s perspective. It’s what I think… If Jeff wrote a song for himself, Repentless would be it.”

Repentless track listing:

1. Delusions Of Saviour
2. Repentless
3. Take Control
4. Vices
5. Cast The First Stone
6. When The Stillness Comes
7. Chasing Death
8. Implode
9. Piano Wire
10. Atrocity Vendor
11. You Against You
12. Pride In Prejudice



RivaSonsl640 Long Beach, California’s Rival Sons have been announced as main support to Black Sabbath’s The End tour.

Rival Son’s Jay Buchanan Buchanan comments:

“To have this opportunity is at first unfathomable and then flattering to know we’ll be in company with these bonfire legends each night. Thank you Black Sabbath.”

Rival Sons guitarist Scott Holiday adds:

“We couldn’t be more honored and excited to announce we’ll be supporting the legendary Black Sabbath on their upcoming world tour! This will take us to places we haven’t been and back to those places where we’ve made so many friends and fans. Here we go folks… Black Sabbath and Rival Sons coming to your town/city/country soon!”

To view tour dates and watch a video announcement about Sabbath’s final tour, please click here.


joesatriani640 Last month, Sammy Hagar fueled speculation that Chickenfoot were working on new material after announcing that he and Joe Satriani were “messing around with song ideas to see if [they] taste like Chicken.” Now, in an interview with The Guit Cast (via Blabbermouth), Satriani has confirmed that the band is in the process of recording a new track, with the possibility of more new material on the cards:

“I think all my complaining and foot stomping really had an effect, because it was really bothering me and I still, philosophically, just felt like there was a really big disconnect there [between me and some of the other members of Chickenfoot]. I got asked by every single journalist ten times a day [what was going on with the band]. And when I started speaking my mind, I think I realized I rattled some feathers there in the ‘Foot camp. And I followed it up with just writing some new music, and I sent Sam some stuff, and I was surprised to see him respond so quickly with some creative ideas. And I can happily tell you now that there is a track that is circulating through the band. It’s got new drums from Chad [Smith] on it, it’s got new vocals from Sam, and I think Mike [Anthony] is coming at the end of this week to add bass and vocals. So there might be something coming. I know there’s a song in the works, and I’m working on a few others that I think I can get them to do. So, yeah, I think there’s hope.”

Joe Satriani had previously stated that he thought the band was done after he couldn’t get the rest of the group motivated to record a new album. Speaking with Ultimate Classic Rock back in June, the guitarist revealed that while he had demoed a new Chickenfoot record, he was considering moving on to another project.



jakeeleeband2013600 NBC Bay Area Staff reports:

The California Highway Patrol says all passengers managed to escape from a limousine on fire during rush hour traffic on Interstate 880 in San Jose near Stevens Creek Boulevard.

The fire happened Wednesday evening around 6 p.m.

CHP says six or seven members of a band, identified by officers on the scene as Red Dragon Cartel, were in the back of the limo when the fire broke out.

The band is led by Jake E. Lee, who played guitar in Ozzy Osbourne’s band during the mid-1980s. The group was scheduled to play at the RockBar in San Jose on Thursday night.

San Jose police say the fire happened after the electrical system began to short out.

Some lanes of I-880 were blocked.



deesnider400 As previously reported, Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider and KISS frontman Paul Stanley have been taking swipes at each in the press after Stanley was questioned about an interview Snider did with Eddie Trunk.

During the Eddie’s podcast interview, Dee criticized KISS for allowing guitarist Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric Singer to wear Ace Frehley and Peter Criss’ makeup. Stanley fired back on Jericho’s podcast by stating that Snider “is a wannabe, has always been a wannabe and desperately wants attention and to be taken seriously, and that will never happen because he’s obviously clueless that he and his whole band are a bunch of buffoons.”

Now Snider has posted the following retort to Stanley on his Facebook page:

A letter to Paul Stanley of Kiss in response to comments about Twisted Sister and myself he made on a recent Chris Jericho podcast.

Dear Paul, September 9th, 2015

First off, thanks for giving me the attention I—as you noted– so desperately wanted.

Now, I’ve always had nothing but respect for your band, and you as a performer, but it really comes as no surprise that the feeling isn’t mutual. For some reason you are oddly threatened by me. This said, your recent comments about my band and I on Chris Jericho’s podcast was a typical diversionary tactic used in an attempt to change the subject, rather than answer the actual accusation or question. It’s the oldest interviewing trick in the book.

As far as my “whole band being a bunch of buffoons” goes, that’s a pretty ironic statement coming from you. The argument could easily be made that Kiss is the “king of the buffoons”, so in an odd way you’ve paid Twisted Sister quite a compliment. It takes one to know one.

Lastly, on the subject of me being a “wannabe”? Do you really think so? Well then…any time, any stage. But let’s do this old school –no costumes, no pyro, no bullshit – let’s just get up there and rock. I will bury you, son.

Sincerely, the attention getting, wannabe, lead buffoon of Twisted Sister,

Dee Snider

PS: Did I mention that I’m clean, sober, razor sharp and fully capable of defending myself from any kind of lame attack? Just ask Al Gore. :)


RitchieBlackmoreStoryOfDVDcover640 On November 6th, Eagle Rock Entertainment will issue the simultaneous release of The Ritchie Blackmore Story on DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Formats and a deluxe 2DVD+2CD edition [MSRP TBA].

Without a doubt one of the all-time great guitar players, Ritchie Blackmore has always been one to let his music do the talking. In this documentary film, Blackmore has granted fans extraordinary access, resulting in a truly revealing, in-depth look into his life and career.

From his pop roots with The Outlaws and his many session recordings in the sixties, through defining hard rock with Deep Purple and Rainbow in the seventies and eighties, to the renaissance rock of Blackmore’s Night, Ritchie has proved that he is a master of the guitar across a multitude of styles. For the first time, The Ritchie Blackmore Story tells the story of his remarkable career through extensive specially recorded new interviews with Ritchie himself plus contributions from many of his colleagues and admirers including: Brian May, Glenn Hughes, Lars Ulrich, Steve Lukather, Joe Satriani, the late Jon Lord, David Coverdale, Gene Simmons, Joe Lynn Turner, Steve Vai, Graham Bonnet and Ian Anderson. The Bonus Features on this release offer up over 40 minutes of additional interviews with Ritchie Blackmore and his peers.

The amazing Deluxe Edition contains the DVD of The Ritchie Blackmore Story in addition to the Live In Tokyo DVD and 2CDs, all contained in a 60 page 12” x 12” hardback photobook with a black and silver front cover. Live In Tokyo is the first official DVD & CD release of the 1984 concert by Rainbow from Tokyo’s famous Budokan. It was to be the last Rainbow concert before Ritchie Blackmore & Roger Glover went on to reform Deep Purple.

The Ritchie Blackmore Story contains clips from many of his classic tracks with Deep Purple, Rainbow and Blackmore’s Night including: Smoke On The Water, Highway Star, Since You’ve Been Gone, Wring That Neck, Space Truckin’, All Night Long, Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll, Hush, Black Night, Child In Time, Mistreated, Burn, Man On The Silver Mountain, I Surrender, Perfect Strangers, Play Minstrel Play, Renaissance Faire, Fires At Midnight and many more.

Quite simply The Ritchie Blackmore Story is a look into the life and career of the mysterious “Man in Black,” an introspective look at a true guitar legend.

Watch a trailer below.


paulstanleydeesnider_640 reports:

During a recent appearance on Eddie Trunk’s show, Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider criticized KISS frontman Paul Stanley and bassist Gene Simmons for having current KISS members Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer dress up as Peter Criss’s and Ace Frehley’s respective “Spaceman” and “Catman” personas. Dee told Trunk, “I don’t see how people could accept this. Tommy Thayer? I’m sorry. It’s insulting. Not only did he play in a tribute band of KISS, he’s imitating Ace in his entire act!” Snider went on to bash Thayer for allegedly copying Ace’s stage moves. He said, “Oh my God — that’s disgraceful. When KISS replaced Ace and Peter, and they brought in guys [Eric Carr and Vinnie Vincent] who had their own makeup and their own thing, that was acceptable. That was awesome. They were their own characters.”

Stanley got an opportunity to respond to Snider during an interview for Chris Jericho’s Talk Is Jericho podcast. He said, “Well, let me put it in the simplest terms. In this case, this guy is a wannabe, has always been a wannabe and desperately wants attention and to be taken seriously, and that will never happen because he’s obviously clueless that he and his whole band are a bunch of buffoons.”

A few months ago, Stanley told Rolling Stone magazine that part of the reason the new characters in KISS didn’t work is simply that “people didn’t buy it. It lost its believability.” He added, “We saw a decline that started gradually, but quickly we fell off the edge of the cliff. To go from doing multiple nights in an arena to, next tour, not being able to sell out a theater, is stark.”

During an interview on Eddie Trunk’s podcast, Frehley was asked what his “evaluation” is of Tommy “dressed as [Ace]” and “doing [Ace’s] thing.” He responded, “[Tommy is] not Ace Frehley by any stretch of the imagination, number one. Number two, what bothers me the most is that I know the new fans that KISS are getting don’t know it. A lot of people that see Tommy up there think he’s the original guy that created the makeup, that wrote great songs and wrote all those solos that he’s performing, but he’s not. He’s just a guy up there copying me and trying to move like me and trying to sing like me and trying to play like me. And that’s what bothers me the most. I mean, the real hardcore fans know. But the new fans, a lot of them don’t know.”



michaelshenck400 Greg Prato for Guitar Player spoke with guitarist Michael Schenker. Portions of the interview appear below.

Guitar Player: Let’s discuss the new album, Spirit on a Mission.

Michael Schenker: It’s the latest album we have done with this lineup: [singer] Doogie White, Herman Rarebell, Francis Buchholz, and [guitarist/keyboardist] Wayne Findlay. When we finished our last album, Bridge the Gap, I already knew what I was going to do with this album, and the idea was to add more 7-string to it. I’ve been watching Wayne—he’s been playing 7-string since 2005—and I thought it was time for me to use it. Wayne also co-wrote some songs on the record. I wanted this album to be like a book. When you’re reading a book, you want to stay with it until the end. I wanted to have half of it be fast, high-energy, double-bass-drum stuff with great vocal melodies and guitars all over the place, and the other half more mid-tempo with the 7-strings.

Guitar Player: How did you come to play with Francis and Herman again?

Michael Schenker: Herman and I were invited to play with the Scorpions at a stadium in Greece in 2009, and that’s when we started to talk about putting together a live project. I said, “I’d love to play the Strangers in the Night material.” Around that time, I was going into the recording studio and doing a demo with [engineer] Michael Voss. I asked him to help me with the guide vocals. When he was singing, I realized he actually had a good voice. I asked him to do parts of the album, and then, when I played it for Herman and Pete Way, they wanted to become the rhythm section. When I was going to go on tour, Mike wasn’t available to do the vocals, but Doogie was. Pete Way wasn’t doing well, so I thought, “Maybe we should ask Francis. We play quite a few Scorpions songs. Maybe that would be the best solution at this point.” Francis was more than happy, and that’s how we got together. The moment Francis joined, that’s when it clicked. And we’ve never stopped since. I didn’t know that it would last, but I did the DVD, Live in Europe, so I would have the memory. Eventually I said, “Let’s make an album,” and that’s Bridge the Gap. Everything was a little bit upside down, because it wasn’t like the old days, where you make an album and then tour. We were already touring, but we hadn’t made an album yet. This American tour that we’re doing now is the first time that the tour is actually in sync with the album release.

Guitar Player: Which guitars did you use?

Michael Schenker: I used so many—at least 16 guitars. Sometimes it’s good to just pick up a guitar and play it—seeing a different fretboard can break you out of a routine. I’ve been doing that lately for some reason, quite frequently—I keep changing guitars on stage. I guess it’s my “flexibility training” at this point of my life. Back to the record, though, I have no idea what I used for what.

Michael Schenker: Guitar Player: How do you compare playing the Dean V to a Gibson V?

The Dean guitar was introduced to me when I was in Chicago in 2004. I played it and I went, “Great guitar!” I realized when I looked at it that the strings were coming in from the back and they embrace the wood. I do everything by ear and feel, and that model they gave me to try out played great and sounded great. It was sustaining, it was singing. It had everything that I needed, basically. They offered to do a Michael Schenker model, and I said, “Let’s do it.” I’ve been with them ever since. They’re great people and a great company.

Read more at Guitar Player.