Fozzy once again have pushed through the boundaries of conventional hard rock as they are embarking on Fozzy Across America-three live performances, in three separate cities & three different time zones in just ONE DAY…a feat that has NEVER been attempted before by any other band.

And in a once in a lifetime opportunity, Fozzy are allowing fans a chance to buy a seat on the private jet that will fly Fozzy Across America on October 14th, via their new Judas Pledge Music Campaign.

Jericho states, “We are stoked to team up with Pledge Music for the release of our new record Judas, featuring the modern-rock classic title track, its follow-up sure to be smash Painless and the kick-ass banger Drinkin With Jesus.

Now, you have the option of simply buying the digital download of the new record OR exploring all sorts of exclusive offers only offered here- from exclusive colored Vinyl LP’s, to original lyric sheets with handwritten studio notes, to private guitar lessons and Q&A’s with the band, to a seat on the private jet flying Fozzy Across America on Oct 14th. Every pledge comes with a digital version of the record and gives you access to exclusive behind the scene tour updates as we hit the road September 26th-October 8th and again on October 14th.

Be sure to share this with all your friends and thank you for your support! Remember, Fozzy is BAND OWNED and FAN OPERATED and this is our gift to you. Let us know what you think, we look forward to rocking with you very soon.”

Fozzy Across America stops on October 14th:

Ft Myers, FL – WRXK 96K-Rock– Tickets available for .96 starting Sep 18th
The Ranch –
9AM Showtime – All Ages
Post Show VIP Meet & Greet-

El Paso, TX
KLAQ 95.5 – Tickets exclusively only from KLAQ
Star City Studios –
3PM Showtime – All Ages

Las Vegas, NV
KOMP 92.3
Hard Rock Cafe –
11PM Showtime – 18+

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Bruce Dickinson‘s What Does This Button Do? autobiography is one of the year’s most anticipated books as we finally get to peer inside the Iron Maiden frontman’s life and delve further into his career. We’re just over one month away from the U.S. release and headbangers can now salivate at the prospect of meeting Dickinson in person at one of seven stateside book appearances.

After wrapping up select appearances in the United Kingdom, Dickinson will cross the Atlantic Ocean and prepare for a series of appearances in the U.S. starting on October 30th, the day before his autobiography hits shelves and webstores in the country. The singer will make three appearances in New York over a two-day span before hitting California for a pair of stops on November 1st and November 2nd, trekking back to the East Coast for one more New York stop and a final one in New Jersey. All dates can be seen below and for further details, including ticket info about each event, head to Iron Maiden’s website.

Dickinson recently released the first excerpt from his forthcoming book, detailing how he was struggling with his voice onstage during his pre-Maiden days as the frontman for Samson. He also chronicled being tapped as Iron Maiden’s new singer after being recruited by the band’s manager, Rod Smallwood, who pulled the singer aside at a festival to discuss the opportunity.

To read more about the book, and where to pre-order, please click here.

Bruce Dickinson 2017 U.S. Book Appearances

Oct. 30 — Huntington, N.Y. @ Book Revue — 7PM
Oct. 31 – New York City, N.Y. @ Hudson Union Society — 12PM
Oct. 31 – Brooklyn, N.Y. @ Saint Vitus Bar, Hosted by WORD Bookstore — 7:30PM

Nov. 1 – Los Angeles, Calif. @ The Regent Theater, Hosted by Book Soup — 7PM
Nov. 2 – Menlo Park, Calif. @ Kepler’s Books — 7:30PM
Nov. 3 – New York City, N.Y. @ Gramercy Theatre, Hosted the Strand Bookstore — 6PM
Nov. 4 – Ridgewood, N.J. @ Bookends Bookstore — 1PM

additional source:

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Four years after Adrian Vandenberg made a spectacular comeback with Vandenberg’s Moonkings, the band returns with a sophomore album, simply titled MK II. Due on November 3rd through the Mascot Label Group, the disc has all the qualities of the debut: once again the four-piece band manages to create a perfect mix of vintage seventies hard rock and current styles of heavy rock. Adrian Vandenberg shines as a bonafide guitar virtuoso, while the rest of the band also delivers in spades. Yet MK II has even more to offer than the highly praised first album. It shows how the band grew into a strong unit during the world tours of the recent years. Watch a video for the song, Tightrope, below.

“The last few years have been very important indeed,” confirms Adrian Vandenberg, who previously gained world fame as the guitarist and songwriter of Vandenberg and Whitesnake. “We just got to know each other when we recorded out debut album. I think we all exceeded each other’s expectations. But you really get to know each other while on the road. It was then that I really became impressed by the abundance of energy that this band has. We tried to capture this on our new album. At the same time, we all grew individually. I am really amazed by the way Jan Hoving has grown even more in his role as a singer and as a frontman. I’ve played with the best bass players and drummers in my extensive career, but, with all respect, I dare to say that Sem Christoffel and drummer Mart Nijen Es form the best rhythm section I ever had the pleasure of working with.”

“The fantastic response to our debut received also gave us a major boost,” said Adrian. “We felt confident to loosen things up quite a bit. Sem and Mart really go for it of at the end of ‘The Fire’. Previously, I would have called for a fade-out in the mix, but this time we decided to keep it and put it on the record. It somehow reminded me of the ’70s Cream and Led Zeppelin jam sessions that nobody seems to do anymore these days. I allowed myself to rip all over the end section of ‘If You Can’t Handle The Heat’. I’ve always found that as a guitar player you should be able to tell a story in about twenty seconds, so this time it was great to break this rule for a change and let myself go completely. Never before in my career I have done this on an album. All in all, working on this album was a wonderful experience. The notorious ‘second album syndrome’ never reared its ugly head.”

The release of MK II will be supported with club tours and appearances on festivals worldwide. “I’ve been a professional musician for over forty years, but I am still as eager as I have always been and still have the feeling that I’m just getting started,” added Adrian. “I am convinced that we have many good years ahead with this band.”

MK II track listing:

1. Tightrope
2. Reputation
3. Angel In Black
4. The Fire
5. Walk Away
6. All Or Nothing
7. What Doesn’t Kill You
8. Ready For The Taking
9. New Day
10. Love Runs Out
11. If You Can’t Handle The Heat

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Matt Wardlaw of Ultimate Classic Rock spoke with Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale on the their eponymous’87 album, which will be released as Super Deluxe Edition on October 6th. Highlights from the discussion, appear below.

UCR:Your Twitter account is always quite entertaining. How much time would you say you spend tweeting? Do you have those pictures that you tweet out on your computer or do you dig that stuff out?

David Coverdale: It’s interesting. I have a network of friends that we’ve always had — and some very well-known people. We share funnies and s— that we think is amusing. And if it isn’t too blue or whatever, I’ll use it for Twitter. When I started getting involved with social media, it would take significantly more time for me when I had the BBS, the bulletin board. Because that would be more like me doing interviews with people. It was fascinating, because the fans asked a lot of questions that most journalists don’t f—ing bother with. A lot of journos don’t do the research — it’s just another gig to them. To me, I try to make each interview more of a conversation, but interesting and not the same. But I can’t really give too many alternate answers if the questions are all the f—ing same.

[Interacting on the bulletin board] took an awful lot of my time. But when Twitter started, it’s just nothing. I just take my phone out. My sole purpose of being involved in social media is information, entertainment and interaction. If the internet stopped tomorrow, it wouldn’t affect my life at all. It’s just like now, we have millions of people who act as A&R men and women for us.

UCR: Looking at the story of [the ’87] album, it seems like you really had an adventure just making it. Put to the side for a second how successful this album ends up being, there was probably a moment when you got finished making the album, where you’re just glad that you ended up with a finished record.

David Coverdale: I thought I was done. I thought it was over. I thought it was “Stick a fork in me, I’m done.” I was very substantially in debt due to not working for two or three years, and there had been terrible advantages taken while I was recovering from [sinus] surgery and unable really to function in a professional environment. And people who I trusted, I found out I couldn’t trust. So, the album became extraordinarily expensive — the most expensive Whitesnake album ever. And it was minimal to do with me. [Laughs] So that was the primary reason — for me, in a relationship, if you can’t trust your partner or partners — it’s time to move on. I had flown home from a very sad Christmas holiday with my daughter in Munich and she was kind of punishing me, understandably, because I’d left her mom. So I flew home from Munich to L.A., pretty depressed about it and very sad.

I was living in a beautiful hotel in Los Angeles at the time called the Le Mondrian. In those days, it was a hand-painted hotel that looked like Piet Mondrian’s work, created by an Israeli artist called [Yaacov] Agam. It’s different now — it’s a Philippe Starck place, I think. But you know, it was pretty happening. I knew the owners, and they knew I was looking for apartments and they offered me a beautiful suite at the hotel, so I had the life of whoever f—ing Riley is for like three years or something, until Tawny [Kitaen] and I made a commitment to each other. It was amazing. I got back to the hotel completely exhausted from the journey, emotionally and physically, and I also got the flu. So I walk into my suite, just a basket case and sitting there is a production cassette from Geffen, with a completely different running order than I’d proposed, so I knew it was [John] Kalodner. And what I should have done is just have a hot bath, gone to bed and listened to the thing fresh the next day. But no, no, no — exhausted, f—ed-up me puts the headphones on, cranks it up and I thought it was awful. I just couldn’t hear it properly, you know [when you’re sick], how your ears, you lose all of the highs and stuff. Your hearing goes when you have the flu. I thought it just sucked on ice. And so I thought, “Well, I’m done. I’m completely f—ed.”

But amazingly, it was filtering out to [people] like Doc McGhee and other people would be calling me going, “F—, I just heard your album, it’s amazing.” So it was other people’s responses and reactions that actually got me to listen to it with fresh ears. I was ready to [say] “F— it, I’m done.” And then I started hearing it. I started to work with Marty Callner on preparing for the videos and stuff and suddenly the f—ing world just explodes. I remember thinking a lot of my youth was black and white, you know, monochrome in post-war England. Everything seemed to be black and white, and then the Beatles came along and everything looked like f—ing rainbow colors. Well, I had my own little experience like that. It was astonishing. I was almost three million dollars in debt and in three months, I was in credit. That’s how extraordinary it was…

Speaking about the deluxe edition:

We could have actually made it an even bigger project than we did. But I’m very happy with what we came out with. One of the things specifically is that you can hear as [John] Sykes and I are introducing these brand new songs to each other on the Evolutions CD…It’s the most played f—ing thing from that project when I’m working out or whatever. And there was a couple more songs, but John’s people didn’t get back to us in time before we had to pull the plug on the deadline. But it started off, like, Is This Love was for Tina Turner originally. EMI had asked me, and then David Geffen said, “You’re f—in’ keeping it!” And thankfully so. Arrogantly, I scream at the beginning of it, “This is a chorus that will take over the world” — and it f—ing did! I am at least a man of my word. But the bonuses, it took me back to, at that time, John and I were really good. You can hear the creativity, the juice, the electricity between us, the attitude, my singing.

It’s only cassette copies that we ran through restoration apps forever to get as good quality as possible for the fans, but you can hear the potential of John Sykes and David Coverdale, when there was no one else around us. It’s when we took everything to Los Angeles, and then L.A. started f—ing around with us, for whatever reason, things started to unravel somewhat. But it was really when I was recovering from surgery that suddenly I find out, I’m getting invoices, my accountant is getting invoices from Toronto, from f—ing London, it’s like, who the f— is doing this? Who is signing off? So I just went, “Stop, right now. Pull the plug.” We ended up finishing off the album with Keith Olsen. So it was the most fractured record I’d done and still is today. It’s still a f—ing handsome seller, to be perfectly honest with you, in a changed industry. But my God, talk about a game changer, it was huge.

Read more at Ulitmate Classic Rock.


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Former KISS bandmates Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley shared a stage last night for the first time in 16 years. Watch their performances of Parasite, Cold Gin and Shock Me below.

Frehley guested with Simmons’ solo band at a fundraising show for victims of Hurricane Harvey in St Paul, Minnesota, a bill that also featured Don Felder and Cheap Trick.

As Frehley walked onstage, Simmons told the crowd, “Before you were born, 1973, this guy and I, the two of us, put together the band.” When Simmons introduced the original Space Ace, the guitarist took a bow as his former bandmate added, “He still looks great, doesn’t he?”

Frehley left KISS in 2001 after a second stint that lasted six years. A great deal of acrimony followed, but relations warmed up again in recent times. There had been some speculation in recent months that Frehley could rejoin Kiss this year on either a permanent or temporary basis.

Even though Frehley and Simmons co-wrote two songs for an upcoming Frehley album, and Paul Stanley also collaborated with him on a track, that looks like it might be the extent of their reunion. “I have the connection and the re-connection, and to celebrate the good things we’ve done together is terrific,” Stanley said in February. “I have no thoughts of revisiting the past. I am happy to do whatever i can for anyone who has helped put me where I am – but that doesn’t include getting hitched again to somebody I unhitched from.”


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As previously reported, the third Annual Bowl For Ronnie Bowling Party, benefiting the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund, will take place on Friday, October 6th, 2017 at the Pinz Bowling Center in Studio City, California.

Competition in the Celebrity Bowling segment is shaping up as Los Angeles’ rock radio station KLOS is recruiting a bowling team, captained by drive time deejay Gary Moore, to challenge the team captained by event host Eddie Trunk, whose team took the top prize trophy last year. Last year’s Bowl For Ronnie brought in $36,500 for the cancer charity, which is now in its eighth year of raising awareness and much-needed funding for cancer research.

Members of last year’s winning team are expected to bowl again this year, among them John 5, Tom Morello, Jeff Scott Soto and Rock Feinstein. Also joining the fun this year will be former Guns N Roses drummer Steven Adler, Doug Aldrich (Dio), Ann Boleyn (Hellion), Vinny Appice (Dio), Sean McNabb (Lynch Mob), Phil Buckman (Fuel), Jimmy Burkhard (Billy Idol), Fred Coury (Cinderella), Robbie Crane and Ricky Warwick of Black Star Riders, Juan Croucier (Ratt), Matt Duncan and Joey Vera of Armored Saint, Shawn Duncan and Rowan Robertson of DC4, Marc Ferrari (Cold Sweat), Dio Disciples members Bjorn Englen, Simon Wright, Scott Warren and Joe Retta, Chris Hager (Rough Cutt), Sonia Harley, Rita Haney, Marty O’Brien, Dave “Chili” Moreno (Puddle of Mudd), Budderside members Colin Reid, Rich Sacco, Michael Stone and Patrick Stone, Brian Tichy (Whitesnake), Chas West, Christine Devine and.comedian Bill Burr.

Individual auctions will launch next week at EBay for places on KLOS’ bowling team and on Eddie Trunk’s team. The package includes Red Carpet entry to the Bowl For Ronnie, VIP pre-party and bowling with Rock Stars.

Bowl For Ronnie participants can anticipate an evening of fun, food, and, of course, bowling with rockers and celebrities competing for trophies in the name of raising funds and awareness for the Dio Cancer Fund. In addition to the celebrity bowling tournament, there will be several raffle drawings for a variety of items, among them a wine basket, tickets to the 2018 Ride For Ronnie, a signed photo of John 5, and specially-designed bowling balls and bowling pins featuring the Bowl 4 Ronnie artwork. In addition, the host venue, Pinz Bowling Center, has donated a raffle prize of a Pinz VIP Experience Bowling Party valued at $600, comprising two lanes for two hours each plus shoes for up to 10 guests and two hours in the VIP room.

The event begins at 6:30 PM with open bowling and a VIP pre-party for lane sponsors, celebrities and their guests. Celebrity bowling will commence at 9PM, with fierce competition for a variety of trophies.

In additionto competing with his team, radio personality Eddie Trunk will once again host the event. 100% of the net proceeds from the Bowl For Ronnie will go to the Dio Cancer Fund. Individual tickets and lane sponsorships are now on sale, and participants are encouraged to gather friends, family and co-workers for the ultimate bowling team. The Pinz Bowling Center is located at 12655 Ventura Blvd in Studio City, California.

For more information, visit

Tickets are now on sale at

Individual Spectator: $50 per person (includes pizza and general admission)
Individual Bowler: $75 (includes pizza, shoe rental and bowling from 6:30-9PM)
Team/Corporate Lane Sponsorship: $1995 private lane for 6 bowlers (includes team or corporate logo displayed on lane, 6 VIP party passes and access to Artist/VIP lounge, 2 drink tickets per team member, 6 “Bowl For Ronnie” t-shirts, pizza and shoe rental)

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