Adrian Smith and Richie Kotzen‘s project Smith/Kotzen will play its first ever-live shows in the U.S. and U.K. in early 2022.

The dates are as follows:

U.S. tour dates:

Jan. 15 – Ventura Theatre – Ventura, CA 
Jan. 20 – The Whisky A Go-Go – Los Angeles, CA 
Jan. 22 – Count’s Vamp’d – Las Vegas, NV 
Jan. 23 – Brick By Brick – San Diego, CA 
Jan. 26 – Goldfield Trading Post – Roseville, CA 
Jan. 27 – The Siren – Morro Bay, CA

U.K. tour dates:

Feb. 27 – Manchester Club Academy 
Feb. 28 – Leeds Brudenell Social Club 
Mar. 2 – Glasgow Garage 
Mar. 3 – Wolverhampton KK’s Steel Mill 
Mar. 5 – Leamington Spa Winters End 
Mar. 7 – Bristol Fleece 
Mar. 08 – London Islington Assembly Hall

There will be local support for each show in the U.S.

For all on sales and ticketing information, go here.

Adrian comments: “It’s always been our intention to take these songs on the road and give them a good kicking about. We’re delighted that we’ve been able to set up this tour around a very hectic 2022 schedule and we both can’t wait to finally get out there and play live.”

Richie adds: “We’re excited that we can take Smith/Kotzen to the next level and bring our music to the stage. We’re still figuring out which musicians we’ll be bringing with us to deliver the songs in the way we’ve always envisaged to give fans a dynamic live experience. We’re really looking forward to this tour and we’re planning to have a lot of fun!”

Smith/Kotzen recently released an EP, titled Better Days for record store day. To read more details, and to listen to the title song, please click here.

Smith/Kotzen’s eponymous debut album was released globally through BMG in March 2021 to media and fan acclaim, charting No. 10 on Billboard‘s Top Album Sales chart in the U.S., Top 20 in the U.K. as well as in other major markets such as Germany, Japan and Canada. A follow-up EP, “Better Days”, featuring four new tracks was released on November 26 in conjunction with international Record Store Day’s Black Friday event.

Smith is best known as one of Iron Maiden’s principal guitarists, having also enjoyed success as a solo artist. Kotzen is the frontman for The Winery Dogs as well as having been the guitarist for both Mr. Big and Poison during his long and acclaimed career, which has to date seen him release more than 20 solo albums. Both artists are also prolific songwriters.

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Soeaking with Liz Barnes of Planet Rock‘s My Planet Rocks, guitarist Tony Iommi was asked if “that’s really it” for Black Sabbath. He responded (as transcribed by “You can never say never, can you? We’ve known in this band you can never say, ‘That’s never gonna happen again,’ because every time we said that, it has. We never thought we’d get back with Ozzy [Osbourne after] the early years. We never thought we’d get back with [Ronnie JamesDio again; we did. We never thought we’d have Ian Gillan in the band, but we did. So you just can’t say it’s never gonna happen…”

…”The problem is in a band of this size, you can’t just go and go a week of gigs; you’ve gotta do a world tour of 18 months,” he explained. “And when you do that, you have to take that on. When you first mention it, about going out on tour, ‘Yeah. Brilliant. 18-month tour. Fantastic.’ But when you get into a year of it, you get tired. But you have to take it on that long ’cause you’ve got all the crew to keep alive. Everybody’s got a job, so you can’t do one week and then have a month off and do another week, ’cause you won’t get the crew; they wanna have a job. So we’ve done it for that long — we’ve done a world tour and a world tour again. And then it was getting sort of tiring. Even though we had our own plane and we [stayed] in the best hotels — everything was perfect — but you still get tired. We’d have a base in New York when we play in that area, so we’d have the plane there fly in. So you get in at three o’clock in the morning and then try to get to bed and sleep. So it was a regular thing like this. We tried to make it as comfortable as possible. It couldn’t get any easier or [more] comfortable, but it still was tiring. And the late nights and stuff. So, when I was talking to my doctors, they said, ‘You shouldn’t really be doing it to that extent, flying,’ ’cause I’ve got blood cancer. It wasn’t good for me to be doing that much flying. I talked to the guys and I said, ‘It’s probably the time to call it a day now, sort of thing, for now’ of that extensive touring. So that’s really what we did. But the stipulation was we had to end up in Birmingham ’cause that’s where we started.”

According to Iommithe band has never ruled out performing again. “We haven’t stopped it,” he said. “It’s just the major touring that has come to a stop; I wouldn’t wanna do 18-month tours again. But that doesn’t say we wouldn’t do any one-off stuff.”

In other Iommi news, he recently released his first new music in eight years, Scent Of Dark, that coordinates with a male fragrance of the same name.

Iommi collaborated with Momo of Xerjoff on the scent, which is described as smelling like a hark back to ‘60s and ‘70s-era rock, festivals and gatherings by way of amber and patchouli, and pays tribute to Iommi’s ’64 Monkey Gibson SG Special by incorporating “spicy and seductive scents.”

To listen to Scent Of Dark, please go here or to order Iommi’s signature scent, visit the official Xerjoff website.

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The Coda Collection will present an exclusive global live streaming event — 40 Years Of Metallica — a special two-night event celebrating 40 years of Metallica.

Powered by streaming partners Amazon Music and Prime Video channels, the exclusive free global live stream will showcase the band’s full hometown performances on December 17th and December 19th at San Francisco’s Chase Center

While in-person tickets were available exclusively to members of the group’s Fifth Member fan club, now Metallica fans across the globe will be able to view both performances live from home or on mobile via Amazon Music, Amazon Music’s Twitch channel, and Prime Video(with or without Prime on-demand viewing membership) beginning at 9 p.m. PT /12 a.m. ET / 5 a.m. GMT / 2 p.m. JST each night. The shows will then be made available exclusively at The Coda Collection/Prime Video channel for subsequent viewing…

…The 40th-anniversary live stream and films are just the beginning, kicking off an extensive partnership between The Coda Collection and Metallica which will include a full slate of concert films, documentaries, and additional content spanning the band’s career arriving on the channel exclusively throughout 2022, alongside popular music films from the likes of Jimi HendrixGrateful Dead, Foo Fighters and many more.

For more information on 40 Years Of Metallica and to sign up for a tune-in reminder, go to this location. To see a full list of the Metallica San Francisco Takeover activities and get daily updates, go to

The band is also teaming up with Amazon Music to release The Metallica Takeover, a guest-hosted station available exclusively to Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers and Prime members. The band members will break down stories spanning the evolution of their music, set to a curated soundtrack featuring their biggest hits, fan favorites, and deep cuts.

The Metallica Takeover”= is the latest DJ Mode station to premiere on Amazon Music — a brand-new, on-demand listening experience that combines the personalization, control, and breadth of catalog of streaming with the vibrancy and personality of DJ-hosted radio. Fans can hear The Metallica Takeover now on Amazon Music, by simply asking “Alexa, play The Metallica Takeover” in the Amazon Music app for iOS and Android, and on Alexa-enabled devices.

Launched in February 2021, The Coda Collection is available exclusively via Prime Video channels. This unique, subscription streaming offering features an exclusive, curated selection of the most iconic music documentaries, concert films, and episodic series spanning decades and genres paired with a complementary website exploring new perspectives on music and featuring exclusive interviews with some of the biggest names in music.

The Coda Collection is available to Amazon Prime members in the U.S. now for $4.99 per month with a free seven-day trial.

To explore The Coda Collection and to sign up for a free seven-day trial, visit

This past July, Metallica announced details of its massive 40th-birthday celebration: The band will mark this milestone by inviting the worldwide Metallica family to join them in their hometown of San Francisco for two unique live shows featuring two different setlists December 17th and 19th at Chase Center. Tickets for these shows were made available only to registered members of Metallica’s Fifth Member fan club.

The 40th-anniversary shows see Metallica return to Chase Center for the first time since the September 2019 S&M² concerts that also served as the venue’s grand opening. It was impossible not to notice that fans from more than 60 countries traveled to the City by the Bay and completely took over San Francisco for S&M² weekend. That outpouring of positive vibes from around the world inspired Metallica to invite those Fifth Members back — and this time, in addition to the two shows at Chase Center, the band will be curating other live music and comedy events, Blackened Whiskey tastings, and so much more all around the city during the long four-day weekend of celebrations starting on December 16th.

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Former Mötley Crüe frontman John Corabi says he feels “insulted” by how he is portrayed in the band’s Netflix biopic The Dirt.“The portrayal in the movie, it was pathetic,” the singer complained in a new interview with The Metal Summit podcast. “It really made it look like I was really pissed when [the band are seen] basically walking into a high school gymnasium to, like, eight people. And I’m sorry — regardless of what the ticket sales were like [while Corabi was in the band], it was never that bad. So I just kind of took it as a little bit of back-handed compliment — not even a compliment; it was like an insult. I was insulted. And I’m, like, you know, dude? If you’re gonna be a f–king asshole about it, whoever’s choice it was to put that in there… At the end of the day, I didn’t appreciate it.””I think I’m in the movie 20 seconds,” Corabi says. “So, take that 20 seconds out and skim over it completely.”

Philadelphia-born Corabi joined the band in 1992, following original vocalist Vince Neil’s exit, and fronted the band on their self-titled sixth studio album in 1994. When the album failed to match the success of its predecessor, Dr. Feelgood, and the tour promoting the record was not successful, the vocalist was let go. Neil subsequently returned to the band for 1997’s Generation Swine

Corabi, who recently fronted the Dead Daisies, released a single Cosi Bella in September. The singer hopes to release a ’70s rock-influenced solo album, and his autobiography, in 2022.

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 Henry Yates  of Classic Rock spoke with Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx about his new memoir, The First 21: How I Became Nikki Sixx, among other topics. Highlights from the interview appear below.

Classic Rock: What was it about rock’n roll that spoke to you? 

Nikki Sixx: I remember hearing someone say, “That heavy metal is going to turn you into a degenerate!” And I thought, “That sounds like a pretty good path, I think I’ll take that one.” Like, “You can have Donny and Marie, or you can have Aerosmith and the Sex Pistols.” Hmmm, let me think about this…

Classic Rock: What are your memories of being bullied at school? 

Nikki Sixx: We were living out in the middle of nowhere, in Anthony, New Mexico. And kids are kids. They can be cruel. I’m a father of five. I’ve seen it. It’s how humans are wired. When I finally fought back, I think two things happened. One is that I took control of the situation…The other was that I was willing to face the consequences. 

So when my grandfather picked me up and took me into the car, I thought I was dead meat, right? You can’t strike out, beat the sh-t out of other kids at school, because they’re just gonna go, “You’re the bad guy.” Not them. They’re the ones with the bloody nose, not you. But my grandfather, I remember he told me: “I’m proud of you for standing up for yourself.” That had a big effect for me. Standing up for myself. Standing up for what I believed in. You can go deeper. It was an important moment. 

Classic Rock: The book is subtitled How I Became Nikki Sixx. Do you see Nikki as a character, an alter ego? What is he? 

Nikki Sixx: No, Nikki Sixx is a breathing, living man. And Frank Feranna [Dana’s note: Sixx’s birth name, which he legally changed to Nikki Sixx] was a young boy…

…My twenty-year-old daughter, her name is Frankie. I have another daughter called Ruby, but her middle name is Feranna. For the book, I went back and talked to all my childhood friends, ex-bandmates, I even found my first girlfriend, which was mind-blowing. We got to reminisce. And it really did remind me that Frank was a dreamer – and Nikki Sixx was his assassin.

Classic Rock: Why did people find you so provocative? 

Nikki Sixx: I mean, I don’t think it helped how I dressed. Y’know, all the punks would go to the punk night there, right? And then you’ve got some crazy, glam, Johnny ThundersStiv Bators-looking “girl” – y’know, they’re gonna say shit. And that’s why I went there. I went there for that very reason. I don’t want to fit in. I just don’t want to. I’ve never understood the concept of fitting in. 

I think that’s why Mötley Crüe always changed our logo, changed our image, changed our sound, on every single album. And it’s why, when Mötley Crüe would play in the early days and people would flip us off and they didn’t get it – we loved it. We felt like we must have been doing the right thing. I still feel like an underdog – and I like it.

Classic Rock: Who was the best musician in Mötley Crüe? 

Nikki Sixx: They’re all really f–king good. Tommy [Lee] is a monster on drums. Mick [Mars] is one of my favorite guitar players. And Vince [Neil] has something that nobody else has. Isn’t that what you’re looking for – guys that don’t sound like anybody else? I’m not a great player. Like, if I really woodshed for six months, I’m okay. But if I was a different kind of bass player, it would offset the sound of the band. Mötley Crüe is an interesting band, because if you remove any one member, it completely changes the sound…

… A lot of times, Vince would tell me he struggled with the fact I put so many lyrics in a song. Shout At The Devil is a good example. And because of the way that Vince sang, that was what made his voice excel. His voice was kind of like a Gatling gun. Like, bap-bap-bap. I remember the first time the four of us ever played together, we ran Live Wire. I turned around to adjust my bass amp, and Tommy and I just gave each other a look: “Something’s happening here.”

Classic Rock: What did you want Mötley Crüe to be when you first started out?

Nikki Sixx: We didn’t want to be like anybody else. And we didn’t care if you liked us. We all emulate, of course. That’s human nature. You take a little of this, a little of that. But you’re also doing your own thing and going by your gut. We loved the angst of punk…

Classic Rock: 1989’s Dr. Feelgood was the band’s biggest seller – but do you think it’s your best album? 

Nikki Sixx: I think there’s some shining moments. I think all of our albums have really shining moments. Every album has the songs like Kickstart My Heart, Shout At The Devil, Live Wire or Wild Side. They all have ’em. But they’re albums. Even with my favorite bands, it’s more about the whole package. I listen to whole records. I don’t listen to singles. 

Kickstart My Heart is a really interesting song, though. I remember, it was hammered out on acoustic guitar. It was a bit more of a punk-rock idea. The lyric, I was being a bit snarky, because radio and MTV was starting to get more nervous and corporate. So the opening line was: ‘When I get high, I get high on speed’. But then, the next line was: ‘Top fuel funny car’s a drug for me’. So it was like, I got out of it, y’know? Like, just close enough but not too close to the flame. 

Classic Rock: Are you better friends with Vince, Mick and Tommy now than when you first started the band? 

Nikki Sixx: Well, we know each other so well. Do you know anybody you’ve been through as many highs and lows with as Mötley Crüe has for forty years?  don’t. I know all their strengths and weaknesses, and we try to be there for each other. But at the same time… somebody asked me the other day, “Do you guys all ride together on the same bus? Do you have the same dressing room?” And I thought, “Well, how sweet.” I don’t live with the band.

Classic Rock: Do you ever think it’s unfair that so many clean-living people die young, while you’re still fit and healthy at sixty-two? 

Nikki Sixx:

Y’know, I think this falls a little bit under the question you had earlier about lifestyle. A lot of people don’t realize this, but I’m 20 years sober. But before that, I had six years of sobriety. And before that, I had four years where I was clean, right? For those first [periods of sobriety], I went up and down. 

But I’m really looking at somewhere between twenty-five to thirty years of not sticking needles in and drinking alcohol and taking pills and stuff. I actually live a pretty clean lifestyle. But people don’t think that when I walk into the restaurant. People are always like, “Hey man! What’s happening? High five! Let me buy you a shot of Jack Daniel’s!” I’m like, “It’s been three decades!”

Classic Rock: What have been the high points of recent years? 

Nikki Sixx: Two things have really changed my life over the last few years. Firstly, there was The Dirt movie in 2019. Y’know, 73 million people or whatever it is now have seen that movie, and it’s made an impact on not only our fans but people who had heard of us, had maybe heard a song or two. Younger people, they don’t really see rock bands like that. The new rock bands… [laughs] well, it’s a different time. Probably rightfully so…

…and also The Stadium Tour. We didn’t think we would ever tour again, via our own decision. But when the offer came for stadiums and Def Leppard, it was like, “Well, you know what? I guess rules are meant to be broken, because this is going to be one hell of a celebration.”

Classic Rock: It feels like Mötley Crüe have said goodbye to us a few times now. Will this thing ever actually be over? 

Nikki Sixx: Well, eventually, one of us is going to die. I don’t know, man. I tell you what – since the pandemic, I am just living day by day. And s–t happens.

Read more at Classic Rock.

The First 21: How I Became Nikki Sixx can be ordered here.

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After wrapping a successful and uninterrupted fall 2021 tour, Alice Cooper recently announced a run of January and February dates ahead of a headline appearance on the Monsters Of Rock cruise, which takes place February 9th -14th. Cooper has confirmed a slate of new spring 2022 dates, begining March 18th in Connecticut and winding down on April 23rd in California. Support will come from Buckcherry on most dates, with Ace Frehley appearing on some shows.

Alice Cooper tour dates with Buckcherry:

Mar. 18 – Mashantucket, CT – Foxwoods Resort Casino* 
Mar. 19 – Hanover, MD – The Hall at Live! Casino and Hotel 
Mar. 20 – Pittsburgh, PA – Heinz Hall 
Mar. 22 – Newark, NJ – New Jersey Performing Arts Center 
Mar. 23 – Wilkes-Barre, PA – Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza 
Mar. 25 – Erie, PA – Warner Theatre 
Mar. 26 – Toronto, ON – Meridian Hall 
Mar. 27 – Peterborough, ON – Memorial Centre 
Mar. 29 – South Bend, IN – Morris Performing Arts Center 
Mar. 30 – Davenport, IA – Adler Theatre 
Mar. 31 – Appleton, WI – Fox Cities Performing Arts Center 
Apr. 2 – Prior Lake, MN – Mystic Lake Casino Showroom 
Apr. 3 – Sioux Falls, SD – Washington Pavilion 
Apr. 4 – Ralston, NE – Ralston Arena 
Apr. 6 – Bismarck, ND – Bismarck Event Center 
Apr. 7 – Grand Forks, ND – Alerus Center 
Apr. 9 – Winnipeg, MB – Canada Life Centre 
Apr. 10 – Moose Jaw, SK – Mosaic Place 
Apr. 12 – Edmonton, AB – Northern Jubilee Auditorium 
Apr. 14 – Calgary, AB – Winsport Arena 
Apr. 15 – Penticton, BC – South Okanagan Events Center 
Apr. 16 – Abbotsford, BC – Abbotsford Ent & Sports Centre 
Apr. 19 – Portland, OR – Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall 
Apr. 20 – Seattle, WA – McCaw Hall

* Buckcherry not appearing

With Ace Frehley:

Apr. 22 – Reno, NV – Grand Sierra Resort 
Apr. 23 – Paso Robles, CA – Vina Robles Amphitheatre

Alice’s universally acclaimed 2021 album, Detroit Stories is available through earMUSIC. The record is a celebration of the sound and spirit of the Golden Era of Detroit rock, and debuted on the Billboard album sales chart at No. 1 upon release in February.

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