paulstanley400 has a feature article on KISS’ Paul Stanley. Select quotes from the story appear below.

Discussing the day when there will be a version of KISS without him:

“I look forward to a day when I’ll see Kiss play without me. Don’t want to do it next week, haven’t pencilled anything in, but it would be the culmination of what we’ve built and a consistent progression…The people who said it had to be all the original members to be Kiss are already 50 per cent wrong. Do I cast a big shadow? Sure. But am I crazy enough to think I’m the only person who can do this? That would be ridiculous. Do you go to a Yankees ballgame and hold up a sign “Where’s Babe Ruth?’ The team continues because the ideal is met. The standard is met….There’s no need to call it anything except Kiss. The idea that every time we change members we’re going to be Kiss 2.0, Kiss 2.1 is ridiculous. It’s Kiss. Kiss is a philosophy and a way of presenting music and presenting ourselves.”

On refusing to perform with original band members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss when KISS was inducted into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame:

“I enjoyed the Hall Of Fame in a twisted way. It was a terrific night but there was no way I was going to play with them. Frankly, I have too much pride in what I do than to create a moment of nostalgia for someone else. To get on stage with Ace and Peter was an interesting, surreal moment but nothing I wanted to prolong. It’s like if you ever went back to an old girlfriend because you doubted your choice to leave, it only takes five minutes before you want to get back in your car and leave. Someone asked me before the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame ‘Couldn’t you just play with the original line-up again for one night?’ And I said ‘How about spending a night with your ex wife? What’s the point?’”

Talking about how he never read Ace or Peter’s books:

“On tour some people showed me a few pages. People will think I keep taking potshots, but I keep getting asked about this and I give honest answers. In Ace’s case, how can somebody who can barely remember what happened last week write a book? I’m not talking about today, hopefully according to Ace he’s clean and sober. But there were certainly decades that he was anything but. When you have to call your friends to tell you what happened is that really an autobiography? Or creative fiction. No, that was pointless. I think Peter’s book began with him in an earthquake where the ground opened up and he had a gun in his mouth. Well, I know where he was living. The ground didn’t open up. You gotta consider the source. A book can be a great opportunity to have an alibi or an excuse. If you choose to be a victim then you will never accomplish anything you’re capable of because your defeats and your lack of success will always be due to somebody else.”

Read the‘s entire piece on Paul Stanley, here.



RAVEN 640 Raven have released a lyric video for the new song Destroy All Monsters taken from the forthcoming album ExtermiNation, which marks the first new studio album since five years and is hailed by many who heard it already as one of their best albums ever. Watch the video below.

ExtermiNation will be released in Scandinavia on April 22nd, in Germany on April 24th, in Europe on April 27th and in the USA on April 28th as a digipak version (incl. 1 bonus track), 2LP gatefold green vinyl version and download through SPV/Steamhammer.

Tracklisting Digi:

1. Destroy All Monsters
2. Tomorrow
3. It`s Not What You Got
4. Fight
5. Battle March/Tank Treads (The Blood Runs Red)
6. Feeding The Monster
7. Fire Burns Within
8. Scream
9. One More Day
10. Thunder Down Under
11. No Surrender
12. Golden Dawn
13. Silver Bullet
14. River Of No Return
15. Malice In Geordieland (Bonus Track)

Tracklisting 2LP:

LP 1

Side 1
1. Destroy All Monsters
2. Tomorrow
3. It`s Not What You Got
4. Fight

Side 2
1. Battle March/Tank Treads (The Blood Runs Red)
2. Feeding The Monster
3. Fire Burns Within
4. Scream

LP 2

Side 1
1. One More Day
2. Thunder Down Under
3. No Surrender
4. Golden Dawn

Side 2
1. Silver Bullet
2. River Of No Return
3. Malice In Geordieland (Bonus Track)



deesnider400 Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider think KISS are making a terrible mistake by presenting new members in the classic makeup worn by founding members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss. Particularly, Tommy Thayer, who took over for Frehley in in 2002.

“I don’t see how people could accept this,” Snider recently told Eddie Trunk. “Tommy Thayer? I’m sorry. It’s insulting. Not only did he play with a tribute band of KISS, he’s imitating Ace in his entire act!”

Thayer worked as a co-writer on KISS’ 1989 release Hot in the Shade and played guitar on 1998′s Psycho Circus, but didn’t officially join the band until the period just before KISS Symphony: Alive IV in 2003.

Thayer has since been part of two albums, 2009′s Sonic Boom and 2012′s Monster, which also include new member Eric Singer, who took over for late drummer Eric Carr.

Singer originally performed without makeup, before Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley reunited with Criss and Frehley in 1996. Singer then began wearing Criss’ makeup when he returned in 2001; a year later, Thayer started dressing as Frehley.

Snider said it’s an insult. “My theory is, they forgave KISS for I Was Made for Loving You, and anything is acceptable after that,” he said. “It was a disco song, people! It’s not okay! It was never okay, and they’re playing it live now. Unbelievable. They play I Was Made for Loving You, a fricking disco song!”

The worst of it, added Snider, is when KISS perform Shock Me, a song associated with Frehley, complete with Thayer mimicking all of Ace’s old moves. “Oh, my God — that’s disgraceful,” he said. “When KISS replaced Ace and Peter, and they brought in guys [Carr and Vinnie Vincent] who had their own makeup and their own thing, that was acceptable. That was awesome. They were their own characters.”

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2014 Classic Rock Awards Launch Party The Circle, a new supergroup featuring singer Sammy Hagar, bassist/vocalist Michael Anthony along with drummer Jason Bonham and guitarist Vic Johnson, have confirmed the release of a live album called At Your Service.

It will be available on May 19th in physical and digital formats, after being recorded during a concert last year.

The live recording features a selection of tracks from all three musicians’ careers. Those who preorder the album on iTunes will receive an instant download of Poundcake

Hagar last year talked up the benefits of being part of a live-only band, saying: “The Circle is so satisfying that I don’t even see a reason to make a record. We have so many great hits that we can choose from our catalog – to make a record would just be kind of a waste of time.”

He hasn’t given up on making a third album with Chickenfoot, featuring Joe Satriani and Chad Smith alongside himself and Anthony. But he recently said, “It’s just too much work right now. Everybody’s got so much to do.”

At Your Service track list:

1. There’s Only One Way To Rock
2. Rock Candy
3. Good Times Bad Times
4. Poundcake
5. I Can’t Drive 55
6. Mikey Bass Solo
7. When It’s Love
8. Little White Lie
9. When The Levee Breaks
10. Jason Drum Solo/Moby Dick
11. Why Can’t This Be Love
12. Finish What Ya Started
13. Heavy Metal
14. Vic Guitar Solo
15. Best of Both Worlds
16. Right Now
17. Rock And Roll
18. Dreams

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That Metal Show 100th Episode Web Extras

Legends Of Punk, Hip-Hop, and Thrash Unite As Marky Ramone, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, and Gary Holt Drop By VH1 Classic’s Centerpiece In Original Programming

Whitesnake’s Joel Hoekstra Returns As Guest Musician and David Coverdale Checks In Via The “Metal Modem”

With Season 14 of “That Metal Show” already making history (the Season 14 premiere was the second most watched Season Premiere in the history of the series) VH1 Classic’s centerpiece in original programming makes history again with its most diverse lineup of guests since the show began. This week’s show features legendary punk drummer Marky Ramone of the Ramones, Hip-Hop’s “King Of Rock” Darryl “DMC” McDaniels of Run DMC, and thrash forefather and guitar hero Gary Holt of Exodus/Slayer.

The episode also features Whitesnake’s new guitarist and TMS alum Joel Hoekstra making his return to “That Metal Show” as the guest musician. Joel dazzles the crowd with his incredible playing abilities and gives us some insight about the upcoming new Whitesnake record called The Purple Album slated for release on May 19th. Whitesnake singer and longtime friend of the show David Coverdale checks in via the “Metal Modem” from the recording studio where he is presently laying down the final tracks for The Purple Album.

Marky, Darryl, and Gary are candid and reveal their love of classic rock in the “Put It On The Table” segment. Eddie has a difficult time with “Stump The Trunk” this week and “Take It Or Leave It” has the guys discussing music streaming services and how they feel it affects the current music business. The “TMS Top 5” discusses the hosts’ favorite Album Closers and the “Throwdown” pits two genre smashing songs against each other as Run DMC/Aerosmith “Walk This Way” faces the Public Enemy/Anthrax “Bring Tha Noize.”


Acefrehley400 Guitarist Ace Frehley was a recent guest on Australia’s Today show. Some quotes from the interview appear below.

On why he left KISS the first time around, Frehley said, “I quit because I started abusing substances and alcohol. And I also wasn’t agreeing with the direction of the way the band was going. You know, we had that big hit I Was Made For Loving You and I’m more of a blues-based rock guitar player…When I left, there was a sigh of relief, because I just felt like I was on a collision course with… I just thought I was gonna end up being a statistic…By the grace of God, I’m here today, clean sober eight years, and life’s never been better.”

When asked if it’s hard to stay sober, Frehley stated, “The first year or two is hard. Now it’s like… When I look at photos of me when I’m all bloated and I think about the days when I was looking at being in trouble with the law for drunk driving and all that crazy stuff… And health reasons too.”

Watch Ace’s interview here.


rocklahoma640 Rocklahoma–America’s biggest Memorial Day Weekend party–has announced the first national ReverbNation Rocklahoma Battle Of The Bands contest and details for this year’s Miss Rocklahoma competition.

Rocklahoma–presented by Bud Light–returns to “Catch the Fever” Festival Grounds in Pryor, OK for its ninth year May 22nd, 23rd and 24th with a lineup featuring top current rock artists and classic bands. The festival will feature not-to-be-missed performances from bands including Linkin Park, Tesla, Godsmack, Slayer, Volbeat, Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach, Halestorm, Queensrÿche, Anthrax, Ministry, and many more.

ReverbNation is hosting the national Rocklahoma Battle Of The Bands contest which will allow one ReverbNation artist the chance to perform at Rocklahoma 2015. For more details and to enter the competition, visit this link.

Registration for the 2015 Miss Rocklahoma competition begins March 16th at and continues through April 17th. The top ten entries will be announced on April 22nd at and fan voting will run from April 22nd-May 8th. Five finalists, named on May 11th, will compete on stage at Rocklahoma for the chance to be named Miss Rocklahoma 2015.

Meanwhile, concertgoers are encouraged to save money by purchasing Rocklahoma tickets now at At noon CST on March 23rd, ticket prices will increase as follows:

Weekend General Admission: increases from $109 to $129
Weekend General Admission Ticket 4-pack: increases from $349 to $399

Weekend VIP Reserved packages are sold out. A limited number of Groupie Packages are still available for $649. Full details are available at . Camping prices will remain the same.

For more information about Rocklahoma and the lineup, please click here.


udo According to, Singer Udo Dirkschneider says that “clever” marketing on the part of the band’s record label helped the current version of Accept land its first-ever Number one album in Germany with last year’s Blind Rage.

When asked by Rock Online if he is bothered by the fact that Accept took the top position in Germany for the first time with his replacement, Mark Tornillo, Udo responded, “Let’s say it this way. I mean, I know the business, I know how everything works, you know. I mean, they were changing the release date [of the album in order to insure that it would place high on the chart]. Normally, it was planned [to be out] one month before [in July 2014], but it was the same time that Judas Priest was coming out [with Redeemer Of Souls]. I mean, I know the business behind [the decision to push the release date back]. You know, and then they moved it to August. August, normally nothing is happening [in terms of big releases coming out]. [It was a] really clever [move] by the record company. I mean, I know how much albums it sold to [land] on the first… to be Number One in Germany. So that’s the whole thing behind the scenes. I mean, of course, it’s good if they have a Number One. It’s, like, yeah, the press [reacts very enthusiastically]: ‘Wow…!'”

Udo also revealed more about why he went to see the band perform live on October 4th, 2014 at Docks in Hamgburg, Germany during the European leg of the Blind Rage tour.

“Yeah, I can tell this: I mean, I was in Hamburg. I was waiting for the guy to pick me up for the mixing [of the new U.D.O. album Decadent],” he said. “And then I was buying a ticket — this is true — I was buying a ticket to see the [Accept] show in Hamburg at the Docks. Yeah, really! [laughs] And it was, for me, very interesting.”

He continued, “I wanted to see it once live, you know, what they’re doing on stage. And let’s say it in this way: I was… I cannot really explain it. It was like something like… It was, for me, nothing… like there was no band on stage, you know. For me, it was like they were playing everything without emotion. They [didn’t] look [at] each other. It was something, you know, it was like just, ‘Okay, here we go… Be finished and go!’ And, okay, in a way… It was sold out. But I thought the reaction of the people… Let’s say, the most reaction was when they did the old songs. Of course. So, but, you know, and the singer [Mark Tornillo]… In a way, he’s a good singer, but when he has to sing all the old Accept stuff, I feel very sorry for him. This is a nightmare.”

Udo added, “I don’t wanna say anything bad, you know, but it was really, like… I was, like, really, ‘What are they doing there!?’ I mean, I thought they really [would perform]… yeah, let’s say, really with energy and really with, you know, emotion. But this was like something… Okay… There was nothing… There was not a band, for me, on stage. So, but now I saw this, and I wish them all the best.”

When asked if any fans recognized him in the crowd during the band’s show in Hamburg, Udo replied, “Of course a lot of people recognized me. In the beginning, it was very interesting. I came in when [the band had] already started [playing], and then I was staying in the back. And then I could see all the people [looking at me], you know, like, ‘Err… is this Udo!?’ Then the people came up, of course, ‘What are you doing here?’ I said: ‘I watch Accept!” [laughs] ‘I wanna see that!’ So it was really funny, you know. [laughs] Yeah, what can I say? And then, of course, [people] started taking pictures [with me], [asking me for] autographs, blah blah blah. Yeah, but I don’t have any problems to do stuff like that, you know.”

He continued, “I mean, yeah, for me, it was really important to… I wanted really… I had the chance [and] wanted to see [the current version of Accept perform] live. And it was very important for me. And now I know what I wanna know from this band, you know, and then I say, ‘Okay, I saw it with my own eyes, I hear everything.’ That’s it.”


ac:dc2015-640 AC/DC premiered the video for Rock The Blues Away, the third video from their latest studio album Rock Or Bust. The video was shot in Los Angeles in February immediately after the band delivered an explosive performance at this year’s Grammy Awards. Watch it below.

AC/DC recently announced North American tour dates starting on August 22nd in Foxborough, MA and wrapping up on September 28th in Los Angeles, CA. To view the tour entire itinerary, please click here.

AC/DC released their latest recording, Rock or Bust, on December 2nd, 2014.

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joeelliot400 Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott reports the band have completed the recording of their eleventh studio album.

Originally planned as an EP, the follow-up to 2008’s Songs From The Sparkle Lounge developed into a full album when the band completed a run of writing sessions last spring.

Elliott said on his Planet Rock radio show, “Yes, I do sound very jolly, don’t I? I’m jolly because we have finished the new album – apart from the mixing of it. We have sung our last word, played our last solo, hit our last drum. It’s done! And it will be out later this year.”

The band’s production schedule was disrupted last year due to live commitments and guitarist Vivian Campbell’s stem-cell treatment for cancer.

Elliott recently confirmed the launch would be delayed until later this year after Def Lep had received “an unprecedented amount of offers” of work.

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