philrudd400 According to the, AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd’s charge of attempting to procure murder has been withdrawn. Rudd, 60, appeared in the Tauranga District Court yesterday, charged with attempting to procure the murder of two men. He was also charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of cannabis and threatening to kill.

Rudd’s lawyer, Paul Mabey QC, said this afternoon the Crown solicitor withdrew the attempting to procure murder charge after a meeting between Mabey and police.

“The decision to charge Mr. Rudd was made by the New Zealand Police without consultation with the Tauranga Crown solicitor,” he said. The Crown solicitor said there was insufficient evidence to justify the charge and has withdrawn the charge, Mabey said.

The Crown solicitor’s office confirmed the charge had been withdrawn. “The charge alleging an attempt to procure murder should never have been laid,” Mabey said.

“The Crown solicitor’s opinion was not sought.”

Mabey said Rudd would defend the threatening to kill charge. He described the drugs possession charges as “minor.”

“Mr Rudd has suffered unnecessary and extremely damaging publicity as a result of widespread and sensational reporting of a very serious allegation, which on any basis was never justified.”

Rudd was released on bail after yesterday’s appearance.

According to the charges laid and now withdrawn by police, Rudd had tried to get two men killed, their names and that of the intended hitman were all suppressed by the judge.

Police were contacted for a response, and said a statement would be issued soon.



glennhughesjasonbonham400 Daniel Pavlica of The Rocktologist spoke with singer Glenn Hughes. Excerpts appear below.

The Rocktologist:…is Jason Bonham returning to the band at some point in the future?

Hughes: No, Jason won’t be returning. His other commitments were getting in the way of his California Breed schedule. I have no disrespect for Jason, only tons of love. You know, I’ve known him every since he was a little boy. It’s just that he chose to work with other people when in fact he should be working with California Breed. And, you know, I’m a workaholic. When I’m working on an album or doing tours I give it all, heart and soul. For some reason Jason didn’t want to be part of that. And it’s OK, we’ve moved on.

The Rocktologist: Do you see longevity in California Breed? How do you see the bands progress in future?

Hughes: I’m not sure. You know me well enough to understand that I always keep my fingers in a lot of different things. I’m working on some other stuff which at this moment I can’t talk about. But I want to you know that I’m going to be busy. I always like to do things new and exciting.

The Rocktologist:..I always wondered how you manage to keep your voice in such astounding form, especially when so many of your peers are more or less struggling in that department nowadays.

Hughes: (laughs) You know man, it’s not foolproof but I’ll tell you what it is. You know I don’t smoke, don’t do drugs or drink alcohol. I absolutely need to get 8 hours of sleep at night. Years ago I didn’t do that, I might have been drinking or whatever. I watch what I eat and I run 4 or 5 kilometers every morning. Also breathing is the key ingredient with singing, it’s important to breathe appropriately. You know, I sing a lot of long notes and apparently I have really big lungs, which helps.

Read more at The Rocktologist.

Since Bonham is no longer part of California Breed, Hughes and guitarist Andrew Watt recently chose Joey Castillo (Queens Of The Stone Age) to play drums for the band for the band’s remaining tour dates.



ac:dc10:17:2014-640 AC/DC have released the following statement on their Facebook page:

“We’ve only become aware of Phil’s arrest as the news was breaking. We have no further comment. Phil’s absence will not affect the release of our new album Rock or Bust and upcoming tour next year.”

As previously reported, AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd had been arrested and charged with attempting to procure a murder, threatening to kill and possession of methamphetamine and cannabis. Read more about it here.


philrudd400 AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd allegedly tried to have two men killed.

He appeared in the Tauranga District Court this afternoon, charged with attempting to procure a murder. According to the The Guardian, Rudd was also charged with threatening to kill and possession of methamphetamine and cannabis.

Rudd, 60, dressed in jeans and a grey sweater, said nothing during his short stint in the dock of the court, before being released on bail.

He entered no plea to the charges and will reappear in court in three weeks.

Media applied for permission to film and photograph Rudd in the dock.

His lawyer Tony Rickard-Simms argued against that saying the media just wanted to get photos of Rudd “at his worst.”

But Judge Bidois allowed filming of Rudd.

One of the alleged victims told Fairfax this afternoon he didn’t want to comment before speaking to his lawyer. He was with his children and not in a position to speak.

Rudd had been in custody since 7am when his house was raided by police.

In releasing Rudd on bail he ordered that he should have no contact with the man he allegedly tried to hire to carry out the murder.

According to the charges laid by police, Rudd had tried to get two men killed between the dates of September 25th and 26th – their names and that of the intended hitman were all suppressed by the judge.

Rudd was driven from court by a blonde woman in a silver Mercedes Kompressor convertible.

He refused to talk to gathered media.

Rudd’s arrest comes after police raided the drummer’s home on the Tauranga waterfront at Matua this morning.

He is also charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of cannabis and threatening to kill.

Michael Browning, AC/DC’s former manager, told the Daily Mail the situation was a “bit of a shock.”

Rudd is the only Australian-born member of the AC/DC band. In 2003, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with the other members of AC/DC.

Rudd moved to New Zealand in 1983 after he was kicked out of the band

He re-joined the band in 1994 and has since been in and out of New Zealand while touring and recording.

He also opened a restaurant in Tauranga which attracted publicity when a group of staff took a case to the Employment Relations Authority.

AC/DC has a new album, Rock or Bust, due out on December 2nd.

The band has sold more than 200 million albums, feature at or near the top of highest grossing tour lists whenever they play live and were the standard bearers for Australian music years before the likes of INXS, Kylie Minogue or 5 Seconds of Summer.

The sound of pub rock, the defining mainstream sound of Australian music in the 1970s and ’80s, could be said to have emerged from the stages, and the studios AC/DC inhabited.

Picture of Phil Rudd in court:


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classicrockhonors10-400 osted by UK-based Classic Rock magazine, the 10th annual Classic Rock Awards–the Classic Rock Roll Of Honor presented by Orange Amplification–celebrated some of the most influential and respected musicians in rock at The Avalon in Hollywood last night (11/4). A plethora of icons, innovators and straight-up legends attended the event and were honored with one of the most prestigious awards of the genre. The Classic Rock Roll Of Honor awards show will officially premiere Sunday, December 28th at 9pm ET on AXS TV as the crowning jewel of the Best Of Classic Rock Weekend.

The Classic Rock Roll Of Honor once again exceeded all expectations. The ceremony was hosted by multi-platinum Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame inductee Sammy Hagar. He was joined by a multitude of illustrious guest presenters including Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), Joe Elliot (Def Leppard), musician, writer and actor Henry Rollins, Eric Idle (Monty Python) and Scott Ian (Anthrax) who presented awards to some of rock’s biggest stars including The Doors, Queen + Adam Lambert, Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Wilco & Roger Daltrey, Joe Perry and Jeff Lynne among others. The night was capped off by Gregg Allman, one of rock’s most acclaimed and beloved icons, receiving this year’s Living Legend Award. Previous winners of the Living Legend Award include: Jeff Beck, Alice Cooper, Jimmy Page, Lemmy Kilmister, Ozzy Osbourne, Iggy Pop and ZZ Top. The night was also highlighted by a stellar line-up of live performances from some of the most exciting and respected artists in rock: Kings Of Chaos, California Breed, Rival Sons and Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts.

Classic Rock editor Sian Llewellyn says, “What a night! I’d heard rumors that Hollywood was one of the best places for a party, and this evening proved those rumours true. The past, present and future of high-voltage rock’n’roll came out to celebrate the music that has soundtracked all of our lives. Only at the Classic Rock Roll Of Honor could you glance around and see the likes of Gregg Allman, Ozzy Osbourne, Jeff Lynne, Queen and The Doors, to name but a handful. Roll on next year…”

The Cadillac Three winning Best New Band; Queen + Adam Lambert winning Band Of The Year; Metallica’s Through The Never winning Film Of The Year; Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltrey’s Going Back Home winning Album Of The Year; Led Zeppelin ‘I, II & III’ Deluxe Editions winning Reissue Of The Year; Los Angeles’ 100.3 The Sound winning Classic Rock Radio Station Of The Year (Major Market); Baltimore’s 100.7 The Bay winning Classic Rock Radio Station Of The Year (Medium Market) and Dayton’s 104.7 WTUE­-FM winning Classic Rock Radio Station Of The Year (Small Market).

Winners for the listener and reader-voted categories, presented by Orange Amplification, included:

Living Legend (Sponsored by Orange Amplification) ̶ Gregg Allman
Inspiration (Sponsored by Global Merchandise) ̶ The Doors
Band Of The Year (Sponsored by Universal Records)  ̶ Queen + Adam Lambert
Film Of The Year (Sponsored by AXS.TV) ̶ Metallica Through The Never
Album Of The Year (Sponsored by MixRadio)  ̶ Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltrey Going Back Home
Classic Album (Sponsored by Eagle Rock) ̶ Ozzy Osbourne Blizzard Of Ozz
Outstanding Contribution (Sponsored by CitiBank) ̶ Jeff Lynne
Reissue Of The Year (Sponsored by The Great Frog) ̶ Led Zeppelin I, II & III Deluxe Editions
Maestro ̶ Joe Perry
Metal Guru  ̶ Dave Mustaine
The Bluesman (Sponsored by Blues Magazine) ̶ Eric Burdon
The V.I.P. (Sponsored by Sunset Marquis Hotel • Restaurant • Spa) ̶ Sharon Osbourne
Best New Band  ̶ The Cadillac Three
CR Radio station of Year (Large Market) ̶ KSWD (100.3 The Sound)/Los Angeles, CA
CR Radio station of Year (Medium Market) ̶ WZBA (100.7 The Bay)/Baltimore, MD
CR Radio station of Year (Small Market) ̶ WTUE (104.7 WTUE­-FM)/Dayton, OH


paulstanley400 In speaking with with KNPR News, KISS guitarist/vocalist Paul Stanley was asked why he declined to perform with fellow original KISS members Peter Criss and Ace Frehley at the band’s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction in April. His answer has been transcribed by and can be read below.

Stanley said, It’s a tough question to answer, but there’s so much involved in it. Firstly, the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame wanted nothing to do with us; they begrudgingly let us in. And my sense was that we were going to be a dog-and-pony show. They wanted to have the original guys play in the band, and all of us in makeup, and, quite honestly, I think it would have done the band a disservice. That lineup has not been together for 14 years, and physically, perhaps, wouldn’t have looked that great, and musically, undoubtedly, probably, would have sounded a bit suspect. So, to have people watch it on television and identify that as KISS because there’s four guys in makeup would not send a great signal to the people who are not following the band in its current permutation, or what it is today.”

He continued, “Look, we just did 42 shows and played to 600,000 people in America, and I would hate for those people to turn on a TV show where we were an unwanted guest in the first place and see us strong-armed into doing something that really does a disservice to something that I worked at for 40 years. I never quit the band twice, once, and to dilute what I’ve worked on all these years just to make a committee happy that really was not all that thrilled that we were there in the first place, it sent the wrong message and it endangered something that I hold very dear to me.”

KISS begins their three week Las Vegas residency, Kiss Rocks Vegas, at The Joint inside Hard Rock Hotel & Casino today (November 5th).

additional source:


2499059-queensryche-new-617-409 A newly revitalized Queensrÿche have partnered with for a new album pre-order campaign entitled Building The Empire.

Eddie Jackson, Todd LaTorre, Parker Lundgren, Scott Rockenfield and Michael Wilton will offer fans various unique experiences to bring them closer to the band than ever before. The band is offering everything from limited edition vinyl and merchandise to the actual instruments played on the upcoming album and a chance to hang with the band in their hometown of Seattle. The album pre-order as well as all of these other items and experiences can be found at

“For the first time in the history of Queensrÿche, we are doing something we have never done before,” states bassist Eddie Jackson. In conjunction with the pre-order, Queensrÿche has created an opportunity for accredited investors to purchase a stake in Queensrÿche Holdings, LLC. This stake will allow select investors that meet certain financial requirements to share in all of the profits the band makes moving forward. This opportunity is being offered on a limited basis; interested parties should go for more information and to begin the investor accreditation process. Watch the trailer below.

Queensrÿche has recently begun writing music for their new album that is slated for release in Spring 2015. This release marks the band’s second album with Century Media as well as the second album with new vocalist Todd LaTorre. This release will be the follow up to their self-titled 2013 release which debuted on Billboard’s Top 200 chart landing at #23 and selling 13,659 copies its first week. That album received critical acclaim including Billboard magazine’s review stating: “From the moment Rockenfield’s drums and Wilton and Parker Lundgren’s guitars go on the attack in “Where Dreams Go to Die,” the traditional Queensrÿche sound is back. The hooks are arresting, and the rhythm section packs unmitigated fire power.” Sites such as Metal Underground proclaimed: “The band has brought back much of the direction that made it one of the most revered in progressive/power metal history,” and exclaims: “This self-titled slab of faith-restoring metal boasts the return of the almighty riff, twin guitar leads, and brazen in-your-face melodies.”

Queensrÿche first burst onto the music scene in 1982 with the release of their self-titled 4 song EP Queensrÿche. They very quickly gained international recognition and performed to sold out audiences around the world. With the follow up first full-length album The Warning in 1984, and the ground breaking 1986 release of Rage For Order, Queensrÿche continued to prove their worldwide dominance as one of the most respected and creative bands of the 80’s. In 1988 the band turned out yet another monumental album Operation: Mindcrime, which would go on to become one of the TOP 10 best selling concepts records of all time, and set the stage for continued sold out performances around the world. With the release of the critically acclaimed and commercially successful “Empire” in 1991, the band earned multiple Grammy Award nominations and won the MTV “viewer’s choice” award for the #1 chart topping hit “Silent Lucidity”. During the next ten years, the band continued to release albums and tour the world to sold-out audiences. Queensrÿche has sold over 30 million albums worldwide and have continued to break new ground and push their creative process.

Queensrÿche is Todd La Torre (vocals), Michael Wilton (guitars), Parker Lundgren (guitars), Eddie Jackson (bass) and Scott Rockenfield (drums).

Queensrÿche on the web:


sammyhagar400pix Andy Greene of Rolling Stone spoke with singer Sammy Hagar. Key quotes from the interview appear below.

On performing some shows with drummer Jason Bonham and whether or not there will be more of them:

“Absolutely. As far as I’m concerned, that’s my new house band. It’s me, Jason Bonham, Michael Anthony and Vic Johnson. We call ourselves the Circle because this band has kinda taken me full circle in my career. I can play from every era, from Montrose to Van Halen to solo, Chickenfoot and some Led Zeppelin. In Chickenfoot, we didn’t play songs by the Chili Peppers or Van Halen, but the Circle plays my whole world and everyone else’s world that’s in the band. It’s been really special so far.”

Discussing if Chickenfoot will be making another record:

“Joe [Satriani] is my favorite writer to work with since Eddie [Van Halen.] I’d rather write a record with him than anyone else, but I don’t see any reason to make a new record. Going through the whole experience with a record label, and then going out and doing 150 interviews, a big tour and waking up at 4:00 a.m. to go on Howard Stern all to sell 35,000 CDs…It starts to feel like, ‘Hmmmm. Is this pay for play?’ I mean, I love making music. But doing it on Chickenfoot’s level means spending a half million on a record. We write and record for six months. It’s a lot of work, and then to not sell many records. It’s disappointing. I don’t like being disappointed. I like winning.”

Talking about the fan’s dream of a Van Halen reunion tour featuring both Hagar and Roth along side Michael Anthony:

“You mean that Sam and Dave tour with Van Halen as the backup band? Yeah, that would be a dream scenario for me too, but it would be the same old thing. On the reunion tour, we traveled on separate planes. You check into the hotel at different times so you don’t even see them in the lobby. You don’t really see them until the gig. I could deal with Dave on that level. [Huge laugh.] But he’d have to be cool.

A tour like that would be the coolest thing for the fans ever. I would do it for the fans. I wouldn’t do it just for the money. Everybody would have to be cool and have their hearts in it. I hate to give out bad news, but I just doubt it’ll ever happen. I would like to just see Mike back in the band with Dave. If that works, all right, I’ll come in next.”

Read more at Rolling Stone.



therods400 Over the past few years, a whole new generation of headbangers has discovered the mighty metal of the Rods. And their history lesson will noww continue, as a pair of vintage Rods-related releases were recently reissued digitally. Originally unleashed in 1986, Heavier Than Thou and Hollywood (the former featuring singer Shmoulik Avigal – formerly of Picture, Horizon and Hammerhead – and the latter credited to “Canedy, Feinstein, Bordonaro & Caudle”), has been remastered for iTunes and will each contain a bonus track – the Rods’ latest single (and new composition) Great Big Fake Ones.

And if that isn’t enough Rods rock for you, then you can also feast your ears on solo albums by singer/guitarist David “Rock” Feinstein (Clash of Armor) and drummer Carl Canedy (Headbanger). Feinstein’s disc has already been issued, while Canedy’s was released on October 23rd, and will feature guest spots by the likes of Mark Tornillo, Chris Caffery, Joe Comeau, and John Hahn, among other artists.

To purchase each album on iTunes, click the on highlighted record titles.

Heavier Than Thou
Clash of Armor

Hollywood and Heavier Than Thou are two albums we’ve always been proud of, but have never been available to fans,” says Canedy. “Now, having been re-mastered for Itunes, these recordings are finally available to our fans.”

The Rods are responsible for offering up some of the ’80s hardest-hitting metal, as evidenced by such classic recordings as 1981’s The Rods and 1982’s Wild Dogs, while the group also played shows with Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne, Iron Maiden, and Metallica over the years. And now, fans will have the opportunity to rediscover two underrated titles of the Rods discography, as well as two new individual efforts by Feinstein and Canedy.

For more information, please visit, and


glenntipton400 Judas Priest guitarist Glenn Tipton was a guest on Eddie’s Sirius/XM’s Trunk Nation radio show on October 27th. Highlights from the interview appear below and has been transcribed exclusively for

Discussing the legacy of Defenders Of The Faith, which is celebrating its 30 anniversary:

“I think with the success of Screaming For Vengeance, you look at our other albums and you tend to think that perhaps they didn’t reach the market screaming. But in retrospect, a lot of people came back and said, Ram It Down was a great album, Defenders was a great album. Everyone of our albums, I think has some gems on there. The album itself might not be the strongest of all the Priest albums, but its got good songs to offer. A good example is Point Of Entry. I know people weren’t sure about that album when it first came out but it’s got Hot Rockin’ on there, its got Solar Angels and its got Desert Plains. So, if we didn’t experiment a little bit, we wouldn’t have those Priest classics. So, it’s all about trying to push the borders and boundaries further apart and that’s what we have always tried to do.”

Speaking about Turbo being very experimental at the time when it was released in 1986:

“Yes, Turbo, again, was experimental which is what we love to do and we brought in synth guitars. People didn’t exactly condemn us for that, but they didn’t quite understand what we were trying to do at that time. Not everybody, but some people sort of said, ‘Oh, we’re not sure about the synth guitars.’ But then, of course, other people started to use them. When you hear us play Turbo [Lover], even now, and we’re playing it in the set at the moment, it’s one of the strongest songs in the set and everyone sings along with it. So, you’ve got to keep on experimenting and trying different things and going down different paths. But…the songs will always have the character of Judas Priest and that’s the most important thing.”

Talking about Rob Halford’s voice still being strong after all these years:

“It’s amazing….Rob couldn’t be singing better. I don’t know how he does it, really. He’s not a youngster anymore, but he can still hit those high notes. His voice is as strong as ever. But working with him on the album [Redeemer Of Souls], I noticed how strong his voice still is, it’s phenomenal how his voice has held up throughout the years. He’s in tremendous form.”

On where the next generation of iconic, great classic bands will come from:

“I think probably naturally evolution will solve that problem. There’s a lot of great bands out there. I do believe that everything goes in circles and I see a return to that classic style of metal. I think everybody..branches off, they experiment and they try different paths to go down and that’s great offshoots of metal. Even if you go back to Punk, Death Metal or Black Metal, it’s just people experimenting, but it usually finds its way back to the mainstream of what is [classic] heavy metal. Actually, there are some very talented musicians out there and great bands. I think maybe some of them have yet to find themselves and it does take some time to do that sometimes. But, I am sure that void will be filled…I don’t believe in life without metal.”

Answering whether or not he saw K.K. Downing’s recent comments wishing the band luck:

“No, I didn’t no….[But], that’s really nice. It’s really nice of him.”

Discussing what he will do if and when the band ever decides to retire:

Glenn: “I like to travel a lot. I am also a home[body]. I love the country life. I like the countryside. I like animals. I’ve got lots of interests. I even make and crash model airplanes…I’ve got a few weird interests Eddie.”

Eddie: “Wait, you make airplanes and then crash them??”

Glenn: “Well, I’m trying to fly them and then crash them….model helicopters. I am not a successful pilot, I’m afraid. They don’t usually last many seconds. Hours of work for seconds of destruction. There’s a good title for the next Priest album….”