johnsykes,jpg John Sykes has posted the following message on his official website:

“Hi Guys, Its been a while, I want to thank you all for your interest and hope that you are all doing well out there. I am still working on my new music and very much look forward to you all hearing it in the near future.

Some of the studio players are:

Josh Freese: Drums
Tony Franklin: Bass
Chris Chaney: Bass
Curt Bisquera: Drums
Jamie Muhoberac: Keys

I will keep you posted…



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Back from the Monsters Of Rock Cruise. What a blast! 45 bands, 4 days! Thanks to all the bands, fans and crew. WAY too many stores to tell here, but I will on the radio this weekend. Still very much recovering! Also want to thank the MANY fans I met on the ship from Brazil who tell me how big TMS is there. I appreciate all our viewers from outside the US and if there is an opportunity that makes sense to visit your country I hope to soon. For those that don’t get the show outside the US it is out of my control, but I have heard from some they know ways to see it… Metal fans are resourceful, awesome!


Hung with Nicko McBrain at his ribs restaurant in Coral Springs FL last week. Great time and Nicko is hands on. Really good food and thanks to Nicko for the hospitality. If in the area check out Rock n Roll Ribs.


Back live this Friday on Q104.3 show with a live interview with Rex Brown and the premiere of new music from Deep Purple and Black Star Riders (Thin Lizzy). Also M3 tickets. Listen live 11P-2A ET on 104.3 FM in NYC area or online via the free stream at or with free iheartradio app. Be sure to enter to win the Rex bass on the home page.


Back live this Monday on SiriusXM channel 39 Trunk Nation (Hair Nation). Snake from Skid Row guest co-hosts and I will world premiere brand new Skid Row. Plus tons of calls. Always fun with my old pal Snake so don’t miss it. We will cover everything as well as all the stories from the MOR cruise.


New TMS starts shooting in a month in LA. Ticket and guest info to come. Working daily with VH1 on the next chapter of the show’s history which will include new features, set and more! Again, VH1 has final approval on ALL GUESTS who appear. ALL major guests are approached. Appreciate all the requests but it is a process and we do what we can based on who is available when we tape. Ozzy and Kiss will not do the show, so tell them not us if you want to see them on it. Everything else is just timing and availability. Appreciate all the support. New shows start airing early June!

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George-Lynch Guitar icon George Lynch was recently interviewed by Mitch Gallagher for the Sweetwater Minute.

Lynch discusses topics such as how he started playing guitar, his unique sound and playing style, the five projects his is currently working on, including Shadowtrain, his home studio and his long term relationship with guitar makers, ESP. I have transcribed some highlights from the discussion below.

On how he hooked up with Dokken:

“I was already in Dokken when I got the serious call from Ozzy and I took a little leave of absence. During my leave of absence, they got Warren DeMartini from Ratt to fill in for me, and when it ended up not working with Ozzy, I came back and didn’t have my gig. So, I joined Ratt. So, for a while, we were in the wrong bands. But, we were rehearsing in the same building and we all know each other. So, we just got to a point where we were like, ‘This doesn’t make any sense. Why don’t I just get back with my band? You go back to your band.’ So, we got back to where we belonged…It wasn’t right because they were complaining about him and I didn’t want to be playing with these guys.”

Discussing his projects KMX (with Doug Pinnick from Kings X and Ray Luzier from KORN) and T&N (Tooth & Nail):

“We recently did a record, very quickly…eight days. We wrote everything and we recorded everything in eight days. We wrote in the studio, which is really gratifying to do a record like that. We are finishing up vocals for that as we speak. The we are doing a second T&N record. It’s the guys from Dokken without Don with guest singers. So we’ve already recorded the Dokken material, which is half the record. Actually, when I get home from this trip, I go back into the studio with Jeff [Pilson] and we start working on the original half of the record.”

Speaking about Souls of We:

“Souls of We is kind of done. We did one Souls of We record which took five years. It was very painful, but rewarding, and then we went to do a second Souls of We record and we had some issues with members of the band and the recording process. So, it turned into a George Lynch record called, Kill All Control.”

On Lynch Mob:

“A Lynch Mob EP came out last year called Sound Mountain Sessions. We have an acoustic EP coming out called Sugarhill Sessions recorded in a recording studio in Houston, Texas called Sugarhill Studios, which is historically significant. It has a lot of history. Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly and all those guys. It’s a great old analog studio.”

Watch the entire 23 minute interview below.

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2499059-queensryche-new-617-409 Travis Failey of Rocket Sports & Entertainment spoke with Queenryche frontman Todd La Torre about the band’s upcoming album. Portions of the discussion appear below.

Travis: Congratulations on inking the new record deal. You and your guys must be excited to be releasing it in June. Have you guys decided on a name for the new album yet?

Todd: Kind of. But if I did, I couldn’t tell you right now anyway. Yeah, I think we’ve got it narrowed down. You know, we will reveal that very soon. We’re finalizing the artwork, the track listing and the order and all those goodies, the thank yous and liner notes and all of the things that go into it.

The record’s done. It’s just in the final mixing and then mastering stages. So we’re excited about the June release.

Travis: What should we be expecting in regard to the sound of the new album? Is it back to the basics or back to the old-school Queensryche with a mix of some new material?

Todd: The new record I would say has – sounds better – better – you know, there’s something that you’d say, hey, that sounds like it could have been off a Rage For Order or this sounds kind of like Mindcrime-ish, or this could be an Empire thing but with a new – new flavor on it. There’s some new sounds. The guitars – the guitars sound, you know, crunchier. And, you know, Ed’s got his classic bass tone.

This is a very organic collaborative body of work that we all wrote. We didn’t say, we need somebody to just give us a handful of songs. We did write all our own stuff. I mean, hell, I wrote a guitar solo as just an idea I had, and Michael actually used it and – for an outro melody of one of our songs.

Michael Wilton had a whole song and had the melody for it but he didn’t have the lyrics. He came to me and said “Hey, Todd, check this melody out.” And it’s now one of the best choruses on the whole record.

All of this is a very wonderful, natural, quality piece of music and all of us feel that way. Are we gonna say it’s a balls-to-the-wall heavy album? No. It’s a hard rock record with some metal elements to it. But I would never want to say that it’s a heavy metal record because I don’t want to box in Queensryche. I don’t want to box our sound in. If we want to use strings and be orchestrated, we can do that. If I want to scream, till I’m blue in the face, you know, we can do that. If Michael wants to play something really shredding or soft and pretty, we want to have all of those avenues to go down without boxing us into a genre or niche.

Overall, I think it’s a strong record. It’s very true and authentic to us. And we hope that that translates musically to the fans. And everyone here thinks differently. But, overall, I think that people are really gonna like it, and I think it’s a – it’s a huge deviation from the last couple records. It was only the band writing. There’s no outside influence.

Travis: Well, will you guys be releasing a single, and do you know what that first single might be?

Todd: That’s something that we haven’t focused on. Really right now we’ve just been so busy doing the recording. We just did our first show last night of this leg of the tour. That’s stuff that we haven’t really even gotten into. I mean, we have our label and management and the respective people that talk about those things. We have discussed it, I think we may release something soon. You know, possibly before the entire record is out, there may be a full song out there, before even our release date. That’s very likely. I’m not saying it’s gonna happen, but it’s probable.

There was a lot of great feedback from that – from that teaser of the song Redemption and Eddie Trunk world-premiered it on his show. And the first words out of his mouth when it was done was, “Man, it sounds like Queensryche.” So that was a wonderful stamp of approval from a guy who knows so much about the music and the players and the sounds and whatnot. That was a wonderful thing that he got from it.

Read more at Rocket Sports & Entertainment.


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AliceCoopertophat Chuck Brennan, CEO of Dollar Loan Center and namesake of the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy, doesn’t do anything halfway. To celebrate the grand opening of the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy, the businessman, philanthropist and former music industry executive is planning the biggest entertainment event ever held in Sioux Falls South Dakota and recently added comedian George Lopez to a celebrity-packed week of performances.

Brennan is a native of Sioux Falls and helped develop the academy to serve Boys & Girls Clubs members in the area. After a $250,000 initial donation and commitment to financially support the program for the next 20 years, Brennan enlisted some of his famous friends to help celebrate its grand opening.

The star-studded events kick off with a performance by Night Ranger, one of America’s greatest rock bands, on Tuesday March 26th. World-famous comedians George Lopez and Louie Anderson bring a night of laughter on Wednesday March 27th with help from Rick and Cory Harrison from the hit reality series Pawn Stars. Alice Cooper rocks the house on Thursday March 28th with a little help from rock & roll super-stars including Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer of KISS, Robby Krieger of the Doors, Sebastian Bach, and Joey Allen of Warant. The Boys & Girls Club members get their very own rock concert on Saturday afternoon March 30th with 80’s rock tribute sensation Hairball. That same evening Hairball will be joined by Vince Neil of Motley Crue and Stephen Pearcy of Ratt to bring down the house.

Tickets are now available at All shows are fundraisers to benefit the Academy and Boys & Girls Club of the Sioux Empire, with a free open house on March 29 that includes facility tours for the public. Sponsorships are also available.

“This will be an experience that has never happened before and will likely never happen again,” said Brennan. “These performers are friends and support my dream of bringing the joys of rock music to kids who would otherwise never be exposed to it. There are so many benefits of music education and I am very grateful that these legendary entertainment icons can help the children of Sioux Falls.”

Alice Cooper, who founded Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Foundation in Phoenix, was on-hand to help Brennan announce the academy’s formation last year. “He has been an incredible mentor and supporter in helping bring the academy to my hometown,” said Brennan. “I grew up just a few blocks from here and know first-hand how important it is for kids to explore their passions and be supported in that,” said Brennan.

The Brennan Rock & Roll Academy will provide the first ever free music education program for children in the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Sioux Empire, focusing on Rock & Roll instruments including guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, drums and vocals.

“This school will change the lives of many Sioux Falls children. But we can’t do it alone. We need the support of community members to make this into one of the finest Boys & Girls Clubs programs in the country, and a model for other communities.”

Brennan has a lifelong love for Rock & Roll. Before founding Dollar Loan Center in Sioux Falls, Brennan opened and operated one of the largest Rock & Roll concert halls in the Midwest, The Blitz Ballroom. Iconic bands including Joan Jett, Steppenwolf, Quiet Riot and Blue Oyster Cult all graced the stage at the Blitz during Brennan’s ownership of the venue.

Brennan’s company now operates in South Dakota, Nevada, Utah and California and has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to community organizations including Opportunity Village and Henderson Little League in Nevada as well as Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Foundation.

This year, the company was named a “Best Place to Work” In Southern Nevada by Vegas Inc. magazine. Dollar Loan Center has received several industry awards from their peers forcharitable work. For more information, visit

Grand Opening Schedule Of Events

Tuesday, March 26th 8:30 p.m.:

Night Ranger

One of America’s greatest rock bands, this multi-platinum selling group with hits including Sister Christian, When You Close Your Eyes and the rock anthem (You Can Still) Rock In America kicks off the grand opening events in style.

Wednesday, March 27th 8:30 p.m:

George Lopez and Louie Anderson

George Lopez needs no introduction. He is one of the most famous and incredible comedians in America! Award-winning comedian, author and television star Louie Anderson will share his experiences as growing up one of 11 children. They will be also be joined by reality television phenoms Rick and Corey Harrison from the widely acclaimed History Channel show Pawn Stars.

Thursday, March 28th 8:30 p.m.:

Alice Cooper and special guests

An experience of a lifetime for rock music lovers! Rock legend Alice Cooper rock the house with friends including Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer of KISS, Robby Krieger of the doors, Sebastian Bach, and Joey Allen of WARRANT. Come check out your rock star heroes at this epic event. Kory & the Fireflies open.

Friday, March 29th Noon to 10 p.m.:

Rockin’ Open House—Free to the public

The public is invited to see this incredible facility, sign their children up to the Boys and Girls Clubs. There will be free Pizza by Pizza Patrol as well as performances by 5 great regional bands bands. After 5 p.m., only guests 21 and over will be admitted.

Saturday, March 30th 3 p.m.:

Hairball concert for Boys & Girls Clubs members

A free performance exclusively for members of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Sioux Empire. Popular 80’s Hair Metal tribute band HAIRBALL will give club members an experience of a lifetime with fun and energetic rock show.

Saturday, March 30th 8:30 p.m.:

Vince Neil of Motley Crue and Stephen Pearcy of Ratt

Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil is without a doubt one of the most iconic lead singers in rock history selling more than 80 million album copies worldwide. Neil will rock the house with multiplatinum selling singer and songwriter Stephen Pearcy of Ratt. The prolific artists will be joined by HAIRBALL for an evening you won’t forget. Break out the Spandex!

*All performances include dinner and drinks. Maximum four-ticket purchase per person.





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rockagainstms Chevy Metal with members of the Foo Fighters joins the Rock Against MS Benefit Concert at the Whisky A Go-Go scheduled for March 27th.

The event hosted by Bob Coburn & Gary Moore of 95.5 KLOS with also feature Marky Ramone, Glenn Hughes, Lemmy, John 5, Blasko (OZZY), Billy Morrison (Billy Idol), Steven Adler, Kenny Aronoff, Gilby Clarke, Brian Tichy, Ginger (Rob Zombie), Piggy D, Tommy Victor, Phil Buckman (Filter), Brent Scallions (Fuel), Jack Russell, Jeff Pilson, Teddy Zigzag, Tim Kong (Soil), Jeff Bowders, Jeff Young, Chas West
and a huge surprise guest!


Meet and greet: 6:00 PM – Must have purchased this ticket – Photo only, not a signing
Doors: 7:30 PM
Show: 8:00 PM

Pre-sale tickets:

$35 General
$100-Meet and Greet/general admission
$150-VIP Pass/Meet and Greet-Limited 50 Tickets Only

Purchase online at Ticketfly.

Day of tickets:

$40 General
$110-Meet and Greet/general admission
$175-VIP Pass/Meet and Greet-If Available

** Tickets that include the Meet & Greet – Please note that the Meet & Greet is at 6pm Pre-show during sound check! You will be escorted in and out. PHOTO ONLY – not signing.

To listen to an interview with John 5 and Glenn Hughes discussing the event, please click here.

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